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Car buyers expect a speedy response 24 hours a day when choosing their next car supplier, car parts and/or accessories. In a competitive marketplace car dealers and suppliers also have to work harder to promote their business. Call Management provides promotional and customer support services to a range of automotive sales and supplier organizations in Ireland and the UK.


  • 1. Car buyers expect a speedy response 24 hours aday when choosing their next car supplier, carparts and/or accessories. In a competitivemarketplace car dealers and suppliers also haveto work harder to promote their business.Call Management provides promotional andcustomer support services to a range ofautomotive sales and supplier organizations inIreland and the UK.Automotive Contact CentreCall Management Head office:1G The Atrium Building, Blackpool Retail Park, Blackpool, Cork (Ireland)Company Registration No. 346705Cork: +353 214824300Dublin: +353
  • 2. Call Management supports dealerships in the followingareas.FAQs, Opening Hours and LocationCall Management will answer FAQs that your clientsand potential clients may have. These includeopening hours and location of dealers acrossIreland.Test Drive AppointmentOur team can set appointments for your dealernetwork. Test driving can be booked through e-mail, webform, live chat and phone.Text and E-mail RemindersA text reminder can be sent the day before to personthat have booked a driving appointment.Secretarial ServicesAdministrative work can be done from our Cork office.Database maintenance, brochure handling,customer service, after test driving appointmentcalls, and promotional enquiries will be handled byour team on your behalf.Dealer Support
  • 3. Call Management can provide market research supportand customer care support to aid customer profiling.Car Service Customer Care QuestionnaireShort Survey outlining customer experience, was thework carried out to their satisfaction, was the carready on time, was the bill explained for exampleAfter Sales QuestionnaireShort Survey on their buying experience andsatisfaction levels.Other Related ServicesRoad Assistance and Online Service BookingOur team will answer FAQs related to RoadAssistance 24/7 365 and help to drivers to bookservices online.We can provide information related to individualmembership number, contact phone numbers andpinpoint callers through the nearest Service Dealer.Also support Clients booking services online.WarrantyCall Management can support the warranty process.FAQs will be answered and clients will be directedto the authorised dealer.Customer Care Support
  • 4. Call Management currently handlesover 150,000 email enquiries per yearon behalf of our clients. Customerswant to contact you using thechannels they find most convenient,and today that includes email. Andyour customers expect a fast andrelevant response to those emailenquiries. Call Managements EmailHandling Service monitors andresponds to your customer emailsquickly and effectively. Improved customer service Fast response replies in lessthan 2 hours. Efficient we use our own oryour software. Reporting we provide weeklyand monthly reports.Compliment this service with live chaton your website.E-mail Handling Contact Centre
  • 5. Call Management customer care canperform outbound activities onbehalf of your brand and your dealernetwork.You provide us with a database ofclients and by using our auto-diallerwe will ring every client on thedatabase. Our outbound ContactCentre can: Enquiry about the driving test Suggest products and services Explain promotions and dealereventsOutbound services include: textmessage, e-mails, phone calls andbrochure handling services.Outbound Contact Centre
  • 6. Online web chat is a great way toimprove customer service and drivesales. Visitors to your website can useLive Chat to get information from a realperson about car parts, schedule drivingtest and obtain general information.Customers are often more comfortableordering buying car parts andapproaching car dealers after they havehad a chance to talk it over with acustomer service representative. Increased Sales Conversions through your website Improved Cross-SellOpportunities offercomplementary products andservices. Reduced Costs providing supportfor Live Chat will reduce thedemands on your Telephone supportservice.Live Chat Services
  • 7. Customer feedback is a key element toimprove service offering and products.Your company and dealer network canbenefit of learning from customerexperience.Call Management can gain knowledge of: Your dealer network performance Pricing discounts offered Dealer Product knowledge Test drive satisfaction level Car driving experience Buyer profile versus car range(best fit)Customer Satisfaction Surveys can becomplimented with dealers MysteryShopping exercises.Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • 8. Call Management is a multi-channel contact centre and weoffer our clients 24 by 7 client relationship managementsupport (CRM) all year round. We provide receptionistcover, after hours telephone answering service, marketresearch campaign design & implementation, website /live chat, e-mail handling support, social CRM and muchmore to Ireland, UK, USA and the rest of the world.Call Management is a well established contact centrewith over 12 years experience. We are trusted supplierin both the public and private sector. We are membersof CCMA which is the governing body for contact centresin Ireland and we are accredited by numerous tradeassociations.Our strong financial history and well established tradingrecord make us the preferred outsourced contact centrefor a wide portfolio of clients.About Call Management
  • 9. Automotive Contact CentreCall Management Head office:1G The Atrium Building, Blackpool Retail Park, Blackpool, Cork (Ireland)Company Registration No. 346705Cork: +353 214824300Dublin: +353