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CabinS.ZIA-UL-HAQ & SONSDeatail of Cabin with ascending order

S.NoCabin/ Unit TitleDimensionPC #F.A. CodeClientLocationStatus1Hall (Without Skid)40 X 81PC-01-000122GascoGasco BhitRental23 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 83PC-01-000406ENIENI Camp-2 (Z) BlockSZS Staff/ OSD32 Rooms/ 1 Bath (Without Skid)40 X 87PC-01-000399ENIENI Camp-2 (Z) BlockSZS Staff/ OSD43 Rooms Store (Skid Mounted)40 X 815PC-01-000067OMV/OMEL MaherOMEL MeherSZS Staff/ OSD5Ablution (Skid Mounted)40 X 819PC-01-000309Duetag T-34BadinRental6Chiller Unit (Skid Mounted)20 X 1020CL-01-000070ENIENI Camp-2SZS Staff/ OSD73 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 820PC-01-000209DeutagT-75Rental8Ablution (Skid Mounted)20 X 1025PC-02-000018Saxon Rig-23Bhit-16Rental9Masjid (Skid Mounted)40 X 833PC-01-000212DeutagT-75Rental103 Rooms/ 3 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 834PC-01-000216DeutagT-75Rental11Pressing Room (Without Skid)26 X 839PC-02-000311ENIENI Camp-2Rental12Camp Boss Office (Without Skid)20 X 840PC-02-000104DeutagT-75Rental13Shop Mart (Without Skid)20 X 846PC-02-000314ENIENI Camp-2SZS Staff/ OSD142 Rooms/ 2 Bath (Skid Mounted)40 X 866PC-01-000412UEPLNaimatRental153 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 896PC-01-000193DeutagT-75Rental162 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Without Skid)40 X 8119PC-01-000217DeutagT-75Rental173 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 8122PC-01-000208DeutagT-75Rental183 Rooms (Skid Mounted)40 X 8123PC-01-000303Duetag T-34BadinRental19Ablution (Skid Mounted)20 X 8126PC-02-000012ZEPJhampirRental20Mess Hall/TV (Skid Mounted)20 X 8137PC-02-000323ENI BhitBhit Camp-4SZS Staff/ OSD21Ablution (Without Skid)20 X 8163PC-02-000024UEPLNaimatRental22Kitchen Mess Office40 x 10166PC-01-000458Mari GasMari Gas KounchRental233 Rooms (Skid Mounted)40 X 8168PC-01-000090GascoBhit Gas PlantRental24Chiller (Without Skid)20 X 8172CL-01-000022DeutagT-75Rental253 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 8194PC-01-000194DeutagT-75Rental263 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 8195PC-01-000192DeutagT-75Rental27Junior TV Room (Without Skid)40 X 8197PC-01-000204DeutagT-75Rental283 Room/ 3 Bath40 X 8203UEPL- MKKKausar MityariSZS Staff/ OSD293 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 8205PC-01-000207DeutagT-75Rental30Hall Acomodation40 X 8207UEPL- MKKKausar MityariRental313 Room Junior Acomodation40 X 10209UEPL- MKKKausar MityariSZS Staff/ OSD323 Room/ 3 Bath40 X 10214UEPL- MKKKausar MityariRental333 Room/ 3 Bath40 X 10215UEPL- MKKKausar MityariRental34Maintenance Store (Without Skid)20 X 8216PC-02-000105DeutagT-75Rental353 Room Junior Acomodation40 X 8217UEPL- MKKKausar MityariSZS Staff/ OSD36Kitchen/Preparation Area (Without Skid)20 X 10218PC-02-000021ENI BhitBhit Camp-4Rental37Dishwasher (Skid Mounted)20 X 8220PC-02-000014GascoGasco BhitRental38Ablution (Skid Mounted)40 X 10223PC-01-000052PPL-Gambat Sounth-3PPL-Gambat Sounth-3Rental39Ablution (Skid Mounted)40 X 10224PC-01-000081Crescent CyndicateBhit Gas FieldRental402 Rooms/ 2 Bath (Without Skid)40 X 8226PC-01-000197WDI Rig-812Kadanvari K-36Rental41Ablution (Skid Mounted)20 X 10232PC-02-000013GascoGasco BhitRental422 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Without Skid)40 X 8235PC-01-000199DeutagT-75Rental43Kitchen (Skid Mounted)40 X10242PC-01-000411ENIENI Camp-2Rental442 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 8247PC-01-000302Duetag T-34BadinRental452 Rooms/ 2 Bath (Without Skid)40 X 8253PC-01-000198UEPLNaimatRental462 Rooms/ 2 Bath (Without Skid)40 X 8254PC-01-000200WDI Rig-812Kadanvari K-36Rental47Jnr Kitchen (Skid Mounted)40 X 8256PC-01-000133Duetag T-34BadinRental482 Rooms/ 1 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 8262PC-01-000301Duetag T-34BadinRental492 Rooms/ 1 Bath (Skid Mounted)40 X 8270PC-01-000251Exterran-Pakistan (JJVL)JamshoroRental502 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)36 X 10298PC-01-000362UEPLNaimatRental512 Rooms/ 2 Bath (Without Skid)40 X 8306PC-01-000215WDI Rig-812Kadanvari K-36Rental522 Rooms/ 1 Bath (Foot Mounted)36 X 10313PC-01-000461Mari GasMari Gas KounchRental532 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)36 X 10314PC-01-000148UEPLNaimatRental543 Rooms/ 3 Baths (Without Skid)40 X 8318PC-01-000220DeutagT-75Rental55Mess Hall (Without Skid)40 X 8319PC-01-000077Crescent CyndicateBadhraRental563 Rooms Living (Without Skid)40 X 8330PC-01-000115GascoBhit Gas PlantRental572 Rooms Store (Skid Mounted)40 X 10331PC-01-000001PPLNAUSHERO FEROZ X-1Rental582 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 8337PC-01-000139Duetag T-34BadinRental59Kitchen (Skid Mounted)30 X 10339PC-01-000180Crescent CyndicateBadhraRental60Ablution (Skid Mounted)20 X8342PC-02-000317Saxon Rig-23Bhit-16Rental613 Rooms (Skid Mounted)40 X 8351PC-01-000304Duetag T-34BadinRental623 Rooms/ 3 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 10357PC-01-000261OMV/OMEL MaherOMEL MeherRental633 Rooms/Grocery Store (Without Skid)40 X 8360PC-01-000051ENI BhitBhit Camp-4Rental64Jnr Mess (Skid Mounted)40 X 8386PC-01-000306Duetag T-34BadinRental653 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 8391PC-01-000161ZEPJhampirRental662 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 8507PC-01-000136Duetag T-34BadinRental672 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 8513PC-01-000205Exterran-Pakistan (JJVL)JamshoroRental682 Rooms/ 1 Bath (Without Skid)40 X 8532PC-01-000391ENIENI Camp-2 (Z) BlockSZS Staff/ OSD692 Rooms/ 1 Bath (Without Skid)40 X 8539PC-01-000401ENIENI Camp-2 (Z) BlockSZS Staff/ OSD70Laundry (Skid Mounted)20 X 8544PC-02-000020ZEPJhampirRental712 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X8548PC-01-000176SLDC-Saxon-Rig-60Saxon Rig-60Rental722 Rooms/ Chemical Store (Without Skid)40 X 81007PC-01-000165ENI BhitBhit Camp-4Rental733 Rooms Living (Skid Mounted)40 X 81009PC-01-000093Tianjin DrillingRig T-650Rental743 Rooms/ 3 Baths (Without Skid)40 X 81017PC-01-000392ENIENI Camp-2 (Z) BlockSZS Staff/ OSD753 Rooms Living (Skid Mounted)40 X81019PC-01-000467Saxon Rig-23Bhit-16Rental763 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 81020PC-01-000393ENIENI Camp-2 (Z) BlockSZS Staff/ OSD77Mess Hall (Skid Mounted)40 X 81024PC-01-000014WDI Rig-812Kadanvari K-36Rental783 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 81027PC-01-000398ENIENI Camp-2 (Z) BlockSZS Staff/ OSD793 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 81029PC-01-000402ENIENI Camp-2 (Z) BlockSZS Staff/ OSD803 Rooms Office (Skid Mounted)40 X81029PC-01-000320Saxon Rig-23Bhit-16Rental812 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Without Skid)40 X 81037PC-01-000390ENIENI Camp-2 (Z) BlockSZS Staff/ OSD822 Rooms/ 2 Bath (Skid Mounted)40 X 81038PC-01-000061DeutagT-75Rental832 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Without Skid)40 X 81039PC-01-000112OMV/OMEL MaherOMEL MeherSZS Staff/ OSD84Ablution (Skid Mounted)40 X 81045PC-01-000062GascoGasco BhitRental85Mess Hall (Without Skid)20 X 81047PC-02-000313ENIENI Camp-2SZS Staff/ OSD86Office Hall (Without Skid)20 X 81048PC-02-000309ENIENI Camp-2SZS Staff/ OSD872 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Without Skid)40 X 81050PC-01-000158UEPLNaimatRental88Hall (Skid Mounted)40 X 81055PC-01-000057Crescent CyndicateBhitRental893 Rooms (Without Skid)40 X 81058PC-01-000210DeutagT-75Rental902 Rooms/ 1 Bath (Without Skid)40 X 81071PC-01-000113Exterran-Pakistan (JJVL)JamshoroRental91Ablution Unit (Skid Mounted)40 X 81082PC-01-000156PPL GhambatSouth Sharaf X-1Rental92Power House (Skid Mounted)20 X 81085PC-02-000106Duetag T-34BadinRental932 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Without Skid)40 X 81091PC-01-000355ZEPJhampirRental942 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X81092PC-01-000365Saxon Rig-23Bhit-16Rental95Senior Mess (Without Skid) Coupling40 X 81098PC-01-000004ENI BhitBhit Camp-4Rental96Senior Mess (Without Skid) Coupling40 X 81099PC-01-000005ENI BhitBhit Camp-4Rental97TV Room Store (Skid Mounted)40 X 81100PC-01-000311Duetag T-34BadinRental982 Room 2 Bath Senior40 x 81113PC-01-000459Mari GasMari Gas KounchRental993 Rooms Living (Skid Mounted)40 X81114PC-01-000427SLDC-Saxon-Rig-60Saxon Rig-60Rental1003 Rooms Living (Skid Mounted)40 X81115PC-01-000239Saxon Rig-23Bhit-16Rental1012 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 81118PC-01-000138Duetag T-34BadinRental1022 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 81119PC-01-000436DeutagT-75Rental103Clinic (Without Skid)20 X 81122PC-02-000004GascoGasco BadraRental104Kitchen Jnr(Skid Mounted)40 X 101124PC-01-000439DeutagT-75Rental105Kitchen/Dishwashing Area (Skid Mounted)40 X 101125PC-01-000438ENI BhitBhit Camp-4Rental106Kitchen (Skid Mounted)40 X 121126PC-01-000084ENIENI Camp-2Rental107Kitchen (Skid Mounted)40 X 81130PC-01-000354ZEPJhampirRental108Masjid Hall (Skid Mounted)40 X 101133PC-01-000083PPL-Gambat Sounth-3PPL-Gambat Sounth-3Rental1092 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Without Skid)40 X 81137PC-01-000400ENIENI Camp-2 (Z) BlockSZS Staff/ OSD1103 Rooms/ 3 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 101137PC-01-000344ZEPJhampirRental111Camp boss Laundry (Skid Mounted)40 X 81141PC-01-000307Duetag T-34BadinRental1122 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 81143PC-01-000150DeutagT-75Rental1133 Rooms (Skid Mounted)40 X 81145PC-01-000313Duetag T-34BadinRental1143 Rooms (Skid Mounted)40 X 81146PC-01-000305Duetag T-34BadinRental1152 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X81148PC-01-000457Saxon Rig-23Bhit-16Rental1162 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 81149PC-01-000364WDI Rig-812Kadanvari K-36Rental1172 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 81150PC-01-000134Duetag T-34BadinRental118Laundry (Skid Mounted)40 X 81156PC-01-000423ENI BhitBhit Camp-4Rental119Mess Hall Jnr (Skid Mounted)40 X 81157PC-01-000440DeutagT-75Rental120Mess cum Recreation (Skid Mounted)40 X 81158PC-01-000437ENIENI Camp-2SZS Staff/ OSD1213 Rooms (Skid Mounted)40 X 81161PC-01-000314Duetag T-34BadinRental1222 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Without Skid)40 X 81165PC-01-000163UEPLNaimatRental1233 Rooms40 X 81167PC-01-000343ZEPJhampirRental124Power House (Skid Mounted) With Two Gen Set40 X81168PC-01-000099Saxon Rig-23Bhit-16Rental125Mess Hall (Skid Mounted)40 X 81170PC-01-000462Crescent CyndicateBadhraRental1263 Rooms (Skid Mounted)40 X 81175PC-01-000315Duetag T-34BadinRental1273 Rooms Living (Skid Mounted)40 X 81176PC-01-000431Crescent CyndicateBadhraRental1282 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 101179PC-01-000404ENIENI Camp-2SZS Staff/ OSD129Hall (Without Skid)40 X 81191PC-01-000341GascoGasco BhitRental1302 Rooms/ 2 Baths (Skid Mounted)40 X 81198PC-01-000424UEPLNaimatRental1313 Rooms Office (Skid Mounted)40 X 81209PC-01-000238OMV/OMEL MaherOMEL MeherRental1323-Rooms w/o Bath Cabin for Juniors40 X 81210PC-01-000240WDIWOT Islamabad YardR