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Camtasia Mastery by Ron Hogue Camtasia Mastery is for everyone who uses Camtasia Studio to make videos. From beginners learning

what the program is about, to experienced users who want to learn how to take animations and hosting

to the next level, this course has loads of information for learners of all experience levels.

The Camtasia Mastery sections are divided into several bite-sized videos. This allows you to go through

the course in order, or jump to any of the topics you need help with. Most videos are only 2-3 minutes

long but the course is packed with over 6 hours of instruction. You can get exactly what you need,

when you need it - no more scouring hours of videos to try and find the one nugget of information you


Be sure to check out all of the course reviews to see how students love this course. From beginners to

long-time users, you WILL learn how to best use Camtasia Studio.

Post your questions. I reply to most student questions and comments within 3 days (usually faster). The

best questions will get a video answer. I will create a video to fully answer great questions. Video

answers (and questions) are shared with all students in a special section at the end of the course.

If you are creating training videos with Camtasia, you will learn tricks and tips to save you time and make

your videos look great!

What are the requirements?

Windows-based computer with Vista, 7, or 8 (no Windows XP)

Internet connection to download the latest version of Camtasia Studio

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 214 lectures and 7 hours of content!

Quickly create screen-capture videos for training or for Udemy courses

Understand the complete process for properly creating training videos - from idea to completed


Learn tips and tricks to produce videos faster

Install a free, 30-day trial of Camtasia Studio 8 for Windows

Plan a video, including the audience, the steps, and the script

Record a screencast (a computer screen recording)

Record a voice to accompany the video

Edit the video to take out mistakes

Add and animate callouts to draw users' attention

Produce the final video and share it online

What is the target audience?

Anyone who wants to create videos with Camtasia Studio 8 for Windows

Perfect for anyone wanting to build a course on Udemy

It is NOT for Camtasia Mac users, although most of the content is also applicable to the Mac



Section 1 - Preparation Part A - Course Introduction Preparation Overview 0:49 Welcome and Congratulations! 0:37 Course Overview 1:26 Course Resources 0:45 Instructor Introduction 1:38 Top Five Tips 2:34 Why Use Camtasia? 0:41 Part B - Software Installation Installation Overview 0:25 Download Camtasia 1:04 Camtasia Requirements 1:41 Install Camtasia 1:55 Camtasia Tutorials 0:51 Welcome Screen 2:36 Product Registration 1:14 Getting Started Project 1:29 PowerPoint Add-in 1:51 Record with PowerPoint 0:58 Installation Wrap-up 0:16 Part C - Planning Planning Overview 0:28 Video Purpose and Title 0:52 Intended Audience 0:41 Video Duration 1:59 Structuring Content 2:44 Scripting the Video 2:24 Camtasia Style Guide 1:46 Planning Wrap-up 0:28 Part D - Video Basics Video Basics Overview 0:45 Resolution Overview 2:03 Resolution Choice 2:34 Aspect Ratio 1:46 Video Compression 1:35 Video File Formats 1:49 Frames per Second 2:06 Recommended Video Settings 0:59 Video Basics Wrap-up 0:36

Section 2 - Recording Part A - Setup Recording Section Overview 0:33 Recording Setup Overview 0:21 Recording Audio and Video Separately 1:02 Create a "Recording" Account 1:16 Desktop Clean Up 3:39 Resolution for Recording 2:42 Recording Full Screen vs. Windowed 0:43 Pre-recording Practice 1:19 Recording Setup Wrap-up 0:38 Part B - Screen Screen Recording Overview 0:20 Using the Recorder 1:20 Keyboard Shortcuts 1:08 Recorder Options 2:37 Recording with a Webcam 1:35 Recording Audio 1:09 Keep Rolling 2:05 Recording Your First Screencast 2:10 Screen Recording Wrap-up 0:32 Part C - Audio Audio Recording Introduction 0:10 Audio Hardware 2:54 Scripts and Teleprompters 2:49 Audio Setup and Testing 2:22 Audio Recording 1:27 Voice Narration 1:15 Record Audio Sample 0:45 Audio Recording Wrap-up 0:59 Section 3 - Editing Part A - Layout Editing Section Overview 0:27 Layout Overview 0:44 Canvas Overview 0:51 Yellow Snap Lines 1:31 Changing Editing Dimensions 1:20 Cropping Tool 1:38 Hand Tool (Toggle Pan) 1:09 Canvas - Full Screen and Detached 1:38 Dual Monitor Example 1:27 Tracks Overview 2:18 Layout Wrap-up 0:41 Part B - Media and Projects Media Overview 0:42 Quicktime Download 1:43 Import Media 2:35 Media on Tracks 2:41

Project Overview 1:26 Saving Projects 4:47 Loading Projects 0:54 Update Media 3:14 Adding to Library 4:13 Included Assets 1:38 Download Assets 1:26 Install Assets 1:19 Media Wrap-up 0:21 Part C - Basic Editing Editing Basics Overview 0:21 Smart Focus 1:46 Selecting Clips 3:18 Splits and Cuts 2:49 Autostitch 0:50 Stitch 1:06 Aligning and Trimming 2:33 Moving Clips with Shift 2:01 Undo and Redo 1:08 Locking Tracks 2:00 Disable Track 1:22 Copy and Paste 1:29 Transitions 4:40 Use Trimmed Content 1:37 Insert Time 1:24 Cursor Effects 3:52 Basic Editing Wrap-up 0:25 Part D - Audio Editing Audio Editing Overview 0:10 Headphones 1:11 Synchronizing Audio 3:34 Testing Audio Sync 2:29 Cutting Audio 3:49 Resynchronizing Audio 0:48 Audio Points 3:52 Enable Volume Leveling 1:48 Volume Leveling Adjustments 2:59 Enable Noise Removal 2:54 Music Overview 2:51 Background Music 2:22 Noise Removal Options 2:24 Fade Audio In/Out 2:12 Audio Editing Wrap-up 1:02 Part E - Intermediate Editing Beyond Basics Overview 0:14 Intermediate Editing Overview 0:24 Extend a Frame 2:48 Clip Speed - Speed Up 2:45

Clip Speed - Slow Down 4:11 Callouts - Intro and Creation 2:53 Callouts - Size, Shape, and Rotation 1:45 Callouts - Precision 1:14 Callouts - Additional Uses 3:13 Markers on Timeline 4:07 Markers on Media 2:44 Cropping Screencast 2:54 Cropping PowerPoint 3:05 Intermediate Editing Wrap-up 0:15 Part F - Visual Properties Visual Properties Overview 0:28 Add Animations 3:03 Axes - X and Y 1:49 Axes - Z 1:17 Axes - Rotation 3:21 More with Animations 1:30 More with Highlights 1:48 Scaling 1:55 Opacity 1:51 Visual Effects - Border 1:01 Visual Effects - Drop Shadow 2:51 Visual Effects - Colorize 3:36 Visual Effects - Remove a color 3:38 Chromakey / Green Screen 4:54 Manual Zoom and Pan 2:48 Ken Burns Effect 4:41 Smart Focus with Zoom and Pan 3:19 Visual Properties - Undo 1:23 Visual Properties Wrap-up 0:31 Part G - Advanced Editing Advanced Editing Overview 1:10 Speech to Text 3:27 Captions - Intro, Import, and Export 3:23 Captions - Synchronizing 3:35 Grouping 3:58 Expanding Groups and Ungrouping 2:55 Resources and Restarting 1:46 GPU and Compression before Editing 2:18 Self-hosting Video Options Intro 1:15 Quiz Example 1:46 Quiz Creation 4:36 Hotspot Overview 1:10 Hotspot Creation 4:25 Hostspot Testing 1:43 Hotspots for Non-linear Videos 1:14 Advanced Editing Wrap-up 0:31

Section 4 - Production Part A - Basic Production Production Section Overview 0:23 Basic Production Overview 0:17 Export Project as Zip 2:24 Export Frame 2:00 Export Audio 2:13 Produce Selection 1:50 Basic Production and Help 2:45 Batch Production 2:52 Basic Production Wrap-up 0:24 Part B - Custom Production Custom Production Overview 0:20 Production Presets 3:42 File Formats 3:03 Smart Player - Overview of Tabs 1:07 Smart Player - Controller Tab 3:44 Smart Player - Size Tab 1:53 Smart Player - Video Settings Tab 3:48 Multiple Files Based on Markers 1:28 Smart Player - Audio Settings 2:08 Smart Player - Options Tab 2:28 Video Options and Watermarks 3:54 Table of Contents by Markers 1:58 Quiz Reporting Options 3:18 Output Location and Upload 2:31 Preview Settings and Preview Manager 2:28 Create Production Preset 2:03 Edit Production Preset 1:04 Custom Production Wrap-up 0:25 Part C - Video Hosting Video Hosting Overview 0:31 YouTube Hosting 3:01 Hosting 1:42 Wistia Hosting 0:46 Vimeo Hosting 1:07 Amazon S3 Hosting 2:25 Udemy Hosting 1:20 Burning a DVD 1:47 Video Hosting Wrap-up 0:37 Course Complete - Thank you 1:18

Section 5 Student Questions How do you go from camera to screen? 3:15 How do you sync narration with PowerPoint

for a video sales letter? 6:13

How do you create an animated text revealer? 3:36 How do you remove a noise with manual noise

training? 4:44

Can you show us how YOU sync audio and screencast?


How can you add an old film effect? 5:40