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This is the call for training proposals for the year from 7/2013 until 6/2014.


  • European Youth Parliament, Sophienstrae 28-29, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

    InternatIonal traInIngs 2013/2014

    It is one of eYPs main priorities to develop towards a training-based organisation and to further improve the capacities of our organisation.

    With the support of our partner, the Mercator Foundation, the International office is now able to offer con-siderable financial support for eYPs training activities in some priority areas. We see this as an important contribution to develop the eYPs capacity and the quality of our events.

    For the period from July 1st, 2013 - June 30th, 2014, the eYP-sF will give out up to 10 000 of funding for trainings organised by the national Committees. We hope that you take advantage of this great opportunity and look forward to your applications to host trainings in 2013 and 2014.

    Call For ProPosals

    We are looking for national Committees interested in organising trainings which last 2 4 days, involve 15 20 participants and take place between July 1st 2013 and June 30th, 2014. the training needs to be open to participants from the eYP network. the possibility for participation must be made public through an open call. at least one of the trainers involved needs to come from the eYPs pool of trainers or be a qualified external trainer with relevant experience (this can also be an eYP alumnus, if relevant competence has been devel-oped outside eYP).

    the organisation of the training could be supported by the eYP International office (e.g. participant admin-istration). the International office can also help with applications to be made to receive co-funding (see below). the eYP academy would give advice on concept for the training and the implementation and needs to be involved in the planning process. trainings would be part of the eYP training academy programme. the eYP academy is the eYPs training working group. the task of eYP academy is to increase the quality of eYP (events and experience) through trainings, trainers and materials.

    support to trainings in 2013/2014

    Proposed trainings should address one or more of these priorities:

    MediaandCommunication SessionManagement ManagingaNationalCommittee Reachingnewtargetgroups,suchasdisadvantagedyouth(EYPOutreach)

    this does not exclude funding for excellent training proposals on different areas. However, training propos-als focussing on the priority areas will be much more likely to be granted funding.

    Priority areas

  • European Youth Parliament, Sophienstrae 28-29, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

    Supported by:

    training grants from the eYP-sF will cover 75% of the direct costs of your training, but not more than 2500. For example: If your training costs 2 000, we are able to support this with up to 1 500 (75% of 2.000). If your training costs 6 000, the grant would be the absolute maximum of 2.500. so, some money will always have to be fundraised by you from different sources.

    Financial support

    Interested? then submit your proposal to by 31st May 2013. It should consist of two parts:

    Part1describesyourconceptforthetraining(incl.needsanalysis,aim,objectivesandprogramme), planned venues as well as the envisaged date. It also introduces the persons in charge of organis ing the training. In addition, you describe whom you would like to engage as a trainer and why these trainings would be suitable for your proposal. You ideally already have a preliminary confirmation by thetrainer(s)todothejob. Part2isthebudgetwhichincludesalltheexpenditureandtheexpectedincome.Hereyoushould also indicate the amount you are asking for as a grant from the eYP-sF. Please respect the rules above and remember: the more money you fundraise yourself, the more trainings all over europe we can fund.

    submit your proposal

    the decision about grants will be taken by a panel. this will consist of one representative each from the eYP academy, the governing Body, and the eYP-sF. the panel will evaluate the quality of the concept, the feasibility of its realisation and in how far the specified priorities have been addressed.

    a decision will be taken as soon as possible, but no later than a month from closing of the application dead-line.

    selection procedure

    Jacob DringerProjectManagereuropean Youth Parliament International officetel.: +49 (0)30 97 00 50

    For more information, please contact


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