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MOVAVI SCREEN CAPTUREINSTALLATION GUIDEBy Jesus JuarezDownload the software from or your preferred website.

Run the set up file by double clicking on the file or single click then hit enter.When asked if you want to let the program do changes, click yes.

Select your prefer language for your installer.

Remember to read all instructions before choosing an option. With that being said, click next.

Always read the terms and condition of the software license agreement.Select Accept and click Next.Look at my scroll bar. I read them all. Nice!

You can change the install location but usually the default will do.Click Next

Here you can change the name of the Start Menu folder but again default will do.Click Install

Sit back and wait for the installation to be finished.It should only take a couple of minutes. Click Finish and Enjoy.

See the proportion of your two options. Look at the bottom left corner.

This is the main screen in red outline!The background is my desktop.