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  1. 1. Yang BuSenior StudentMajor in Electrical EngineeringWashington State University99164-5020Phone: 509-715-9160Email:
  2. 2. BackgroundExperienceFocus 6 years of studying PMU ( Phasorabroad experience Measurement Unit) Math tutor Bilingual
  3. 3. BackgroundForeign travel 2006-Present United States 2012 summer Taiwan
  4. 4. Education/EmploymentWashington State University 2007-EF International Schoolof English 2010- AA Green RiverCommunity College (ElectricalEngineering) 2010-present WashingtonState University (ElectricalEngineering) 2012-employed in HuaxiaDesign Company
  5. 5. InterestsTechnology Hardware develop PMU project Building circuits Computer programming
  6. 6. GoalsProfessional Goal To improve my spoken English To obtain a job in engineeringfield (Microsoft, Boeing) To explore more advancedtechnology products in thefuture.