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<p>Camtasia Mastery by Ron Hogue Camtasia Mastery is for everyone who uses Camtasia Studio to make videos. From beginners learning </p> <p>what the program is about, to experienced users who want to learn how to take animations and hosting </p> <p>to the next level, this course has loads of information for learners of all experience levels. </p> <p>The Camtasia Mastery sections are divided into several bite-sized videos. This allows you to go through </p> <p>the course in order, or jump to any of the topics you need help with. Most videos are only 2-3 minutes </p> <p>long but the course is packed with over 6 hours of instruction. You can get exactly what you need, </p> <p>when you need it - no more scouring hours of videos to try and find the one nugget of information you </p> <p>need. </p> <p>Be sure to check out all of the course reviews to see how students love this course. From beginners to </p> <p>long-time users, you WILL learn how to best use Camtasia Studio. </p> <p>Post your questions. I reply to most student questions and comments within 3 days (usually faster). The </p> <p>best questions will get a video answer. I will create a video to fully answer great questions. Video </p> <p>answers (and questions) are shared with all students in a special section at the end of the course. </p> <p>If you are creating training videos with Camtasia, you will learn tricks and tips to save you time and make </p> <p>your videos look great! </p> <p>What are the requirements? </p> <p> Windows-based computer with Vista, 7, or 8 (no Windows XP) </p> <p> Internet connection to download the latest version of Camtasia Studio </p> <p>What am I going to get from this course? </p> <p> Over 214 lectures and 7 hours of content! </p> <p> Quickly create screen-capture videos for training or for Udemy courses </p> <p> Understand the complete process for properly creating training videos - from idea to completed </p> <p>video </p> <p> Learn tips and tricks to produce videos faster </p> <p> Install a free, 30-day trial of Camtasia Studio 8 for Windows </p> <p> Plan a video, including the audience, the steps, and the script </p> <p> Record a screencast (a computer screen recording) </p> <p> Record a voice to accompany the video </p> <p> Edit the video to take out mistakes </p> <p> Add and animate callouts to draw users' attention </p> <p> Produce the final video and share it online </p> <p>What is the target audience? </p> <p> Anyone who wants to create videos with Camtasia Studio 8 for Windows </p> <p> Perfect for anyone wanting to build a course on Udemy </p> <p> It is NOT for Camtasia Mac users, although most of the content is also applicable to the Mac </p> <p>version </p> <p>Curriculum </p> <p>Section 1 - Preparation Part A - Course Introduction Preparation Overview 0:49 Welcome and Congratulations! 0:37 Course Overview 1:26 Course Resources 0:45 Instructor Introduction 1:38 Top Five Tips 2:34 Why Use Camtasia? 0:41 Part B - Software Installation Installation Overview 0:25 Download Camtasia 1:04 Camtasia Requirements 1:41 Install Camtasia 1:55 Camtasia Tutorials 0:51 Welcome Screen 2:36 Product Registration 1:14 Getting Started Project 1:29 PowerPoint Add-in 1:51 Record with PowerPoint 0:58 Installation Wrap-up 0:16 Part C - Planning Planning Overview 0:28 Video Purpose and Title 0:52 Intended Audience 0:41 Video Duration 1:59 Structuring Content 2:44 Scripting the Video 2:24 Camtasia Style Guide 1:46 Planning Wrap-up 0:28 Part D - Video Basics Video Basics Overview 0:45 Resolution Overview 2:03 Resolution Choice 2:34 Aspect Ratio 1:46 Video Compression 1:35 Video File Formats 1:49 Frames per Second 2:06 Recommended Video Settings 0:59 Video Basics Wrap-up 0:36 </p> <p>Section 2 - Recording Part A - Setup Recording Section Overview 0:33 Recording Setup Overview 0:21 Recording Audio and Video Separately 1:02 Create a "Recording" Account 1:16 Desktop Clean Up 3:39 Resolution for Recording 2:42 Recording Full Screen vs. Windowed 0:43 Pre-recording Practice 1:19 Recording Setup Wrap-up 0:38 Part B - Screen Screen Recording Overview 0:20 Using the Recorder 1:20 Keyboard Shortcuts 1:08 Recorder Options 2:37 Recording with a Webcam 1:35 Recording Audio 1:09 Keep Rolling 2:05 Recording Your First Screencast 2:10 Screen Recording Wrap-up 0:32 Part C - Audio Audio Recording Introduction 0:10 Audio Hardware 2:54 Scripts and Teleprompters 2:49 Audio Setup and Testing 2:22 Audio Recording 1:27 Voice Narration 1:15 Record Audio Sample 0:45 Audio Recording Wrap-up 0:59 Section 3 - Editing Part A - Layout Editing Section Overview 0:27 Layout Overview 0:44 Canvas Overview 0:51 Yellow Snap Lines 1:31 Changing Editing Dimensions 1:20 Cropping Tool 1:38 Hand Tool (Toggle Pan) 1:09 Canvas - Full Screen and Detached 1:38 Dual Monitor Example 1:27 Tracks Overview 2:18 Layout Wrap-up 0:41 Part B - Media and Projects Media Overview 0:42 Quicktime Download 1:43 Import Media 2:35 Media on Tracks 2:41 </p> <p> Project Overview 1:26 Saving Projects 4:47 Loading Projects 0:54 Update Media 3:14 Adding to Library 4:13 Included Assets 1:38 Download Assets 1:26 Install Assets 1:19 Media Wrap-up 0:21 Part C - Basic Editing Editing Basics Overview 0:21 Smart Focus 1:46 Selecting Clips 3:18 Splits and Cuts 2:49 Autostitch 0:50 Stitch 1:06 Aligning and Trimming 2:33 Moving Clips with Shift 2:01 Undo and Redo 1:08 Locking Tracks 2:00 Disable Track 1:22 Copy and Paste 1:29 Transitions 4:40 Use Trimmed Content 1:37 Insert Time 1:24 Cursor Effects 3:52 Basic Editing Wrap-up 0:25 Part D - Audio Editing Audio Editing Overview 0:10 Headphones 1:11 Synchronizing Audio 3:34 Testing Audio Sync 2:29 Cutting Audio 3:49 Resynchronizing Audio 0:48 Audio Points 3:52 Enable Volume Leveling 1:48 Volume Leveling Adjustments 2:59 Enable Noise Removal 2:54 Music Overview 2:51 Background Music 2:22 Noise Removal Options 2:24 Fade Audio In/Out 2:12 Audio Editing Wrap-up 1:02 Part E - Intermediate Editing Beyond Basics Overview 0:14 Intermediate Editing Overview 0:24 Extend a Frame 2:48 Clip Speed - Speed Up 2:45 </p> <p> Clip Speed - Slow Down 4:11 Callouts - Intro and Creation 2:53 Callouts - Size, Shape, and Rotation 1:45 Callouts - Precision 1:14 Callouts - Additional Uses 3:13 Markers on Timeline 4:07 Markers on Media 2:44 Cropping Screencast 2:54 Cropping PowerPoint 3:05 Intermediate Editing Wrap-up 0:15 Part F - Visual Properties Visual Properties Overview 0:28 Add Animations 3:03 Axes - X and Y 1:49 Axes - Z 1:17 Axes - Rotation 3:21 More with Animations 1:30 More with Highlights 1:48 Scaling 1:55 Opacity 1:51 Visual Effects - Border 1:01 Visual Effects - Drop Shadow 2:51 Visual Effects - Colorize 3:36 Visual Effects - Remove a color 3:38 Chromakey / Green Screen 4:54 Manual Zoom and Pan 2:48 Ken Burns Effect 4:41 Smart Focus with Zoom and Pan 3:19 Visual Properties - Undo 1:23 Visual Properties Wrap-up 0:31 Part G - Advanced Editing Advanced Editing Overview 1:10 Speech to Text 3:27 Captions - Intro, Import, and Export 3:23 Captions - Synchronizing 3:35 Grouping 3:58 Expanding Groups and Ungrouping 2:55 Resources and Restarting 1:46 GPU and Compression before Editing 2:18 Self-hosting Video Options Intro 1:15 Quiz Example 1:46 Quiz Creation 4:36 Hotspot Overview 1:10 Hotspot Creation 4:25 Hostspot Testing 1:43 Hotspots for Non-linear Videos 1:14 Advanced Editing Wrap-up 0:31 </p> <p>Section 4 - Production Part A - Basic Production Production Section Overview 0:23 Basic Production Overview 0:17 Export Project as Zip 2:24 Export Frame 2:00 Export Audio 2:13 Produce Selection 1:50 Basic Production and Help 2:45 Batch Production 2:52 Basic Production Wrap-up 0:24 Part B - Custom Production Custom Production Overview 0:20 Production Presets 3:42 File Formats 3:03 Smart Player - Overview of Tabs 1:07 Smart Player - Controller Tab 3:44 Smart Player - Size Tab 1:53 Smart Player - Video Settings Tab 3:48 Multiple Files Based on Markers 1:28 Smart Player - Audio Settings 2:08 Smart Player - Options Tab 2:28 Video Options and Watermarks 3:54 Table of Contents by Markers 1:58 Quiz Reporting Options 3:18 Output Location and Upload 2:31 Preview Settings and Preview Manager 2:28 Create Production Preset 2:03 Edit Production Preset 1:04 Custom Production Wrap-up 0:25 Part C - Video Hosting Video Hosting Overview 0:31 YouTube Hosting 3:01 Hosting 1:42 Wistia Hosting 0:46 Vimeo Hosting 1:07 Amazon S3 Hosting 2:25 Udemy Hosting 1:20 Burning a DVD 1:47 Video Hosting Wrap-up 0:37 Course Complete - Thank you 1:18 </p> <p>Section 5 Student Questions How do you go from camera to screen? 3:15 How do you sync narration with PowerPoint </p> <p>for a video sales letter? 6:13 </p> <p> How do you create an animated text revealer? 3:36 How do you remove a noise with manual noise </p> <p>training? 4:44 </p> <p> Can you show us how YOU sync audio and screencast? </p> <p>22:49 </p> <p> How can you add an old film effect? 5:40 </p>


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