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This presentation covers the impact of social search, particularly in the context of ecommerce websites and motor/ home insurance


  • 1. Search is SocialBrian Maher, Arekibo Digital

2. The future of SEO 3. What will we cover today? What is search engine optimisation (SEO)? Why should you invest in SEO? Reasons why you shouldnt invest in SEO Understanding the SERPs Personalised and social search What can you do to influence search results? Creating a search strategy 4. What is search engine optimisation?SEO is the activity of improving internal and external website aspects in orderto generate traffic by connecting searchers with relevant and valuable pages.SEO is a multi-disciplinary activity that requires skills in: Marketing Technical Content creation Analytical and analysis Patience : - ) 5. History of Search Engine Optimisation 6. Why should you invest? 7. Why should you invest in SEO? People dont remember URLs People use search engines to find/ researchproducts and services Over 70% of web traffic comes from search engines People trust organic search results Affects Adwords campaigns cost 8. Access Everywhere Desktops Laptops Tablets Mobile Phones 9. 5 Reasons you shouldnt do SEO 10. Reasons you shouldnt do SEO Long-term commitment Resources Not prepared to change Poor infrastructure or UX Dont understand the fundamentals 11. SEO Snake Oil agencies 12. First impressions of the SERPs 13. Personalisation 14. What influences personalised search? 15. Over 57 signals Your location Your search history & click- through rate What kind device you are on What kind of browser you are using Your connection speed Etc .. 16. Personalised meets Social 17. Google+ Search your world Localised search results Personalised search results Social search results 18. Search for New York Hotel 19. Search for New York Hotel 20. Search for New York Hotel 21. Search for New York Hotel 22. Showing personal results 23. YouTube 24. Google Images 25. Google Images 26. Maps & Places 27. Advertising 28. Search & social should never be orphan strategies 29. What can you do to influencesearch results? Optimise website and social media assets Create unique and valuable content regularly Integrate your SEO + social media activity Build a community around your brand Encourage customers to review, Share, Like, +1 Enhance your websites UX & Code Create a dedicated mobile website 30. Wait, what about SEO? PageRank Meta keywords/ desc. Anchor copy Body copy Inbound Links Internal link copy Urls Image alt tags Page titles Asset properties Headings Copy (promotion, Sitemaps proximity, copy) Accessibility 31. Strategy Short Term:Content Strategy Medium Term: SEO & Social Strategy Long term: Community management 32. Thank