by: sam schumaker and jonny cross. was ancient greece a civilization? ancient greece was a...

Download By: Sam Schumaker And Jonny Cross. Was ancient Greece a civilization? Ancient Greece was a civilization because they had stable food supply, the arts,

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  • By: Sam Schumaker And Jonny Cross
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  • Was ancient Greece a civilization? Ancient Greece was a civilization because they had stable food supply, the arts, religion, technology, government, social structure, and writing.
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  • The Arts They had pictures of farmers. They constructed bowls for holding things. They built many sculptures of there gods.
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  • Technology They had ships to travel and trade. They built columns in there temples.
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  • Government They invented the democracy. They had councils for there democracy. They had a strong leader.
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  • Social Structure They had a social class for slaves in Sparta Men and women were equal in Sparta. They had a social structure for women in Athens.
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  • Religion They had myths about there religion. They had temples for their gods. Alexander the great honored the Egyptian and Persian gods just as much as the Greek gods. Alexander the great built temples for Egyptian and Persian gods. Alexander the great to accept him as the son of Zeus.
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  • Stable Food Supply They invented earth steps so they could make the land flatter to farm. They had images of women gathering fruit. They had domesticated animals.
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  • Writing In schools teachers taught Greek writing. They had poetry in Greek writing. They had many famous poets.
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  • Was Ancient Greece an Empire? Ancient Greece was an empire because they had a main religion but other religions, they did not start from scratch, they built roads for trade, they declined for many reasons, they had strong leaders with strong armys, and they had deviled systems.
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  • Did not start from scratch They started with colonies and eventually took over enough colonies to start an empire.
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  • Had Established Religion and Others They worshipped gods and goddesses. They built temples for the gods and goddesses. They built statues of there gods and goddesses. They told myths about there gods and goddesses.
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  • Strong leader with strong army Alexander the Great was there leader and was one of the best leader ever. They had a strong Athenian army.
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  • Expanded Trade They traded things like olive oil and pottery for things like grain, timber, and metal. While they traded they traveled along the coastline because of the waters in the sea and they didnt have navigation.
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  • Developed systems They had a democracy to make sure everybody followed the laws and make sure that everything was organized.
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  • Decline/Fall Alexander the greats empire fell after he died and his tired army fell. There army got tired after fighting for 10 years.


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