buying modest clothes for young girls on a budget

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A presentation given at Polishing the Pulpit 2014 to mothers, dealing with how to save money in buying and keeping up with clothes for young girls, and keeping them modest.


  • 1. Tips for Shopping for Clothes for LittleGirlsand Finding Clothes at Good Prices

2. Why DoesModesty Matter? 3. She WILLGrow Up 4. Teaches her thatshe is more thanher outwardappearance 5. How ToManage WhatYou Have 6. Tip #1Dont Spend Money! 7. Tip #2Takeinventory 8. Tip #3Alterations 9. TheCraftyMummy.comWinter PJs to Summer PJs 10. TheMotherHuddle.comFun Ways to Patch Pants 11. Tip #4Stretch the life ofclothes 12. AndreasNotebook.com20 Ways to Make Clothes Last Longer 13. Tip #5Barter 14. Shopping Tips 15. Dont BuyToo Many Clothes 16. Get QualityShoes 17. Allow Room to Grow 18. You Dont Haveto Follow EveryTrend 19. Taking Care ofClothes 20. Be carefulwith thedryer 21. Learn toremovestains 22. Hang ClothesOut 23. Tips for Shopping for Clothes for LittleGirl and Finding Clothes at Good Prices