Can PLURONIC® polyols uncover hidden benefits in your product?

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<ul><li><p>Can PLURONIC polyols uncover hidden benefits in your product? Chances are, they can. For Wyandotte's </p><p>series of block polymers offers an expansive range of attractive properties . . . properties that have increased the effectiveness and profitability in hundreds of products. </p><p>Too good to be true? Consider this. Pluronic polyols provide foam control; act as emulsifiers and demulsifiers; improve wetting and deter-gency; act as binders, stabilizers, dispersing agents . . . to name just a few uses. </p><p>Some of the industries benefiting from Pluronic polyols? Agriculture, cosmetic, detergent, latex and rubber, metal cleaning and cutting, paint, paper and pulp, petroleum, pharmaceutical, soap, and textile. And the list is growing. </p><p>The secret to this versatility lies in the fact that the size of both the hydrophobe and the hydrophile can be varied. Most other products on the market can usually vary only the hydrophile. This </p><p>extra dimension of freedom in Pluronic polyols produces a series of molecules possessing a wider spectrum of predictable properties. </p><p>Pluronic polyols are versatile in form, too. They range from mobile liquids to flakable solids. Nonionic and 100% active in all forms, they range in molecular weight from 1,000 to over 16,000. </p><p>What specifically can Pluronic polyols do for your product? Our Pluronic grid can help lead you to the answer. Send for it and other pertinent information. Just use the coupon below. </p><p>/VXVIM DOTTE C H IVIIC A l_S </p><p>INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS GROUP WYANDOTTE CHEMICALS CORP. WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN 48193 </p><p>Please send: </p><p>D Pluronic Grid </p><p>Q Have representative call </p><p>BUSINESS ADDRESS. </p><p>D Pluronic Samples and data sheets for the following application. </p><p>22 C &amp; </p><p>INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS GROUP WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN </p><p>-TITLE. </p><p>FIRM. </p><p>NAME. </p><p>Can PLURONIC polyols uncover hidden benefits in your product?</p></li></ul>