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    June 1 Diggers Plant Sale & Iris Society Show June 6 D-Day June 6-9 FGCM Flower Show School II June 7-9 Peony Society Flower Show June 14 Flag Day June 16 Father’s Day June 21 First Day of S*U*M*M*E*R! July 4 Independence Day July 12-13 Diggers Flower Show July 13-14 North Star Lily Show July 21 Edina Garden Council Garden Tour July 27-28 Tri-City Flower Show August 3 Diggers Garden Club Bus Tour August 10-11 Daffodil Society Fall Bulb Sale August 17 Minnesota Renaissance Festival begins August 22 Minnesota State Fair Begins (see events page for floral shows) August 28-29 FGCM Flower Show – State Fair


    FGCM Mission/Vision – p. 2 Outdoors with Rene’ – p. 14 State/NGC/C.R. contacts – p. 3 Recommended Reading – p. 15 President’s Message – page 4 Container Design Challenge – p. 15 An Open View – p. 5 Safety – p. 16 What’s Happening – p. 7-10 Creative Floral Design – p. 17-18 Scholarship/Green Tip – p. 11 National/Region/FGCM News – p. 19-20 Renaissance Festival – p. 12 Spotlight: Ticks – p. 21 From the Editor – p. 13 Horticulture – p. 23 Diggers Bus Tour & Registration – p. 25-26 Garden Clubs of Minnesota, Inc.


    Vol. 62, No. 3 June, July, August, 2019

    Garden Dirt

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    FGCM Newsletter Change of Address, Name or to Add a New Member

    In order to ensure continued receipt of the FGCM Newsletter please notify us promptly any changes to your Name, Mailing address, or Email address. If your newsletter is returned and we do not receive your correct mailing information before the next issue is mailed, your name will be dropped from the mailing list until the correction is received. Please advise us of new members promptly to ensure receipt of the Newsletter. If you would like to receive your newsletter via email or would rather view the newsletter on the FGCM website contact Kathleen Alme, Treasurer, 8257 Ken- tucky Circle S., Bloomington, MN 55438. Home phone 952-944-8257 or email her at: Pertinent information would be: • Name change/New Member’s Name • Address & Phone Number change/New Member’s Address & Phone number • Email Address change/New Member’s Email Address • Club Name must be included with the pertinent information.

    Please help us keep you up-to-date with any new and exciting events.


    The Federated Garden Clubs Of Minnesota, Inc. provides education, fos-

    ters communication and supports our membership in their endeavors to

    promote love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental



    The Federated Garden Clubs Of Minnesota, Inc. will be recognized as an

    expert resource in horticulture and floral design. Through relevant and

    effective communication and active cooperation of our membership and

    the cultivation of partnerships with other organizations and agencies, we

    will increase our involvement in civic and environmental efforts.

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    PRESIDENT’’S MESSAGE By Bonnie Schwichtenberg

    We are looking for one special person who will lead us for the next two years. The current officers want to support you and mentor you as we enter in the first year of the new By Law changes. While two of the quarterly meetings will disappear for now we will replace it with a meaningful full day event in October with hands on activities and really great presenters. We will move to a Go-To-Meeting format to remove the drive for us to and from one location and conduct the

    meeting electronically. The first one will be in mid-June. In the meantime here are your current board members. We will all be going forward through April 2021. Vice President: Melody Hill. Mel is a member of the Diggers Garden Club. She lives in in Crystal MN. You can reach her at and 763-587-3653. Treasurer: Kathleen Alme. Kathy is a member of Hi-Lo Garden Club. She lives in Bloomington, MN. You can reach Kathy at and 952-944-8257 Secretary: Mary Elliott. Mary belongs to Sunflower Garden Club. Her contacts are and 612-751-5557 cell, 612-798-1729 home. Trustee (outgoing President): Bonnie Schwichtenberg. Bonnie belongs to Floralia Ar- rangers. I live just across the Minnesota border to the east in New Richmond, Wiscon- sin. You can reach me at and 320-224-5517. It is well known that garden club membership and participation is declining throughout the entire United States as are ALL volunteer based organizations. One of the areas we have to address is how to reinvent ourselves to meet the needs of the younger com- munities around us as WHILE remaining true to our core values of caring for the earth, wisely using and protecting our natural resources and promoting a love and daily re- spect for our natural world. Together we are stronger together than as individual units. What we do matters to our cities and neighborhoods. It is tempting to want to just take care of gardening selves and local clubs. However, belonging to a larger group allows us all to benefit through awarding educational scholarships, offering opportunities to exchange information and experiences and by promoting local projects through our new Minnesota local club grants. Please join us at the state level to lead together to accomplish these ideas. Sincerely, Bonnie Schwichtenberg Federated Garden Clubs of Minnesota Board Trustee 2019-2021


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    An Open View ~ Submitted by Rene’ Lynch

    This article is meant to further the understanding of who we are as Federated Garden Clubs of Minnesota members. It is important that each garden club Presi- dent remind your members that together we are so much more; with an open view to the future that is important to maintain within our own garden clubs and our communities.

    We are all a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc. Your club members might say, “So what…what does that do for us?”

    The following information gardened (it’s up to you to make it grow) from the NGC website should inspire us.

    Connect with Gardeners Around the Globe. You and your garden club are part of that big open view. Nearly 200,000 men, women, and kids can attest to the re- wards of belonging to a garden club within NGC’s international network. Member- ship provides extensive opportunities to participate in garden related activities for worthy causes, such as conservation efforts, school gardens for kids, disaster relief and community beautification.

    With eight regions, 50 state garden clubs, and the National Capitol Area, 60 na- tional affiliated organizations within the United States, 330 international affiliated organizations around the globe combined with 5,000-member garden clubs and 165,000 members. We should be so proud, and we should be stating in all our publicity that we are part of the largest volunteer organization of its type in the world. Here in Minnesota, as in other states, we all represent ourselves well in Greening and Beautifying the Community.

    Here are a few of the initiatives being supported by NGC, Inc., NGC Central Region, Inc. and Federated Garden Clubs of Minnesota, Inc.

    Plant America, a singularly focused initiative on gardens and gardening! Plant America supports the ma