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    Calcium Bromide Sodium Bromide Zinc Bromide 2016



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    Crude oil and natural gas are the main source of energy and Fulfil half of the total

    energy requirement today .They are been used as source of energy for more than

    5000 to 6000 years. Hence their drilling is becoming important day by day to

    compensate the rising demand globally. And for their successful drilling, drilling

    fluids are of great importance. According to American petroleum industries,

    drilling fluids are the fluids that are designed to perform various functions at

    elevated temperature and pressure down the earth during drilling.

    There are many Zinc Bromide (ZnBr2) Manufacturers in India. Zinc bromide is

    inorganic white crystalline powder also known as zinc dibromide. It is soluble in

    water. It is used as radiation protector, for fabricating photographic material, as

    electrolyte in batteries, as lewis acid in organic chemistry and mainly used as oil

    well drilling fluid.

    The dense brine solution of zinc bromide gives density up to 20 pounds/gallons

    which helps in holding back gas particles and flammable oil in high pressure wells.

    Zinc bromide is prepared by heating zinc oxide or zinc metal with hydrobromic

    acid. Its anhydrous form is prepared by dehydrating it with hot CO2. Zinc bromide

    solutions are used where high densities are required and where neutral pH

    solutions are not required due to their tendency to form carbonates and

    sulphates which degrades quality of oil and natural gas. However this brine

    solution is acidic in nature and thus it is to be carefully handled. It may cause to

    corrosion and is dehydrating in nature. But its thermal and chemical stability is a


    great advantage. The mixture of zinc bromide and calcium bromide is very

    popular and India supplies great deal of it, thus increasing demand of calcium

    bromide manufacturers in India and zinc bromide (ZnBr2) manufacturers.

    Calcium Bromide Manufacturers in India fulfils global demand to large extent.

    Calcium bromide is selected as drilling fluid where required density is 14.2 Ibs/gal.

    It is most popular and most effective drilling fluid in its liquid form. It acts as

    brilliant drilling mud which helps in balancing strata which are unstable during

    drilling activity. It is chemically as well as thermally very stable. It also helps in

    repairing inner surface of bore wells and thus preventing them from collapsing

    thereby protecting original drilling sites.


    Sodium Bromide Liquids are drilling fluids which are used in combinations with

    zinc bromide and sodium chlorides providing range of densities from 8.4-12.5

    Ibs/gal. It is highly stable and prevents formation of sulphates and carbonates. It

    has many applications like it is used as anticonvulsant and sedatives, as

    antibacterial and antifungal, hypnotic agent, photographic processing and many


    Due to its versatile applications demand of Sodium Bromide Liquids is rapidly

    increasing globally.

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