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  1. 1. Cantor Ronald BrodenCantor at Shaarei Shalom
  2. 2. Musical Dedication Cantor Ronald Broden has dedicated his life to the use of music to inspire, to lift, and to celebrate. Since his graduation with a Master's in Sacred Music and Investiture, and his Cantorial Ordination from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cantor Ronald Broden has become a specialist on Jewish music and is currently working as cantor at Shaarei Shalom in Riverdale, NY.
  3. 3. For the Love of Music Cantor R onald Bro den has lo that Cant ved music or Ronald his whole Broden w ould spen life, so it is little su d his life r surround ing himse prise lf with mu sic.Currently serving as cantor at Shaarei Shalom in Riverdale, NY, Cantor Ronald Broden has also performed in operas and even Off Broadway productions Cantor Ronald Broden has g one on conce States and Isra rt tours throug el, and occas hout the Unite ionally gives le d ctures on Jew ish music.
  4. 4. Music and Faith For a Jewish cantor, music and faith are irrevocably intertwined and it is no different for Cantor Ronald Broden. A specialist in Ladino music, Cantor Ronald Broden uses his talents to arrange temple choir festivals, direct choirs of all ages, and educate on Jewish liturgy. Cantor Ronald Broden's voice is able perform both contemporary and classical music, which makes Cantor Ronald Broden a valued addition to the Reformed Jewish community.
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