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  • PROBLEM: T o fini! an insecticide formulation that would romain relatively dust less during storage. Several liquid nonionics were tried, but they lost iluMr effectiveness in about six months by migration.

    SOLUTION: Pluronic L(fc2 was incorporated into the formulation. Because of its high molecular weight it did not migrate, and the wet table powder formula-tion remained dust less indefinitely.

    Can Pluronic polyols make a

    PROBLEM: A formulator of a spray-type metal-cl-eaning compound found he could get excellent dcrtergcTicy ~nd emulsifying by using Pluronic L.64. R u t lie was troubled with excessive foaming.

    SOLUTION: He added Pluronic L61 to the formula. This material generates almost no foam, and also acts as an effective foam suppressant. None of the compound's other properties were adversely affected.

    Can Pluronic polyols make a


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