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This presentation is an overview of a 14 day trip to Beijing China.


  • 1. Chinese Takeout Michael Capps BITE 5390: Web 2.0 Technologies 7/1/2014

2. Welcome to China 3. 4. (Destinations) Beijing Forbidden City Beihai Park Coal Hill Park Great Wall Legation Quarter 5. Transportation 6. Expedia! 7. iEagle 8. 9. The Negotiator 10. 11. Hotel 12. Regent Beijing 13. Regent Beijing 14. Biking Beijing 15. (former palace) Forbidden City Palace of Heavenly Purity Hall of Union Imperial Garden Complete Palace of Peace and Longevity Nine Dragon Screen Pavilion of Cheerful Melodies Hall of Mental Cultivation Palace of Gathered Elegance Clock Exhibition Hall The Palace Museum USD$9.66 entry Calligraphy and Painting Gallery Hall of Martial Valor Great Halls Hall of Supreme Harmony Largest structure Hall of Middle Harmony Hall of Preserving Harmony 16. Beihai Park Gate of Received Light Bridge of Everlasting Peace Accumulated Emerald Piled-up Clouds Temple of Eternal Peace White Daboba Aesthetic center of park Boat, Bike, or Walk 17. Coal Hill Park Located on top of one of few hills in Beijing Made of dirt from moat around the Forbidden City Oasis of flowers and trees Revolutionary songs practiced Erhu playing Tai Chi demonstrations 18. DaDong Roast Duck Restaurant 19. The Great Wall 20. Hutongs Narrow alleys with sidewalk shops Located around the Bell and Drum towers Trishaw tours Most leveled for more modern structures 21. Panjiayuan Flea Market Tang dynasty knock-offs Formerly the dirt market Open during the week but best on weekends 22. Legation Quarter Former US Embassy Restraurants Bars Art Gallery 23. National Museum of China 24. Liangz Foot/Body Massage Centre Price for some different massages at Liangzi: Palace vola (two masseuses): 300 yuan (US$37), 100 minutes Foot massage (including back pattering): 180 yuan (US$22), 100 minutes Foot massage (excluding back pattering): 150 yuan (US$19), 80 minutes Back massage: 30 yuan (US$3.7), 20 minutes Head massage: 200 yuan (US$25), 60 minutes Body massage: 260 yuan (US$32), 90 minutes *Note: Top-class masseuse or masseur charges an extra 50 yuan (US$6.17) 25. Casual Food 26. Fine Dining 27. Week 1 Expenses 28. Week 2 Expenses 29. Conclusion 14 day trip to Beijing, China Attractions: Forbidden City Beihai Park Coal Hill Park Great Wall Legation Quarter Total Trip Cost: $7,696.43 (+2,303.57) 30. (References) l/cityguide/article/0,31489,1850076 _1850078_1849769,00.html hina_great_wall/travel.htm /zh-CN/references


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