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Trash Talk

This pattern was inspired by several different types of trash bags out there. Feel free to do as you will with your makings as this is not completely my original design. Of course you are always welcome to give a shout out to Some of a Kind! So without further ado lets talk some trash! Supplies: 15 of boning 2 pieces of decorative fabric cut to 12 x 8 2 pieces of canvas/duck fabric cut to 12 x 8 2 pieces of canvas/duck fabric cut to 13 x 8 1 strap cut to 18 x 4 1 strap cut to 8 x 4 1 1 parachute buckle Plastic trash bags (I like the ones you can buy at Pet Smart that are biodegradable) Thread

Begin making straps by folding only one end (4 side) of the longer strap in and pressing.

Then fold strap in half long ways press open then press each edge to the center crease you just made (see below).

Fold over again and press. Repeat for short strap note no need to press the short ends in. Edge stitch both straps on each side remember the long strap does have one finished edge stitch that too. (If you are lazy like me you can stitch the ends, just make sure it is less than seam allowance).

Attach the female buckle to the short strap.

Stack your fabric in this order: 12 x 8 canvas right side up Straps (placing them in 1 from the edge) 12 x 8 fabric right side down

If you wish you can baste stitch your straps in place or do like I do and just pin the heck out if em and hope for the best. Once you have your layers in place stitch a seam. You will end up with this:

Turn so that the wrong side of the fabric and canvas are facing each other and press. Edge stitch the two pieces together.

Repeat for other side (but no straps this time). Next we need to serge (or zig zag stitch) all the side seams. Take the two fabric/canvas pieces (fabric facing each other canvas facing out) and zig zag/serge unfinished sides and bottom. Next place two larger canvas pieces together and repeat (leaving the top open). If you can remove the arm of your sewing machine now would be a good time. We are going to zig zag/serge the opening of the larger canvas like so:

Take your boning and fold into a loop and have it over lap by 7/8 and stitch. Next slide it over the open end of the large canvas you just stitched:

Its going to be a bit wonky but trust me it will work ;-) Fold the canvas down (or up depending on your perspective) 2.

Head back over to your machine and stitch in place I didnt sew right on top of the boning I was somewhere between the boning (on the right) and the edge (on the left). You dont want to much wriggle room for the boning but you dont have to get right on the edge either. Make sense?

You still with me? We are almost done!!!! We are going to attach all the pieces. Lay the canvas with the boning on top of the canvas/fabric lining up the bottoms. Remember you have NOT turned the canvas fabric right side out yet . you are placing canvas on canvas. Center it from the edges (you should have about ish on each side). Sew seam to attach the two pieces (on the bottom only not the sides!). Turn the decorative fabric right side out. Attach the male buckle (follow the instructions on the package easy peasy). Go get yourself some earth friendly disposable trash bags (pet stores often have these in the dog section) and start talkin trash. You just made yourself a good lookin trash bag!