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Mobile is the new reality in the world of online learning. With a focus on user experience (UX), Paul will share his design insights and techniques on how to leverage Moodle to better support anytime, anywhere learning on an ever-expanding range of mobile devices. Drawing from his own experiences in creating and designing mobile blended learning materials on a variety of platforms, Paul will present his preferred mobile design approaches and field-tested techniques. Topics will include the fundamentals of mobile learning UX, the on-going evolution of the mobile first design viewpoint, and the increased importance of design for emotion. Paul will also explore what open source responsive HTML frameworks, such as Twitter Bootstrap, can offer to Moodle.


  • 1. Mobile Learning !A User Experience Perspective"Paul D. Hibbitts!User Experience Consultant"

2. 3. Topics for Today" Mobile Learning UX fundamentals" Mobile and blended learning" What does mobile really mean?" Designing for touch interactions " Importance of emotion" 4. Mobile Moodle access poll" 5. Mobile Learning!and the User Experience" 6. Mobile Web Usage Projections" 7. What is mobile learning!to you?" 8. The ability to learn independentlyof place and time, facilitated by arange of mobile devices.!! U/learndirect and Kineo, 2007" 9. More Than Just Courses" 10. Forms of Mobile Learning" Micro-learning" self paced mini lessons in varied media, e.g. podcasts" Synchronous" virtual classrooms using mobile webinar tools" Assessments" tests, surveys, polls" Social media learning" enabling networks for learning" Learning games" challenges and simulations" Performance support" references, job aids, collaboration, social, augmented reality"As defined by Connie Malamed 11. Some False Mobile Assumptions" Being mobile means being in a rush" Mobile users are ok with having less" Context is king (hint: think about intent)" 12. Usability & !User Experience Design" 13. Usability How it Works" Learnability (rst time users) " Efciency (experienced users)" Memorability (casual users)" Error-resistance (all users)" 14. User Experience (UX) !How it Works and Feels" Subjective in nature, but still measurable" Often changes over time, due to circumstances" Will also include aspects of usability" 15. Aspects of User Experience" 16. Ever Increasing!User Expectations" 17. The Kano Model" 18. A Changed Perspective on!Blended Learning" 19. !Whats the impact ofmobile access onblended learning?"!!! 20. Five Moments of!Learning Need"1. When learning for the rst time"2. When wanting to learn more"3. When trying to remember!and/or apply"4. When things change"5. When something goes wrong""As defined by Bob Mosher and Conrad GottfredsonFormal!Learning"Informal!Learning" 21. Evolution of Blended Learning" 22. Mobile blended learningprovides more opportunitiesfor performance support,!social networking,!and informal learning! 23. Mobile Has Already!Left the Station" 24. Mobile First" 25. What Exactly is Mobile?" 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Our course sites need tosupport multi-screen and!multi-platform access" 32. But how?" 33. MyMobile Theme?" 34. Mobile App?" 35. Responsive Web Design (RWD)" Content/interface universal for all devices" One source of content, presented differently" Key elements"CSS media queries"Fluid grid layouts"Flexible images and media" 36. 37. 38. Hand: 39. Hand: 40. Hand: 41. Hand: 42. Hand: 43. Hand: 44. Hand: 45. Please Do Touch the Glass" 46. 47. 48. Touchscreen!Notebook Interactions" 49. 50. We need to make all of ourcourse sites more!touch friendly now! 51. The Importance of Emotion" 52. Why Design for Emotion?" Emotion is experience" All design is emotional design" Emotion dominates decision-making" Emotion commands attention and!affects memory" Emotion communicates personality, formsrelationships, and creates meaning"As defined by Trevor van Gorp and Edie Adams 53.! Mobile Research (2011)" 54. Products are people too!! AarronWalter" 55. Samsung%i620,%June%2007%Apple%iPhone,%June%2007% 56. How do your!Moodle course sites make!"your students feel?"you feel?" 57. Enjoyable" Easy to Use" Aesthetically pleasing" Needed information" Fun and entertaining" Supports ow" Provides engagement" Emotionally appealing" 58. Todo App 59. Moodle%2.4%Icons% 60. More than ever, our coursesites need to be enjoyable"as well as productive" 61. Wrap-up" 62. Summary" Mobile Learning and the user experience" How mobile can change blended learning" Mobile means multiple screens + platforms" Touchscreens are destined to be standard" The increased importance of emotion" 63. Where to Next?" (multi-screen friendly of course!)"" Mobile Learning UX Design using Moodle"These slides"Suggested books"Articles"Videos"Learning apps (iPhone/iPad and Android)"Multi-screen friendly Moodle themes"Responsive web frameworks and tools"Comments/discussion" 64. ThankYou! Further Questions?"Contact Info"Web:"Email:"Twitter: @hibbittsdesign"LinkedIn:""RWD Moodle Course Site Demo"""