can - can't (abilities and action verbs)

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Can-Cant(abilities and action verbs)

To talk about yourself ______________________________________

I can __________.

I can runI cant ride a bikeCan you dance?

I cant __________.

Can you__________?

Yes, I can. No, I cant.

To talk about someone else ___________________________________

He can _____. She

He can skate.

He cant _____. She

She cant skip.

Can he ski? No, he cant. Can he _____? she Can she ski? Yes, she can.

Conjuctions (and, or, but)

AND ___________________________________________________

I He She

can __________ and __________.

I can play the violin and sing.

OR ____________________________________________________

I He She

cant __________ or __________.

He cant play the trumpet or dance.

BUT ___________________________________________________

I He She

I can __________ but He She

cant __________.

She can play the piano but she cant play the recorder.