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  • Cabinet Maker Modular Kitchen

    Par�cipant Handbook

    Reference ID: FFS/Q5102, Version No. 1.0 NSQF Level 3

    Modular Furniture Sub-Sector

    Produc�on - Modular Furniture Occupa�on

    Cabinet Maker Modular Kitchen

    Furniture and Fi�ngs Sector

  • Par�cipant Handbook


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  • Cabinet Maker Modular Kitchen

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  • Par�cipant Handbook

  • Cabinet Maker Modular Kitchen


    Furniture and Fi�ngs Skill Council (FFSC) would like to express its gra�tude to all the individuals and ins�tu�ons who contributed in different ways towards the prepara�on of this "Par�cipant Handbook". Without their contribu�on it could not have been completed. Special thanks are extended to those who collaborated in the prepara�on of its different modules. Sincere apprecia�on is also extended to all who provided peer review for these modules.

    The prepara�on of this handbook would not have been possible without the Furniture & Fi�ngs Industry's support. Industry feedback has been extremely encouraging from incep�on to conclusion and it is with their input that we have tried to bridge the skill gaps exis�ng today in the industry.

    This par�cipant handbook is dedicated to the aspiring youth who desire to achieve special skills which will be a lifelong asset for their future endeavors.


  • Par�cipant Handbook

    About this book

    Ÿ (FFS/N8801) Work effec�vely with others

    Ÿ Introduc�on

    Ÿ (FFS/N8501) Maintain work area, tools and machines

    This Par�cipant Handbook is designed based on the Qualifica�on Pack (QP) under the Na�onal Skill Qualifica�on framework (NSQF) and it comprises of the following Na�onal Occupa�onal Standards (NOS)/topics and addi�onal topics.

    Ÿ Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills

    Ÿ (FFS/N5102) Make modular kitchen

    This Par�cipant Handbook is designed for providing skill training and /or upgrading the knowledge level of the Trainees to take up the job of an “Cabinet Maker Modular Kitchen" in the Furniture and Fi�ngs Sector.

    Ÿ (FFS/N8601) Ensure health and safety at workplace

    Symbols Used

    Unit Objec�ves

    Key Learning Outcomes

    Tips Notes


    Activity Summary


  • Cabinet Maker Modular Kitchen

    Table of Contents

    S.No Modules and Units Page No

    Unit 2.1 Follow Safe Working Prac�ces While at Work 119

    Unit 1.4 Making of Furniture and Assembling of Parts 31

    Unit 1.2 Make Modular Kitchen 5

    Unit 2.4 Organiza�onal Repor�ng Protocol 130

    Unit 2.2 Organiza�onal Procedures for Safe Handling of Tools and Equipment 121

    Unit 1.3 Understanding Kitchen Layout 15

    2. Maintain work area tools and machines (FFS/N8501) 117

    Unit 2.5 Various Types of Safety Signs and What They Mean 133

    Unit 1.1 Basic Introduc�on to the Responsibili�es of a Cabinet Maker 3

    Unit 1.5 Different Types of Tools and Equipment and the Processes of Opera�ng the Same 87

    Unit 2.3 Respond to an Emergency Situa�on 125

    Unit 2.6 Deal With an Accident Which Involves Human Life 143

    Unit 2.9 Preventa�ve and Remedial Ac�ons to be Taken in the Case of Exposure to

    1. Make Modular Kitchen (FFS/N5102) 1

    Unit 2.7 Different Types of Personal Protec�ve Gear and Their Usage 144

    Unit 2.8 Appropriate Basic First Aid Treatment Relevant to the Condi�on 148

    Toxic Materials 153

    Unit 2.10 Maintain Appropriate Environment to Protect Stock from Pilfering, The�,

    Unit 5.2 Correct Body Postures 211

    5. Safe Li�ing Prac�ces and Ergonomics (FFS/N8601) 207

    Unit 5.1 Safe Li�ing Prac�ces 209

    4. Figh�ng Fire (FFS/N8601) 193

    3. Ensure Health and Safety at Workplace (FFS/N8601) 161

    Unit 3.3 Poten�al Hazards and Risks Which May Be Present at Furniture & Fi�ngs Related

    Unit 3.4 Storage and Handling of Hazardous Substances 177

    Unit 3.2 Poten�al Risks and Threats 170

    Unit 3.6 Different Risks Associated with the Use of Electrical Equipment 185

    Unit 4.1 Various Causes of Fire 195

    Unit 4.2 Different Types of Fire Ex�nguishers and their Use 199

    Damage and Deteriora�on 155

    Unit 4.3 Techniques of Using the Different Fire Ex�nguishers 201

    Workplace 173

    Unit 3.1 Common Health and Safety Hazards in a Work Environment and Related Precau�ons 163

    Unit 3.5 Common Health and Safety Prac�ces at Workplace 180

    Unit 5.3 Correct Li�ing, Loading and Unloading and Handling Procedures 215


  • Par�cipant Handbook


    Unit 7.3 Safe Working Prac�ces for Cleaning and the Method of Carrying Them Out 241

    Unit 7.4 Common Types of Waste and Contaminants in Workplace 245

    6. Common Issues, Troubleshoo�ng Knowledge and Method of Conduc�ng Visual

    Inspec�on (FFS/N8501) 221

    Cut Components 228

    S.No Modules and Units Page No

    Unit 7.7 Know-How of Cleaning Process and Waste Disposal Procedures 251

    8. Work Effec�vely with Others (FFS/N8801) 257

    Unit 8.1 Work Effec�vely with Others 259

    Unit 7.1 Importance of Good Housekeeping 235

    Unit 7.5 Effects of Contamina�on on Products 248

    Unit 7.6 Different Ways of Minimizing Waste 249

    Unit 8.3 Prepare and Organize Work 278

    Unit 8.4 Decision Making 280

    Unit 8.8 Set Goals for Oneself and the Team 288

    Unit 8.2 Importance of Effec�ve Communica�on and Establishing Good Working

    Unit 7.2 Different Types of Cleaning Equipment & Substances and their Use 238

    Rela�onships with Other 269

    Unit 8.5 Problem Solving 282

    Unit 8.6 Manage Anger and Stress 284

    Unit 8.7 Manage Time 287

    Unit 8.9 Understanding Technical Drawings and Blueprints 290

    7. Safe Cleaning and Waste Management Prac�ces (FFS/N8501) 233

    Unit 9.1 Personal Strength & Value System 311

    Unit 9.2 Digital Literacy: A Recap 330

    Unit 9.3 Money Ma�ers 335

    Unit 9.4 Preparing for Employment & Self Employment 346

    Unit 9.5 Understanding Entrepreneurship 355

    Unit 9.6 Preparing to be an Entrepreneur 382

    9. Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills 307

    Unit 6.1 Common Issues Troubleshoo�ng Knowledge 223

    Unit 6.2 Method of Conduc�ng Visual Inspec�on for any Errors or Damages to the

  • Cabinet Maker Modular Kitchen


  • Par�cipant Handbook


  • Cabinet Maker Modular Kitchen

    Unit 1.3 Understand Kitchen Layout

    Unit 1.2 Make Modular Kitchen

    Unit 1.4 Making of Furniture and Assembling of Parts

    Unit 1.5 Different Types of Tools and Equipment and the Processes of Opera�ng

    Unit 1.1 Basic Introduc�on to the Responsibili�es of a Cabinet Maker

    1. Make Modular Kitchen


  • Par�cipant Handbook


    Key Learning Outcomes

    3. Describe the kitchen layout in detail

    4. Demonstrate making of furniture and assembling of parts

    1. Evaluate the responsibili�es of a cabinet maker

    At the end of this module, you will be able to:

    5. Iden�fy different types of tools and equipment

    2. Prac�ce making modular kitchen

  • Cabinet Maker Modular Kitchen


    Unit 1.1 Basic Introduc�on to the Responsibili�es of a Cabinet Mak