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CANUCK FOOTBALL 2010. “Today’s preparation determines tomorrows achievement”. Goals of the Program. Do what is right Learn lifelong lessons Discipline, responsibility, work ethic Become better people Work hard at all that we do WIN!. Goals of the Team. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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CANUCK FOOTBALL 2010Todays preparation determines tomorrows achievementGoals of the ProgramDo what is rightLearn lifelong lessonsDiscipline, responsibility, work ethicBecome better peopleWork hard at all that we doWIN!

Goals of the TeamWin the Conference Championship (08)Qualify for the play-offs (07)Advance through the state play-offsBeat South Plainfield (8-0)Getting It DonePlaying as many guys as possibleGuys playing 1 wayMultiple players rotating at any positionKeeping guys freshUnderstand you are better when you are freshBeing a CANUCKYour kids play hard.HustleFinish the play on Offense11 to the ball on defenseEffortRegardless of opponent or scoreDisciplineLimit the mental and physical mistakesWinners attitudeShut up and play

Practice ExpectationsSee the inside cover of your playbook This is critical to our successStrive to be the best player possibleDo whatever is asked of you with great effort and attitude

Being a great teammateStay positive Body language is importantEncourage each other Dont be selfishBe more excited about your teammates accomplishments than you would be your ownPick a guy up when he is downDont let somebody think they, as an individual, are more important than the teamCare about each otherNumbering System1st Digit: Formation, indicated by the numbering system2nd Digit: Series, a group of plays that looks the same with multiple ball carriers and multiple points of attack (What we are doing and How)3rd Digit: Point of Attack, where the play will be runPrefix Formation Series Point of Attack SuffixSpread 1 3 1 Sweep


36 Trap

88 Down

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