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  1. 1. I remember the first time I ever needed to do maintenance work on my vehicle.
  2. 2. This was a nightmare for me due to the fact that I didnt know how to do this kind of thing on my own, and would have to take my vehicle into the shop.
  3. 3. I did learn though that there are a number of ways to keep car maintenance down.
  4. 4. These include selecting a vehicle which has a reputation for high quality, or using high quality items when making repairs.
  5. 5. I would also like to share some additional details in how to save the average driver some money.
  6. 6. The ultimate selection of your vehicle maker feeds into the money efficiencies of your travels.
  7. 7. For instance, Honda and Toyota have a history of reliability, good gas mileage, and customer satisfaction.
  8. 8. However, later models, specifically the 2007 and maybe 2008 versions, include problems with squealing brake pads.
  9. 9. Reported by other driver complaints, returning the later models of the Nissan Altimas for fixes did not end well.
  10. 10. After very short amounts of time, the squealing arrived again.
  11. 11. Dealerships refused second repair visits in regard to that main issue, and they even denied refunds.
  12. 12. Basically, it remains very important to research a model before purchase.
  13. 13. Waiting before obtaining a particular fresh vehicle can give benefits in two ways, if not more: prices may decrease slightly and troubles with certain models can reveal themselves given the passage of time.
  14. 14. In my case, my brakes do not seem loud.
  15. 15. Driving when really necessary can assist with fuel costs.
  16. 16. This feature may seem obvious.
  17. 17. However, the Internet can produce an easy path of finding an inexpensive gasoline station.
  18. 18. gives results in such a manner.
  19. 19. In case you do not prefer that site, you can find others from,, or even
  20. 20. Vehicle maintenance stands as perhaps one of the most classic of methods for ensuring its long life span.
  21. 21. An oil change roughly every three months, especially, need a place as a routine action.
  22. 22. A service garage may include a free check-up with an oil swap, checking for tire pressure and cleanliness of filters among other things.
  23. 23. I prefer a business named Kwik Kar, which have several locations covering Dallas and Fort Worth.
  24. 24. Usually, they offer a routine pass to evaluate any extra services they might offer.
  25. 25. Like any checkup, getting a secondary evaluation somehow to verify information stays valuable, just to serve as protection against an unnecessary up-sell.
  26. 26. Employees change, though, so trusting one tech over another can add to the requirement of another opinion on your vehicles state.
  27. 27. Throw caution towards tire inflation.
  28. 28. An improperly under-inflated tire decreases the efficiency of fuel consumption in your vehicle.
  29. 29. Too much inflation leads into the chance of a blowout.
  30. 30. So keep careful when adding air to a tire yourself.
  31. 31. Personally, in that type of situation, I like to resist any opportunity that may lead to using a spare.
  32. 32. Good tire inflation helps with cost effective commutes.
  33. 33. So there you have it.
  34. 34. A variety of more information can help with saving money when it comes to vehicles.
  35. 35. For instance, keeping cargo light preserves a decent mile per gallon ratio.
  36. 36. Depending on your insurance provider for your vehicle, defensive driving can reduce your insurance costs by up to 10%.
  37. 37. Thats part of the glory about learning ways to keep car maintenance down on the Internet.


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