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Candid PhotograpHy. Catching People doing what they do. Candid Photos. A genuine smile is preferable to a forced one Spontaneity is the key Strive for photos where your subject looks natural, not posed. Candid Photos. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Candid Photograpy

Candid PhotograpHyCatching People doing what they doCandid Photos

A genuine smile is preferable to a forced oneSpontaneity is the keyStrive for photos where your subject looks natural, not posed

Candid PhotosRemember that taking candid photos is not about you, it is about what you see in your viewfinder, or in your screenKeep your attention focused off of you

Candid Photos

You want to avoid being overly noticeableYou want to blend into the backgroundAvoid wearing bright colorsStand or sit somewhere where you will be inconspicuousCandid PhotosLook for people going about their businessNotice where the action is and frame your photo accordingly

Candid Photos

Keep your camera out of your eye lineMake the most out of the lens of your camera, from places people dont expect you to take photosTry zooming in all the way and then focusing on the actionCandid PhotosDigital Cameras are ideal for taking candid photosThe LCD screen allows you to not have to hold the camera to your faceIf sitting at a table, keep the camera low

Candid PhotosBe sure to follow the Rule of ThirdsTurn the grid on if you have one

Candid PhotosIf an action is happening or about to happen, position your subject at one of the intersections so that their face leads you into the photographLet your subject launch the action

Candid PhotosLearn your cameras shutter lag timePrepare so that you do not lose your photo due to shutter lagIt will become instinctual once you have worked with your camera for a while

Candid PhotosYou can reduce your lag time by pre-focusingHold the shutter release half way down to pre-focusYour camera is now ready to take the photo when the action moves

Candid Photos

Something not to do

Avoid backs of headsAvoid backs and butts