Can Pluronic® polyols give your product new properties?

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PROBLEM: T h e presence of milk residue on glasses and dishes can mean trouble in mechanical dishwash-ing machines. I t causes many detergent formulations t o foam more than usual. SOLUTION: The addition of a Pluxonic polyol t o the formulation exerts a foam-depressing effect on the soap tha t forms during the washing cyclO N E O F A S E R I E S PROBLEM: A manufacturer of latex paints wanted to achieve higher pigment loadings- He tried several formulas, but he was unable to keep the viscosity down to the desired level SOLUTION: Pluronic L62 effectively reduces the viscosity of highly bodied emulsion paints, permitting higher pigment loadings. Brushing and leveling qualities are significantly improved. your product new properties? THE ONLY way to find the answer to this question is to evaluate this versatile series of patented block-polymers in your own laboratories. Read why : Pluronic polyols exhibit a wide variety of surface-active properties. The series ranges in physical form from mobile liquids t o solids sufficiently hard to be flaked . . . all forms are 100% active. Grades in this series have molecular weights as low as 1000 to more than 11,000. They vary from materials tha t are almost water insoluble to materials that have no cloud pointeven a t the boiling point of water. These pictures show three typical uses of the Pluronic polyols. Actually, over 100 practical applications have been found so far, and the end is not in sight! Don ' t these facts suggest areas you wTould like to explore? For samples, technical data, and your copy of the Pluronic Grid, write us today. Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation, Department 783-. Wyandotte, Michigan. Offices in principal cities. The famous Pluronic Grid provides a controlled, systematic method of screening . . . minimizes costly random investigation and evaluation by establishing related property trends between the grades available. Wyandotte CHEMICALS MICHIGAN ALKALI DIVISION Pacing progress with creative chemistry SODA ASH CAUSTIC SODA . BICARBONATE OF SODA CALCIUM CARBONATE CALCIUM CHLORIDE CHLORINE MURIATIC ACID HYDROGEN DRY ICE GLYCOLS SYNTHETIC DETERGENTS (anionic and nonionic) SODIUM CMC ETHYLENE OXIDE ETHYLENE OICHLORIDE POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL PROPYLENE OXIDE PROPYLENE DICHL0RIDE POLYPROPYLENE GLYCOL DICHL0R0DIMETHYLHYDANT0IN CHLORINATED SOLVENTS OTHER ORGANIC AND INORGANIC CHEMICALS Can Pluronic polyols give your product new properties?