by: sophie a. & ava k. ancient greece. civilization

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  • By: Sophie A. & Ava K.Ancient Greece

  • Civilization

  • The ArtsThey had drama. It was a regular part of the Ancient Greeks life. They had sculptures which were important to Greeks because they showed important people.

  • WritingThey had writing tablets which helped boys in school learn.Teachers taught reading, writing, mathematics, and literature.

  • ReligionThey had gods and goddesses, which they worshiped.They believed in myths. It helped them explain their religion.

  • Stable Food SupplyThey had a market place where they got food.They had fertile farming area where they grew food.

  • TechnologyThey had writing tablets that they had for learning in school.They played the Lyre which was a stringed instrument like a harp.

  • GovernmentThey had democracy which means they were governing themselves.They had Tyranny. The ruling power is in the hands of someone who is NOT a lawful king.

  • Social StructureAthens had slaves, which were the lowest people.There were few important women because they usually were only doing chores and making food.

  • Empire

  • Did Not Start From ScratchAlexander had to have tutoring for public speaking and other things to rule the empire.

  • Had Strong Leaders with Powerful ArmiesHe planned things instead of just doing it without knowing what is going to happen.

  • Developed SystemsHe spread Greek ideas. He used religion. He adopted the ways of conquered cultures

  • Built Roads and Expanded TradeHe connected people by spreading the culture throughout his empire.

  • Established ReligionsHe honored Egyptian and Persian gods with the same respect he paid to Greek gods.

  • DeclinedBy 324 B.C.E, Alexander's armies were in northern India. After ten years of fighting, the excused soldiers refused to go on.