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  • 1. Car Care Tips forNational Car Care Month!

2. Car Care Tip #1 Have you checked your tires lately? More than 70% ofdrivers have underinflated tires. Tires lose about 10% oftheir pressure each month. Low tire pressure causes wearand handling, but it also hurts your fuel economy. Buy agood quality tire gauge and check tire pressure regularly, atleast once a month. When inflating your tires userecommended tire pressure on the inside of the driversdoor, or use your owners manual. 3. Car Care Tip #2 Are your wipers dirty or worn out. Twenty percent of thevehicles on the road have inadequate blades. Dont waituntil it rains to find out. Wipers can rip, tear, chatter, smear,streak or skip. None of these are good. Check your bladestoday, and replace them regularly. High quality bladesusually last six to eight months. 4. Car Care Tip #3 Dont forget about lighting. The purpose of your lights isboth to make sure that you can see down the road and alsomake sure that others can see you. Replace burnt outbulbs. Bonus tip: turn your lights on so that others can seeyou. This works especially well at night and duringinclement weather. 5. Car Care Tip #4 April is pothole season. Pot holes can damage steeringand suspension components, so try not to hit them. Butfirst, think about changing your shocks or struts. Monroerecommends that you do this every 50,000 miles. If yoursuspension is in good working order, pot holes are lesslikely to cause damage to your tires and steeringcomponents. Did we mention that you should try to avoidpot holes? Bonus tip: Monroe is currently running a rebateon shocks. Call Sant Automotive for more details. 6. Car Care Tip #5 At least monthly, check the tread wear of your tires, andcheck for cuts in the sidewalls. The easiest way to checktires is to check the tread wear indicators on the edge ofthe tread nearest the outside side wall. If the indicator isworn, it is time for new tires. You can also use a penny, butthat gets pretty technical. 7. Car Care Tip #6 Strange noises are not normal. Thats why we call themstrange. Some drivers, when they hear a strange noisecoming from their vehicles say, Its probably nothing. Theyare probably wrong; it is probably something. Worse, it willprobably get worse and will definitely not get any lessexpensive to repair. 8. Car Care Tip #7 When someone in the back seat starts yelling Turn Now.Turn Now. Do not turn now. Your passenger is probablynot trying to trick you, but it is best to control your vehicle ina calm and controlled manner. 9. Car Care Tip #8 Under most circumstances, there is no need to apply thebrakes when you are traveling uphill. This tip seems like ano brainer, but observation tells us that it is not. 10. Car Care Tip #9 Turn signals are a good thing. If you deploy them well inadvance of your intended lane changes and turns, otherdrivers can use that information to make safe operatingchoices. 11. Car Care Tip #10 It is a waste of money to use fuel with an octane ratinghigher than that recommended by your vehiclemanufacturer. Your vehicle will not like you any better if youtreat it from time to time with high higher octane fuel. 12. Car Care Tip #11 Frequently, check your air filter or have it checked by aprofessional. Restricted air filters can rob fuel economy andcause premature wear on mass air flow sensors and otherexpensive emissions components. Many manufacturersnow recommend specific mileage based replacementintervals, but the condition of the roads on which you driveis far more than the number of miles driven. 13. Car Care Tip #12 While most manufacturers recommend replacing belts andhoses every three years, these components seem to belasting a lot longer than they once did. Most belts andhoses will last 100,000 miles or so, but be sure to havethem inspected frequently. Replace hoses that feel soft orthat show bulges, and replace belts with cracks or thatshow signs of uneven wear. If you want to be on the safeside, replace belts and hoses every four or five yearsregardless of wear. 14. Car Care Tip #13 If your vehicle has a timing belt, replace it at themanufacturers recommended service interval or every tenyears, whichever is less. 15. Car Care Tip #14 Remember that not every one of your manufacturersservice recommendations appears in the recommendedmaintenance table published in your owners manual. Forexample, most manufacturers recommend flushing brakefluid every two years. There are two points here: 1.) readyour owners manual; and, 2.) change your brake fluidevery two years. It will prolong the life of expensive anti-lock brake components. 16. Car Care Tip #15 Familiarize yourself and your family members with how tosafely change a tire before the need arises. It certainlycould not hurt. 17. Car Care Tip #16 When traveling, plan your route and inform others of yourplan. 18. Like a Good Neighbor,State Farm is There!At Carlton Insurance, we provide a remarkable customer experience in the offeringof insurance and financial products from the leader in the industry. We offer a widevariety of insurance products (auto, home, health, life, bank,) from the leader in theindustry. Expect nothing short of a first class experience when you step into ouroffice. Contact us for answers to your insurance questions or visit our website at:http://www.CarltonInsurance.netJames Carlton State Farm Insurance34 N. Gore Ave Ste 104,Webster Groves, MO 63119Phone: (314) 961-4800We Offer A Variety Of Services Including:Car Insurance :: Auto Insurance :: Renters Insurance :: Homeowners Insurance :: Life Insurance :: Mortgage Insuran