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<ol><li> 1. Cake A Great Choice for Dessert No birthday party is complete without a cake. Cakes have become an integral part of parties or celebrations. Modern day cake is very different from the first cake. Earlier it was more like sweet bread baked with honey, nuts or dried fruits, normally in disc shape. Modern day cakes with icing were first baked in Europe in mid-17th century. With passing time cake has become the dessert of choice at birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and even at formal gathering like office parties. There are multifarious cake recipes available. With latest equipments and advanced ingredients , cake baking is no longer a complicated process. Even amateur cooks can bake flawless cakes with advanced technology and easy-to-follow recipes. Now days, cakes can also be customized as per the occasion and the theme. Occasions can vary from weddings to bachelor parties to 25th anniversaries to baby shower parties and so. Any shape or decoration can be given to the cake depending on the baker's imagination. Bliss Chocolate Lounge of Bangalore, India creates unique and yummiest cakes possible. They are associated with world renowned chocolatiers and bakers. Here is a list of their signature cakes. Belgium Truffle Cake: For all the chocoholics, this cake will give you an ultimate feel. Belgium truffle cake is layered with a dark and chocolaty ganache. The indulgence is worth it. Blueberry Cheesecake If you want to impress someone special, then this is the right choice. It is one of the best cheesecakes in existence. Topped with fresh blueberries, this cake will satisfy you to the core. Marquise Cake: This exotic cake has a luxurious feel to it. The perfect blend of two flavors dark and milk mousse brings out the best flavor, leaving you craving for more. Blissful Ecstasy Cake Special occasions need more than just a chocolate or a cake. Smooth mixture of chocolate and heavy cream will give you the heavenly taste. A must buy . Gooey Chocolate Cake Rich and sumptuous, this chocolate cake is truly a blessing to your palate. It is a perfect mixture of rich ganache and crme. This is one cake which tastes best when served hot. Praline Cheesecake: </li><li> 2. This is one to-die for cheesecake. The hazelnut praline in this cake brings a sweet and smoky flavor to the cheese. Pleasure is guaranteed with this delicious cheesecake. Red Velvet Cake: You can't enough of Bliss red velvet cake. This dramatic red looking cake with white crme works wonders on palate. Hazelnut chocolate is coated with crunchy spray for a perfect finish. It is perfect for an anniversary party or a valentine day celebrations. Walnut Caramel Cake: Crunchy nuts combined with caramel give it the unique bitter-sweet taste. Bliss has also added chocolate ganache to give you a unique experience. It is best served when warm. Bliss Chocolate Lounge also specializes in customized cakes. They accept birthday, anniversary and large corporate orders. Now you can order your favorite cakes anytime, anywhere through their recently launched website Visit today and have a truly blissful time with their unique range of cakes. </li></ol>