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Plans for a Judaica Digital Humanities Network by Dov Winer, Judaica Europeana (EAJC) pdf file of the presentation at the: EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Culture, Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Van Leer Institute, 12-13 November 2013 http://www.digital-heritage.org.il Presentations available at: http://2013.minervaisrael.org.il


  • 1.A Network for Judaica Digital Humanities Dov Winer Scientific Manager, Judaica Europeana (EAJC) EVA/Minerva 2013 The 10th Jerusalem International Conference on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

2. Outline To seek the integration of contents, communities of practice, and tools/infrastructures The Jewish Studies research community as a potential community of practice Jewish Digitised Contents with a common data model Digital Humanities: basic scholarship activities Availability of Digital Scholarship tools and infrastructures Challenge: integration into a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) 3. Jewish Studies 4. Jewish Studies 5. Jewish Studies 6. Jewish Studies 7. Jewish Studies 8. Jewish Digitised Content 9. Judaica Europeana Partners 10. ~5,000,000 + digital objects 11. Jewish Digitised Content 12. Jewish Digitised Content 13. Jewish Digitised Content 14. Common Data Model for Content Description 15. Common Data Model 16. Outline 17. Linked Data: structured data on the Web David Woood Marsha Zeidman Luke Ruth with Michael Hausenblas Manning Publications MEAP 2013 18. Who? What? When? Where? Controlled vocabularies: hubs of Jewish Knowledge in the Structured Web 19. Jewish encyclopedias: CONTEXTThe goals of the project Linking and Populating the Digital Humanities are to create and maintain data integration tools tailored to digital humanities collections in order to build a machinereadable web of facts about covered domains. 20. Jewish encyclopedias: CONTEXT Encyclopedia Judaica Josh Kopelman http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/Rav Zeev Vagner Encyclopedia of Russian Jewry http://www.rujen.ru/ 21. http://www.judaica-europeana.eu/Search_Europeana_Collections_with_Judaic_categories.html 22. Digital Humanities 23. The scholarship work cycleFrom S.Gradmann and J.C. Meister, Digital document and interpretation: re-thinking text and scholarship in electronic settings . Poiesis & Praxis, V5 N2 (2008) 24. Scholarly Primitives Scholarly Primitives: what methods do humanities researchers have in common, and how might our tools reflect this? John Unsworth Humanities Computing: formal methods, experimental practice Kings College, London, May 13, 2000DiscoveringAnnotatingComparingReferringSamplingIllustrating Representing 25. Unsworth primitiveBamboo theme of scholarly practiceOCLC Scholarly Information ActivityDiscoveryGathering / ForagingSamplingSynthesizing / Filtering ComparingSearching (direct searching, chaining, browsing, probing, accessing) Collecting (gathering, organizing)ReferringContextualizingIllustrating Representing ComparingConceptualizing, Refining and CritiquingRepresentingDocumenting methodsDiscovering Referring RepresentingManaging dataAnnotatingAnnotating / documenting Modelling / visualizingIllustrating Representing Representing RepresentingOverlapping teaching and researchSuggested parenthetically Common threadSharing / dissemination / publishing Funding CollaboratingReferringCitation, credit, peer-reviewSearching (chaining, browsing, probing) Collecting (organizing) Cross-cutting (monitoring) Reading (scanning, assessing, rereading) Cross-cutting (note taking, translating) Writing (assembling) Collaborating (consulting) Writing (disseminating) Cross-cutting (translating) Searching (accessing) Collecting (organizing) Collaborating (coordinating, consulting) Writing (assembling) Cross-cutting (note taking) Cross-cutting (translating) Writing (assembling) Collaborating (coordinating) Cross-cutting (translating) Writing (disseminating) No analogue Writing (co-authoring) Collaborating (coordinating, networking, consulting) Reading (assessing) Writing (dissemination) Collaborating (consulting)OCLC: Scholarly Information Practices in the Online Environment http://www.oclc.org/content/dam/research/publications/library/2009/2009-02.pdf?urlm=162919Project Bamboo Scholarly Practice Report https://wikihub.berkeley.edu/display/pbamboo/Project+Bamboo+Scholarly+Practice+Report 26. Scholarly Primitives Scholarly primitives: Building institutional infrastructure for humanities e-Science Tobias Blanke, Mark Hedges Kings College London, Centre for e-Research Future Generation Computer Systems 29 (2013) 654-661Scholarly Information Practices in the Online Environment Carole L. Palmer, Lauren C. Teffeau, Carrie M. Pirmannn 2009 OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. OCLC Online Computer Library Center 2009 http://www.oclc.org/content/dam/research/publications/library/2009/2009-02.pdf?urlm=162919 27. Tools and Infrastructure 28. Prof. Stefan Gradmann Prof. Christian Bizer 29. Scholarly services Document Mapping; Concordance; Collocation/Cloud; Frequency; Morphological Analysis; Syntactic Analysis; Named Entity Identification; Proxied SEASR Analytics 30. VRE Virtual Research EnvironmentCommunity+Content+ Tools/Infrastructure 31. OutlineFrom JISC's VRE Programme supporting collaborative research Christopher Brown - JISC Digital Infrastructure Team http://www.slideshare.net/chriscb/jisc-vreresearch-tools-presentation?from_search=2 32. From: Guus van den Brekel Central Medical Library, UMCG Virtual Research Networks: towards Research 2.0 http://www.slideshare.net/digicmb/virtual-research-networks-towards-research-20?from_search=1 33. VRE Virtual Research Environment Examples 34. VRE Virtual Research Environment some off the shelf systems 35. www.judaica-europeana.euThank you for your attention! Dov Winer Judaica Europeana Scientific Manager European Association for Jewish Culturedov.winer@gmail.com Presentation available at:http://www.judaica-europeana.eu/docs/vre.pdf