Capacity Building, Hemophilia

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Capacity Building presentation by Premroop for Young voices, Hemophilia. Bhopal


<p>Premroop Alva<br />- EC Member, HFI</p> <p>Worries By PwH</p> <p>Can I Be<br />Regular? </p> <p>Can I GetJob?My Skill <br />is Sufficient?How do peers<br />treat?Can I be<br />Competitive?</p> <p>Answer is...</p> <p>Yes Yes &amp; Yes</p> <p>WeCAN Do IT</p> <p>How do we do?</p> <p>Chapters, Women &amp; Youth group can make profiling based on</p> <p>Education</p> <p>Skill</p> <p>Physical</p> <p>Discontinued Education</p> <p>Call up HFI program manager, Get info on education support.</p> <p>Look for distance education schemes </p> <p>Contact local government, NGOs who support continued Education</p> <p>Skill Development</p> <p>Identify your interests area, Speak out to your chapter key persons, fellow PwH and friends</p> <p>Enroll in government/NGO run training institutes, they are affordable, some of them provide Stiffen </p> <p>Use your skill with your friends and in our families get confident :) </p> <p>Getting into Job</p> <p>Call your peer PwH, Take Help, Don't Hasitate </p> <p>Request your Friends &amp; Families</p> <p>Enroll yourself in placement agencies</p> <p>Refer to newspapers/job portals</p> <p>Present your outstanding skill </p> <p>You Need to Know</p> <p>Every corporate provide quota for Special Citizen</p> <p>Government has number of schemes</p> <p>Number of NGOs support special citizen</p> <p>Premroop Alva<br /><br />+91.98860.50060</p>