? Web viewChart-13 What civilization probably built on the ideas of the Sumerian civilization? Minoan, Israelite, Aryan, Babylonian

Download ? Web viewChart-13 What civilization probably built on the ideas of the Sumerian civilization? Minoan, Israelite, Aryan, Babylonian

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Midterm Review

4 What is the belief in many gods?

Monotheism, autocracy, theocracy, polytheism

10 Who is China's most influential scholar, whose teachings are found in the Analects?

Confucius, Shi Huangdi, Ramses, Chandragupta

9 What is the belief of Confucius that states a person should be respectful to their parents and elders is called?

Filial Piety, Daoism, bureaucracy, Autocracy

14 What is another term for a Greek city-state?

Polis, acropolis, Agora, Parthenon

16 What emperor adopts Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire?

Augustus IV, Socrates, Julius Caesar, Constantine

19 What were the reasons that Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire?

It embraced all people: men and women, rich and poor

Romes excellent roads encouraged the spread of ideas

Jesus promised eternal life

All of the above

1 The theocracy of ancient Egypt was a belief in the divinity of __________.

Ra., Priests, Isis, the pharaoh

2 What ruler was famous for a uniform code of laws that unified his empire?

Harappan, Hammurabi, Shang, Mesopotamia

5 How did the Mandate of Heaven affect government in China?

The Mandate of Heaven led to long periods of peace among families.

Religious leaders read oracle bones to select new Rulers.

It allowed new rulers to justify the overthrow of a declining dynasty.

The ruler received a direct mandate from heaven that he should resign.

20 What was the body of civil law created for the Byzantine Empire?

Roman law, Orthodox law, Justinian Code, Greek Code

25 What division of Islam believes that only a relative of Muhammad is qualified to be a leader?

Sufi, Sunni, Shia, Fatimid

Chart-26 How do Muslims lead a moral life?

through obedience to God's law, through a personal relationship with God, through submission to God's will

through following the Five Pillars

30 What was one negative effect of the Crusades that has continued to the present?

weakening of the feudal nobility, trade between Europe and Asia, hostility between Muslims and Christians

strengthening of papal authority

21 What was the major effect of the Great Schism?

The Christian church united under one pope, The church split into Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox

The Christian church united under the Emperor

Jesus was no longer the supreme authority

22 What was the most important enduring contribution of the Mongol empire?

Using cruelty as a weapon became acceptable, They used the same type of attack for every battle, Different cultures were not tolerated

Trade between Europe and Asia thrived

3 What is a series of rulers that come from a single family?

Dynasty, loess, pictographs, edict

6 How did Buddhism spread across Asia?

Trade, missionary efforts, conquest, pilgrimages by the faithful

7 What is one belief shared by Hinduism and Buddhism?

many gods, the caste system, reincarnation, the sacredness of all life

Chart-11 Which civilization on the chart lasted the longest?

Sumerian, Harappan, Shang/Zhou , Egyptian

Chart-12 Which civilizations existed at the same time as the Phoenicians?

Israelite, Egyptian, Aryan, and Shang/Zhou

Egyptian, Minoan, Israelite, and Sumerian

Sumerian, Aryan, Shang/Zhou, and Minoan

Israelite, Hittite, Babylonian, and Sumarian

Chart-13 What civilization probably built on the ideas of the Sumerian civilization?

Minoan, Israelite, Aryan, Babylonian

8 What is one Phoenician contribution that people still benefit from today?

the introduction of Indo-Aryan languages to Europe.

the invention of the sail.

the invention of the phonetic alphabet.

the invention of the labyrinth.

15 What happened to Julius Caesar after he declared himself dictator for life?

Traveled to far reaches of empire, Adopted Christianity as official language, Embraced by the people, Assassinated

18 What was the period of peace and prosperity that began during the reign of Augustus and lasted 207 years?

Golden Age, Age of Enlightenment, Pax Romana, Zhou Dynasty,

17 What was an economic factor that led to the fall of the Roman Empire?

The spread of Christianity, lack of patriotism, Invaders disrupted trade, letters from Paul

29 What was the chief goal of the Crusades?

to spread Christianity throughout the Americas

to take control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims

to improve trade among Europe, Asia, and Africa

to force the Byzantines to become Catholics

23 What famous religious structure was built by Justinian to show the greatness of the Byzantine Empire?

Aqueducts, Coliseum, Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome

24 What do Muslims believe about Muhammad?

He was the last and greatest of the prophets, He was the only son of the one true God- Allah, He was the first and only prophet of Allah, He was a combination of god and man

Chart-27 What are two important teachings that are common to all three faiths?

Judgment Day and dietary laws, one God and life after death, one God and dietary laws, Judgment Day and Five Pillars

Chart-28 In which faith(s) are spiritual leaders required to remain unmarried?

Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam and Catholicism

31 What is feudalism?

An economic system in which merchants held power through trade.

A system during the Renaissance in which wealthy merchants supported artists.

In exchange for military protection and other services, a lord (landowner) granted land to other people.

A situation during the Middle Ages in which families feuded with one another.

32 What is a synonym for secular?

New, humane, worldly, religious

33 Toward the end of Medieval times, what was one factor that led to the growth of towns and cities?

Discovery of antibiotics

Improved agriculture led to a population growth + a merchant class

End of the influenza epidemic

The Ice Age

34 Why was Italy an ideal place for the birth of the Renaissance?

It had many thriving cities, It had a wealthy merchant class, It had the classical heritage of Greece and Rome, All of the above

35 What was the Renaissance a rebirth of?

Christian devotion, chivalry and tournaments, art and learning, good health after the plague

36 Which of the following best describes the characteristics of a Renaissance Man?

A military leader, An athlete, Someone who concentrates on school work, A man who excelled in many fields

37 The intellectual and cultural movement known as humanism arose from the study of __________.

medieval scholarship, original Christian writings, classical Greek and Roman culture, the contributions of the Tang and Song dynasties

38 What was the practice of selling indulgences?

Clergy members bought indulgences to reach higher offices.

The clergy sold pardons that released people from performing penalties for their sins.

Charles V told his people that buying indulgences as a way to become a noble.

Indulgences permitted priests to marry and have children.

39 John Calvins teachings about predestination asserted which of the following:

nobody goes to heaven, only a select few are saved, everybody goes to heaven, everybody goes to purgatory

40 . The Reformation got under way when Martin Luther's stapled this to the church door at Wittenberg?

The 95 theses, In essay entitled Changing the Church, A dissertation on salvation, The Republic

41 Who invented the printing press?

Jan van Eyck, Johann Gutenberg, Peter Bruegel the Elder, Hans Holbein the Younger

42 . What was the main reason for Henry VIII's split with the Roman Catholic Church?

his religious beliefs, his desire for a male heir, his treatment of Catherine of Aragon, his willingness to pay Church taxes

43 How did Islam spread through Africa?

It spread by conquest and trade, Muslim teachers traveled to teach the faith, Ibn Battuta traveled through 27 countries to teach the Quran, Universities were established to teach the religion

44 What language helped unite Southern Africa?

Arabic, Bantu, Chadic, Berber

45 How did the empire of Ghana gain wealth and power?

Gold and salt trade, War and conquest, controlling Muslim armies, Camel trading

46 What was a major negative effect of the Columbian Exchange?

many cultures lost their fittest members and families were torn apart

Europeans adopted pagan rituals of the Americas

Diseases spread to the Americas and killed many people

African civilizations became safer because they captured and traded their criminals.

47 Which of the following BEST describes the Bantu Migrations?

The Bantu people fleeing Africa because of an earthquake.

The Bantu people slowly moving south while spreading their culture and language throughout Africa.

The Bantu peoples unwillingness to move from their homeland.

A large scale war between the Bantu people of Africa and Germanic invaders

48 Christopher Columbus is credited with finding what?

Caribbean islands and the Americas, A safe route around the world, Portugal and the East Indies, None of the above

49What theories are there for the decline of the Mayan civilization?

overpopulation and overuse of the land, endemic warfare, extreme