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1. Keeping the Quantock Hills special3.Car drivers 2. Lots of people like to drive to the Quantock Hills People like to come to the Quantock Hills for a day out Why do you think they like the Quantocks? Which towns do you think they might come from? 3. But spot the problem ... When you have talked about this, click onto the next slide Be a photo-detective Who could be upset about this traffic? Whats could be a problem here?What could happen next? And what happens to traffic in nearby roads? 4. What can happen ... Local people!It cant be very nice to live with all this traffic in your village Sheep also live on the hills and can easily get hurt by cars if the motorists drive too fast and are not careful Add some arrows and comments to your user groups spider diagram, to show how car drivers can make problems for the Quantock Hills and for other user groups Traffic can be very heavy on nearby roads 5. So how can we make this better? And keep the Quantocks special? What do you think? Can you think of some solutions? When youre ready, click onto the next slide to seesome of the things which the Quantock Hills Rangers have doneso far 6. Bollards around the car park stop cars from driving or parking anywhere on the hills So people can drive here in cars, and enjoy a day out, but the cars are kept in their place. Car drivers are now asked to park in designated car parks(these are marked on tourist maps -check this out!) So how can we make this better? And keep the Quantocks special? ?This doesnt solve all the problems, like the traffic in the villages, and careless driving.Perhaps you could find out what is being done about these. First, see if you can see any clues in this photo.Then click for ideas.


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