can we agree what we really want?

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Slides for the talk on business requirements I gave at Project Challenge 22/03/12


  • 1. Can we agree what wereally want?""Solving the problem of business requirements"Anthony LewisManaging Consultant End to End Consulting

2. " The Statistics of Failure* Management factors account for 65% of project failures" Poor leadership in project delivery" Poor stakeholder communication / management" Insufcient management support" Technical factors account for 35% of project failures" Inappropriate / ill dened software requirements" Inappropriate technical design The top three issues are:" Business Process Alignment" Requirements management" Overspends"* Understanding the sources of IS Project Failure, McManus & Wood-Harper, 2007 3. "Better Business Requirements * Q: What is the most important factor in project success?"A: "Senior sponsorship" "Involvement of end users" "Quality of requirements" ""Q: What is the single biggest thing that would improve the "quality of your organisations requirements?"A: "Earlier buy in from the client" "A greater understanding by senior users of what they "were signing up to." "Linking requirements to an existing problem and "perceived benets"*Project Magazine May 2011 4. What does it mean? 5. " Methodology becomes a fetish, a procedure used with pathological rigidity for its own sake, not as a means to an end." Used in this way, methodology provides relief against anxiety; it insulates the practitioner from risks and uncertainties of real engagement with people and problems. The Fetish of Technique: methodology as a social defence, Wastell, 1996 6. Over the Waterfall Requirements Design Implementa2on Verica2on Maintenance 7. "An iterative approach"" Think Test Design Build 8. Translating whats in our heads 9. Commanders Intent No campaign plan survives rst contact with the enemy "! !! ! !!Carl von Clausewitz" " Heres what I think we face" Heres what I think we should do" Heres why" Heres what we need to keep our eye on" Tell me what you think" " Karl Wick, 1983*"* from Sources of Power, Gary Klein, 1999 10. A problem well-dened is a problem half-solved." "" """Charles Kettering 213System X ? 1 Terry registers on behalf of Bob 2 Bob receives confirmation email 3 Bob clicks on confirmation email and is registered ? Terry doesnt get an email, and is not registered 11. The project funnel Requirements What How Resources Who Scope Plan When Mandate Why 12. Which becomes Physiological needs What Safety needs Who Social / emo2onal needs Aesthe2c & How cogni2ve needs Self- Actualisa2on Why A Theory of Human Motivation, Abraham Maslow, 1943 13. Knowledge + Understanding = Meaning 14. Anthony