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  • By: Abby Pinkston & Kirsten Carbaugh Russian Federation
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  • General Overview Government will uphold individual rights and respect for the people. They will organize their power and ensure that there is equal distribution. They will fight and maintain safety for all citizens
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  • Rule of Law It states that Russia will be a democratic federal law-bound state with a republican form of government. It also says that Russian Federation & Russia will be equivalent to each other. Self- governments shall be recognized and guaranteed in Russian Federation State power and local self-governments, officials, citizens and their associations must comply with the laws and the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
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  • Fairness of the Law and Execution Freedom of: Religion Expression of views Speech Owning private property Judicial Protection of rights and freedom (they have the right to appeal any court ruling) Men and women have equal right Starting at birth everyone will enjoy humane rights and freedoms From age 18 and on thats when they legalize full rights No one is forced or can be forced to express their views You have the right to life
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  • Due Process of Law Judges shall be independent and shall obey only the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the federal law. The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation consists of 19 judges. Judges may not be replaced. Judges shall possess immunity. Criminal proceedings may not be brought against a judge except as provided for by federal law. All trials in all law courts shall be open. The hearing of a case can be in camera in cases provided by the federal law. Hearing of criminal cases in law courts in absentia shall not be allowed except the cases provided for by the federal law. The trial shall be conducted on an adversarial and equal basis. In cases stipulated by federal law trials shall be held by jury.
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  • Respect for Economic Rights Have the power to reside/move any place they choose May freely leave & return to Russian Federation at anytime by anyway they see fit May create a trade Union in order to protect ones interests Allowed to use your ability to further your economic prosperity or any other economic activity not prohibited by law Monopolization is not allowed under the law (meaning cannot be the only provider of a product)
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  • Type of Governing Body Power be longs to the Government of the Russian Federation. Chairman: Federal bodies of executive power (basically the Cabinet) Proposes candidates for office of Deputy Chairmen and federal ministers Appointed by President of the Russian Federation w/consent of the Duma Only after 2 weeks can be nominated for the position and is either approved by the President or rejected within one week after the Duma Goes to the Duma to consider the candidacy of the Chairman After 3 rejections of the Chairman candidates the President fires the all the Duma and appoints new people in hopes to gain majority. Then, asks for a new running of Chairman candidates. President: 4 years terms If younger then 35, have to have resided in the Russian Federation 10 years Cannot hold office for more then 2 terms in succession The procedure for electing the President of the Russian Federation shall be determined by federal law. Powers: The Government will not approve laws if it does not agree with the President. The President had most power. Government is the peoples voice So they can and will hand in their resignation if they do not agree.
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  • Unique Statements or Provisions President is forced to say these words in his inauguration speech to the people:"I vow, in the performance of my powers as the President of the Russian Federation to respect and protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to observe and protect the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to protect the sovereignty and independence, security and integrity of the state and to serve the people faithfully." Monopolization is a federal law and is illegal
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  • Structure of Government President (elected by the people) State Duma (Parliment)- represent the people Chairmen (Cabinet)- acts as a balance between President & State Duma
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  • Issues Facing the Country Russia has only recently emerged from a deep recession after the collapse of the totalitarian model of socialism and subsequently the collapse of the Soviet Union Despite the set backs of 2008-2009, taking Russia back 2 years of efforts, they have surpassed the best indicators of living standards in the Soviet Union, increasing the life expectancy in Russia to higher then it was in the Soviet Union in 1990-1991. Compared to the 1990s, the poverty level has been reduced by more than 2.5 times Better living conditions then back in Soviet Union Unemployment- 5.8% (3-20-13) Retirees life, better able to have more staple foods then in 1990
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