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Our talk slides from UX Australia 2014. In 2014, it’s no longer enough for our designed products and experiences to only be usable. Today’s modern audiences are exposed to an ever-increasing number of delightful, pleasurable and memorable experiences on a daily basis. Expectations are at an all-time high. In a world where the perceived value associated with delightful experiences can help set a product apart from the competition, how can we as the designers of experiences stay on top of our game? What is this intangible ‘delight’ thing anyway, and is it even possible to create it?


  • 1. CAN YOU WIREFRAME DELIGHTFUL?Delight is that word we use todescribe those pleasurable momentsin digital and offline products, thatmake an experience just that littlebit more fun.BEN TOLLADY@tolladyBEN ROWE@benhyphenrowe

2. DES TRAYNOROur inspiration for this talk camefrom this article :Some things cant be wireframed 3. An example of delight that theauthor mentions is Squarespace,which makes great use of beautifulimagery and typography 4. but if we were to wireframethis page?It doesnt convey the samefeeling of delight at all. 5. Another example the article mentionsis the Keezy app.!Keezy may never have been asdelightful if it had been wireframed. 6. RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS HELP SHOW YOUTHE WORKFLOWS, USABILITY PRINCIPLESENSURE ITS CLEAR AND INTUITIVE, BUTHOW DO YOU GET TO DELIGHTFUL? YOUREON YOUR OWN THERE.The article concludes by saying that designing for delight isdifficult, risky and messy, and that there is no real trick to it.!Which left us asking more questions. 7. So we wanted to take thisopportunity to investigate further!Is there actually a formula toadding delight to the things thatwere creating?DESIGNING DELIGHT 8. WHY SHOULDBut first things first - Why WE CARE?should we even care aboutDelight?!Isnt it just a meaninglessbuzzword anyway? 9. ACQUISITION Great First Impression Memorable / Sharable!RETENTION Happy Users = Loyal UsersWell, maybe.!But Delight is what makes yourusers fall in love with your product.There are clearly benefits tooffering a delightful experience. 10. Of course - delight isnt the beall and end all.!As Aarron Walter has said, ourproducts need to Functional,Reliable, and Usable first.AARRON WALTER - DESIGNING FOR EMOTION 11. MINIMUMVIABLEDELIGHTFULPRODUCTThat said, Delight isnt somethingthat you can just tack on.We need to be creating minimumdelightful products, that bake inDelight from day one. 12. Lets have a look at someexamples of delight.!A beautifully designed interface,like AirBnB, is a common andobvious way.BEAUTIFUL UI 13. Microcopy helps break down anybarriers that might exist betweenhuman and computer, remindingusers that there are real peoplebehind a product.MICROCOPY 14. ANIMATION animations like thoseused to create parallax scrollingeffects is another common way toadd delight.!Campaign Monitors mobile appwebsite does a great job of this. 15. We mentioned Keezy before - itsa wonderful example of how tactiletransitions and interactions canmake something delightful.TRANSITIONS & INTERACTIONS 16. SOUNDDone well, sound can also be usedto delight. Like that lovely twinklingbell sound when you tick off a to-doitem in Wunderlist. 17. SURFACEDELIGHTThese examples are what wecall Surface delight.They are often very obviousand visceral. 18. Surface delight can be veryeffective.But the problem with thesetypes of delight is that theyfade over time.DELIGHT FADES 19. DEEPDELIGHTSo we were interested inexploring if there was a deeperlevel of delight, beyond thisSurface level.So we explored a little further 20. INVISIBILITYIT JUST WORKSA delightful user experience isoften about Invisibility. Getting outof the users way.Or something that Just Works. 21. FLOWDeeper delight is also about gettingusers into a state of flow; thatfeeling of being completelyabsorbed in what you are doing,where nothing else seems to matter.MIHALY CSIKSZENTMIHALY - FLOW 22. iA Writer is a super simplewriting app, and a greatexample of a product thatgets you into a flow state. 23. PAIN POINT DELIGHTGILES COLBORNE - CX PARTNERSPain points in an experience that areresolved effortlessly can actuallybecome moments of delight.!This is something that Giles Colbornehas spoken about. 24. VISCERALDon Norman talks about areflective layer of a design -Which isnt about the product atall, but more what the productevokes in the user.ENGAGEMENT AND DELIGHT!BEHAVIOURALHOW THE THING PERFORMS!REFLECTIVEWHAT THE THING EVOKES IN THE USERDON NORMAN 25. PLEASURESURFACE DELIGHT!FLOWREMOVE THE UNNECESSARY!MEANINGINTEGRITY & AUTHENTICITYDana Chisnell describes a thirdlevel of delight - Meaning.!This is where a deeper level ofdelight is felt through anorganisation having values thatalign with the users.DANA CHISNELL 26. SAMUEL HULICK - USERONBOARD.COMWe realised that Deep Delightdelight isnt about yourproduct at all, its actuallyabout your user. 27. VSBut lets not confuse true delight withgamification.!Delight isnt about badges. Its abouthelping users improve their skills, theirhealth, and their lives ITS NOT GAMIFICATION 28. KATHY SIERRA - THE KICK ASS CURVEIts about helping users KickAss, as Kathy Sierra put it.!So we need to help our users getfrom suck to awesome asquickly as possible. 29. GETTING TO DEEPER DELIGHT How do we get out of a users way? And intoFlow? How de we over-deliver at the pain-points How does our product align with their values? How dow we help them Kick Ass?So deeper delight is aboutunderstanding our users.!Its about knowing who they are,whats important to them, andwhat progress looks like in theirlife, not just on their screen. 30. SURFACEDELIGHTDEEPDELIGHTDelight isnt just a simple, single,one-dimensional thing.Its much more complex anoperates across multiple levels. 31. SURFACEDELIGHTDEEPDELIGHTis visceralis often invisible 32. SURFACEDELIGHTDEEPDELIGHTis novelhas a higher purpose 33. SURFACEDELIGHTDEEPDELIGHTis fleetingis ongoing 34. SURFACEDELIGHTDEEPDELIGHTis the first dateis the relationship 35. SURFACEDELIGHTDEEPDELIGHTis product focussedis user focussed 36. DELIGHT IS AS MUCH ARTAND FEEL AS IT ISLEARNED SCIENCEDelight is part science (where our UX skillscome in) and part art.The art is about knowing when to apply justthe right amount of delight, and at what level. 37. A great example of an organisationhas really nailed it is Simple bank.!They manage to delight customers onmultiple levels. 38. SURFACEOn the surface, their UI isgorgeous and their microcopyis lovely and fun. 39. DEEPBut at a deeper level, theyunderstand what people reallywant from a bank. 40. They create Meaning, and adeeper level of delight, bydisrupting the fees and chargesmodel of most other banks. 41. THANKSBEN TOLLADY@tolladyBEN ROWE@benhyphenrowe