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Feature stories include Josh & Maria Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns and Greg Beckham of Beckhams B&M Barbecue. Also includes interviews with Edith Donaldson (Bangs Salon), Martin Hines (Case Western), artist Darren Anthony, and more.


<p>1 josh &amp; maria cribbson love, marriage, and the football field arnold hines + darren anthony + soup network + party picsgreg &amp; sonya beckham on owning your own business and finding success canvascleveland.comfebruary 20102 CANVAS FEBRUARY 103 4 CANVAS FEBRUARY 10Outpatient Pediatric ServicesIntroducing Angelique Redus-McCoy, MD Cleveland Clinic Physicians Newborn care/well child care Adolescent healthcare School/sports physicals Immunizations Same-day/urgent visits Management of chronic medical issues (asthma, ADHD) Convenient locations, comfortable and private environments Accepting new patients Most insurance plans accepted includingCareSource and MedicaidHuron HospitalWomen and Childrens Center13951 Terrace Rd. 3rdFloorEast Cleveland, OH 44112Huron Medical GroupSeverance Medical Arts Building5 Severance Circle, #304Cleveland Hts., OH 44118 For an appointment, call216.761.7281www.huronhospital.org5 supporting...urban culture, community, &amp; business in Northeast OhiocanvasPUBLISHER artillerygroup llc EDITOR-IN-CHIEF jay boboADVERTISING Call 216-624-7212 to place your ad now! sales+marketingashley tayloreditorslatesha williams, michael wright, andre ciscolayoutgoodproducephoto jay bobo, herb bias, ciera sanders design goodproduce, keturah ariel, freside graphixcontributors andre cisco, ashley taylor, angela bailey, michael wright PUBLISHED BY GOODPRODUCE / AG LLC 5340 Hamilton Ave, Suite 100 Cleveland, OH 44114 canvascleveland.comPrinted by Copyright 2010 GOODPRODUCE / ARTILLERY GROUP LLC Reproduction without written permission of artillerygroup llc is prohibited.february 20106 CANVAS FEBRUARY 10contentsEXTRAS09 editors note22 party pictures26 event calendar38 the list+PEOPLE10 arnold hines &amp; taya pullins- love &amp; relationships11 martin hines- tips for young professionalsART&amp;MUSIC 12 listen up: darren anthonyBUSINESS13 edith donaldson - educating the masses 14 did you know? - breast cancer awarenessFEATURE18 josh &amp; maria cribbs - love, marriage &amp; football22 greg &amp; sonia beckham - the next generationphoto: jay bobo 7 9 appy New Year! Can you feel the ex-citement? This year is defnitely go-ing to be better than the last. This year, we will establish new pathways to success and develop key allies that believe in our vision. We are committed and fully believe in what tomorrow has to offer. Are you?We do not know what the next day holds but whether good or bad, there will be progression. If bad, we will learn to better overcome adversity and use the experience to weather future storms. If good, we will be thankful for what we have been given and put it to good use for ourselves and for those around us.What do you do with your experiences? Its not easy to think positive about every negative situation or happenstance that we may encounter but if we can will ourselves to glean every bit of knowledge that comes with struggle then we can never truly move backwards but always forward. This issue would not be possible without most importantly our Creator, Mom and Dad, the Canvas Magazine staff, and our un-believeable advertisers.See you in March!Jay Bobojbobo@canvascleveland.comPerseverance must fnish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. -James 1:4editors noteH10 CANVAS FEBRUARY 10How did you two meet? We were introduced by a mutual friend at one of Arnolds parties at House of Blues in 2006.What are some turnoffs? What are some turn-ons? Arnold: I was attracted to Tayas beauty - love at frst sight and (legs), smile and sense of humor. Taya: It was Arnolds humor, swagger and positive outlook on life.Where did you go on your frst date and what were your frst thoughts when the date was over? Arnold brought Johnny Mangos take out (chicken quesadillas) to my apart-ment. Arnold claims his frst thought af-ter was This is wifey! I thought that he was a very interesting person and I truly enjoyed our conversation and how easy he was to talk to.The most romantic thing youve done for each other? Arnold took me to Walden Inn &amp; Stables to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. The room was beautiful with roses on the bed, chilled champagne and a jacuzzi tub. I surprised Arnold with a day date and took him to a massage at Aveda, breakfast after then we got pedicures complete with champagne and strawberries.The perfect frst date? Be support-ive and make time for each other, laugh a lot, have fun, travel together, have date nights often and keep things new and fresh by switching things up.arnoldhines tayaprior-pullins PROFILE | love&amp;relationshipsBio: Arnold is the owner of Word of Mouth Promotions. Taya is a buyer for American Greetings,.Age: 41 / 28Status: Engaged Length of Relationship: Almost 4 yearsKids: None11 young professionals | PROFILEmartinhinescase western reserve universityTell us about yourself. I was born and raised in the Lee/Harvard area. Ive had a plan for my life since I was about 15yrs old, when my dad told me to learn how to work smarter and not harder and you can achieve great things in life. Outside of CWRU, I also own Minor Creations Creative Learning Center and Before &amp; After Center in Maple Heights.Describe your typical work day? No two days are the same for me. Thats why I enjoy what I do. One day, I am creating virtual servers for the CWRU departments. The next day, meeting with my accountant and inter-viewing people for Minor Creations. Never a dull moment.Why is your job important? At CWRU, my team and I maintain the systems and services that make the campus daily activities function from day to day. These services include being able to get on the internet, class registration, payroll and virtual seminars just to name a few. What advice do you have for people seeking a similar career path? Dont be afraid to ask for more work or responsibilty. Too many people today are lazy and wonder why they dont get that raise or promo-tion or get very far in life in general. What is the salary range for your position? $42,000 to $62,000 per year.Whats your favorite quote? A dream written down with a specifc date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action, makes your dream come true. Age: 36 Title: Systems Engineer Location: Maple HeightsSchool: Cleveland State University Degree:BA, MathPowered by12 CANVAS FEBRUARY 10words gabe crenshawDARRENANTHONYPROFILE | listenupWFind out more about Darren Anthony at CanvasCleveland.comhen Darren Anthony took his f-nal student loan check from Cuy-ahoga Community College and put it to-ward equipment to make music, it served as a right of passage into the pursuit of his lifetime dream of making music his career. Currently signed to an independent label based out of Chicago, Illinois, this singer, songwriter, and musician not only plays guitar, saxophone, and piano but also is a member of the talented production team, Pro &amp; Brave. With a strong buzz surfac-ing out of several major markets Darren Anthony or DA is charted to be the next new artist out of Clevelands newly revamped music scene.You may have heard Darren on the acoustic version of Wasted on The DJ Steph Floss Mixshow or on DJ Knyces Turnt Up Remix with songstress Britni Elise. His frst project entitled, The Res-taurant which was presented by famed Cleveland Disc Jockey Mick Boogie has been receiving rave reviews for its soul-ful sounds and originality. When I write songs or play music I pull things out of myself that people can relate to because I feel like its more important to present a product that people can genuinely believe in than it is to make music about material possessions, glamour or fame.Darren is working on his next project en-titled, Rebirth of Fresh slated to drop this winter with Im King Clothing.written by Andre Cisco II13 written by Ashley TaylorEDITH DONALDSONith more than 17 years experience in the hair industry, Edith Donaldson recent-ly launched a new take on the salon experience with the opening of Bangs Salon in South Euclid. Edith and her team have developed a vibrant and intimate environment thats been well received throughout the local community and quickly established Bangs as one of Clevelands salons of choice for professionals and working women. Pushing education just as much they do their traditional hairstyling and nail ser-vices, Bangs offers a number of continuing education classes. Edith works with black haircare salon system, Design Essentials, as an educator and is quick to utilize her knowledge base to assist clients and fel-low stylists. She advises prospective stylists to con-sistently educate themselves regarding sound business practices as well as the latest trends. Its important for salon owners and strong stylists to share their knowledge with up and coming salon professionals, states Edith.To fnd out more about Bangs Salon and inquire about their services, be sure to contact them at 216-691-7777 or fnd them online at SALON Hair &amp; Nail SalonStart-up Year: 2009 Start-up Costs: $20-30k Services: Continuing educa-tion classes, hairstyling, and nail services.We offer online booking, credit card processing and other features not provided by most salons..local entrepreneurs | PROFILERead the rest of our interview with Edith Donaldson (Bangs Salon) at CanvasCleveland.comWbangs salon, age(s): 37 14 CANVAS FEBRUARY 10sponsored editorial | PROFILEDID YOU KNOW?DFind out more about Breast Cancer Awareness at CanvasCleveland.comID YOU KNOW? African American women are more likely than all oth-er women to die from breast cancer. Tu-mors are found at a later, more advanced, stage so there are fewer treatment op-tions. Some reasons for this include not following-up after getting abnormal test results, the belief that mammograms are not needed, or not having insurance.Breast cancer cant be prevented. But there are things you can do to reduce your risk, such as keeping a healthy weight and limiting how much alcohol you drink.There are things you can do to fnd breast cancer early. Breast cancer screen-ing looks for signs of cancer before a woman has symptoms. Screening can help fnd breast cancer early when its most treatable. Two tests are commonly used to screen for breast cancer:Mammogram. A safe, low-dose x-ray exam of the breasts to look for changes that arent normal. Starting at age 40, women should have screening mammo-grams every 1-2 years. Depending on fac-tors such as family history and your gen-eral health, your doctor may recommend a mammogram before age 40.Clinical breast exam (CBE). The doctor looks at and feels the breasts and under the arms for lumps or anything else that seems unusual.Regular screening is the best way to fnd breast cancer early in most women. If you are at higher risk you may need mammo-grams at an earlier age or more often. Or, your doctor might want to use other tests too.For more information: Cancer Answer Line 866.223.8100 written by Angela BaileyPowered by15 16 CANVAS FEBRUARY 10Josh Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns and his wife Maria talk about what it takes to make marriage work even with the distractions of professional football right over their shoulder.written by Andre Cisco IILOVE + MARRIAGEx FOOTBALL17 he 30-day Hollywood marriages, reality television shows and high divorce rates that fll depictions of relationships today often cause us to lose track of the true defnition of courtship and unconditional love that should defne our intimate interactions. Our soul mates dont come with instruction manuals that teach us how to fnd immedi-ate perfection, which means that we must fnd that perfection within our signifcant other through trial, error and compromise.We recently sat down with Josh Cribbs of the Cleveland Brown and his wife Maria to discuss the ends and outs of relationships and marriage.How did you guys meet? Josh: I frst met Maria when she won the best-dressed contest at Kent States annual Renaissance Ball. When I frst saw her I was with some members of my team and I asked them did they know of her and they said, Man, you dont want her, shes wifey material, which basically meant that she was hard to get and that she wasnt easy. I knew I wanted her and she would say that I stalked her because she says that I was in the background of all of her pictures from that night. After that night I found out that we had a mutual friend, who happened to be my resident advisor in my dorm, and we ended up meeting and exchanging numbers through her.What initially attracted you to one another? Maria: When I used to work at the Kent State recreation center, I would see all the guys being loud and obnoxious. Josh was kind of quiet and really patient with the mannerisms of an older more mature guy. Thats what I liked!Josh: It was her smile. It was her presence. Its like just being around her felt like she was the life of the party. When I frst met her, every one focked around her, she was the Tcenter of attention, and a good conversa-tionalist that always talked about things that were interesting. Last, I would say her eyes because when I looked in her eyes I kind of got lost and from that moment I knewWhere did you go on your frst date? Maria: Where did we go on our frst date?Josh: See, you dont even remember but I do! Our frst date was the worst ever for me. We were at this eating/karaoke club at Kent State where a lot of students go to hang out and relax. It was karaoke night and I felt like I could win her over if I sang a little bit, so I requested to sing, Ill Make Love to You by Boys 2 Men. When I got up there I made the mistake of reading from the teleprompter even though I knew the words to the song. The teleprompter only confused me and I ended up replacing the part that says, I will do anything with I will do any girl and my heart just dropped because I was so embarrassed. After that I tried to redeem myself by taking her in the hallway and sing-ing for her in private. That worked out bet-ter for me and I knew I had her after that.How did you know he/she was the one? Maria: I knew right then and there. After we met we would spend everyday to-gether. Either I would be at his dorm or he would be at mine. We did not want to leave each others site and normally I get sick of people but with him it was always something interesting, something new or we had some-thing good to talk about. Thats how I knew and I think it was pretty instant.Josh...</p>