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By Peter Rafferty. What is MMA?. MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts It encompasses both the stand-up and ground aspects of fighting. A few examples of the stand-up styles are Karate, Boxing, Kung-fu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Judo. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • By Peter Rafferty

  • What is MMA?MMA stands for Mixed Martial ArtsIt encompasses both the stand-up and ground aspects of fighting.A few examples of the stand-up styles are Karate, Boxing, Kung-fu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Judo.The ground game includes Wrestling, Jiu-jitsu, Sambo, and more.

  • Why is teaching MMA to kids a good idea?It teaches fighting in a structured wayIt helps teach disciplineBuilds strong solid relationshipsHelps educate and promotes healthy living(For Door of Hope specifically) Gives positive male attention to the young men who dont have father figures in their lives.

  • Necessary tools for doing MMABoxing/Grappling GlovesShin GuardsMouth GuardProtective CupProtective Head Gear

    Thai PadsWrist WrapsStop WatchJump RopeRubbing AlcoholOpen Space

  • Finding TimeEven an hour a day is plenty of timeComing in earlyUsing your lunch/dinner break Time outside of the regular work dayMonday-Thursday from 5:30-7:00Free local Jiu-Jitsu class every Saturday morning from 11:00-1:45

  • Standard ScheduleRulesWarm up (Jogging) - 2 minutesStretch - 5 min2-minute Drill - 10 minLesson - 15 minPractice - 5 minLight Spar/Grapple - 20 to 30 minFight - 5 to 15 minGame/Competition - 5 minStretch - 5 minutes

  • LessonsThe Basics -- Teaching form is very important. This includes how to correctly stand, move around, and even breath. Learning the different ground positions is also a necessary basic to learn.Advanced -- Submissions, combos, and takedowns are all things that can be taught to those who have the basics down.

  • Introducing the Fighters!Nathaniel Chocolate Thunder Stephens!Age: 12Height : 57Reach: 72Weight: 123 lbsFavorite technique:Triangle Choke

  • Introducing the Fighters!Christian The Spear MendezAge: 13Height: 54Reach: 65Weight: 108 lbsFavorite Technique:Kimura

  • Introducing the Fighters!Michael Grappler RobertsAge: 15Height: 56Reach: 66Weight: 145 lbsFavorite Technique:Rear-naked Choke

  • Introducing the FightersGilbert The Outlaw ValenciaAge: 17Height: 59Reach: 70Weight: 165 lbsFavorite Technique:Guillotine Choke

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  • SubmissionsArmbarRear-naked Choke

  • SubmissionsKneebarGuillotine Choke

  • SubmissionsKimura from topKimura from bottom

  • SubmissionsTriangle ChokeTriangle Choke (no hands)

  • Were there any noticeable positive results from doing MMA?Yes!!

    There was quite a bit of change that took place in the lives of these 4 men over the course of the last 9-10 months that Ive gotten to teach them and train with them.

  • GilbertImproved grades in schoolOpened up more in therapyFinished homework during After-school Program so as to make time for MMA.Overall improvement in attitude both at Door of Hope and at school.

  • MichaelHad a very poor attendance record at school (missed as many days as attended)Wasnt allowed to come to MMA unless he had gone to school that day.Huge improvement in school attendance!Improved diet from fast/junk food to healthier options. (subway!)

  • NathanielBuilt-up a very strong relationshipContinued coming everyday even after graduating Door of HopeBecame closer with his own father who began to work out with him in MMAWas always very excited and energetic

  • ChristianCame out of his shellFinally began joining in other Door of Hope activitiesGetting to spend quality time with him outside of normal work day.Experienced positive male companionship

  • How can you make this work at your site?Find something that you have knowledge in and others have interest in. (For me this was Mixed Martial Arts)Make time for the people youre interacting with and invest your energy in them. Put them above yourself.Find a time to be with them everyday, even if its not for very long.Dont ever let it become stressful to you! It will only work if you are enjoying what youre doing.