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<ul><li><p>Calendar of Events May 2009</p><p>CHIs Ninth Annual Conference on Structure-Based Drug Design</p><p>June 45, 2009Cambridge, Massachusetts, USAOrganized by Cambridge Healthtech InsituteWebsite:</p><p>Keystone Symposium on Protein Dynamics, Allostery and Function</p><p>June 510, 2009Keystone, Colorado, USAOrganized by Keystone SymposiaChairperons: Ivet Bahar and Lila GieraschWebsite:</p><p>Twenty-First American Peptide Symposium</p><p>June 713, 2009Bloomington, Indiana, USAOrganized by the American Peptide SocietyChairperons: Richard DiMarchi and Henry MosbergWebsite:</p><p>Thirty-Fourth Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)2009 Congress on Lifes Molecular Interactions</p><p>July 49, 2009Prague, Czech RepublicOrganized by FEBSChairpersons: Toms Zima and Vclav PacesWebsite:</p><p>Gordon Research Conference on Bioorganic Chemistry</p><p>July 1419, 2009Andover, New Hampshire, USAOrganized by the Gordon Research ConferencesChairpersons: Nicole Sampson and Stewart FisherWebsite:;program=bioorg</p><p>Gordon Research Conference on Computer Aided Drug Design</p><p>July 1924, 2009Tilton, New Hampshire, USAOrganized by the Gordon Research ConferencesChairperons: Brian Shoichet and Gerhard KlebeWebsite:;program=cadd</p><p>FEBSWorkshop on ProteinModules andNetworks in Health andDisease</p><p>September 813, 2009Seefeld in Tirol, AustriaOrganizer: Mario GimonaWebsite:</p><p>Chem Biol Drug Des 2009; 73: 572</p><p>572</p></li></ul>