by olivia munn, maddy duffy, george clerihue, and chris oh

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The Kingdom of Ancient Benin. By Olivia Munn, Maddy Duffy, George Clerihue, and Chris Oh. Geography. The area is about 4,000 sq. miles Benin is in current day Nigeria Benin was near the Nile river and Atlantic Ocean It is located on the southwest cost of Africa. On the northern hemisphere. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • By Olivia Munn, Maddy Duffy, George Clerihue, and Chris Oh

  • GeographyThe area is about 4,000 sq. milesBenin is in current day NigeriaBenin was near the Nile river and Atlantic OceanIt is located on the southwest cost of Africa.On the northern hemisphere

  • The physical characteristics of Ancient Benin The natural resources are cocoa, paper, wood and iron.The coordinates are about 7.6219 degrees north and 6.9743 degrees eastAnnual rainfall: about 17 ft

    The environment is humidIt is mostly tropical rainforest.

  • Benin traded with Dutch and Portuguese traders by seaThey traded things like blue fabric, pepper, jasper stones, and leopard skinAnother major trade export was ivory (elephant tusk)Ivory was used to make jewelryOpas, Benin rulers, higher artists to trade their art work

  • Cotton was the only cash crop available to small-scale farmersYam was the main farming crop The three main types of yam were white yam, water yam and red yamOther crops were corn, cassava, plantains, and riceTheir eating utensils were made out of clay, spoons, plates, cups, etc.

  • People living in Benin were happy, loving people.They worked hard but still fit in time for fun festivals.Mothers and fathers educated children from home.All Benin families stuck together and helped others.Festivals, singing, dancing, and living a fun life was important to Benin people. They were very fond of music and played instruments that include sticks, drums, and finger pianos.Most people lived in mud-brick houses.Everyone living in Benin was comfortable with the location and lifestyle.They lived along long (unpaved) streets. They wore colorful clothing made of cotton.

  • Benin was located in modern-day Nigeria, in the tropical rainforest.Some workers in Benin mined copper, gold, and iron. Slaves in Benin usually worked for wealthy families.Benin was a huge center of art.People all over Africa came to see the beautiful art they made.They created fun sculptures and carved colorful masks. They traded art all around the world.They werent affected by Muslim culture.Crops:-bean-papaya-rice-peanuts-onion-millet-cotton

    They also raised cattle, sheep, and goats.Natural resources include peppers and wood.They also ate fish and plants from nearby rivers.Continued..

  • By 1500 AD Benin reached its greatest size and strengthKings ruled BeninCitizens did not voteCouncil members represented various people in the kingdomOpas (Benin Leaders) sold slaves to African traders

  • Benin was not affected by Muslim culture or the teachings of IslamBelieved in gods, goddesses, spirits, magic, and the power of witch doctorsThey were polytheistic When peoples children, or any other family member had a fever or injury they brought them to witch doctors

  • CREDITSGeography- Chris OhCulture- Olivia MunnEconomy/Trading- George ClerihueLeadership/Religion- Madelyn DuffyCover Slide- Olivia MunnConcluding Slide- Madelyn Duffy