buying art online - how to pick good art from bad and check artists background

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  1. 1. Buying Art Online - How to Pick Good Art From Bad andCheck Artists BackgroundWhat a joy it is for artists to put their works up for sale through the Internet.Art that can be examined by a global audience and return instant benefits tothe creator of it. We often wonder what people who died long ago would havethought of modern technology. What would Van Goth, or Rembrandt havegiven to have such an audience? Stand out artists like Da Vinci and Botticelliwould probably have dismissed the idea of presenting their works in such away as not only impossible but highly undesirable. But would it have madetheir works any less valuable? Probably not and for good reason. They weredestined to be who they are as were so many others.Take a Look at Art for SaleNot so long ago many famous artists, whose works command millions ofdollars for a single piece, had difficulty earning enough to feed themselvesduring their lifetime. They were mostly unheard of by the masses and many,like Munch who painted The Scream, were from Northern Europe. It is fromthis region too that another artist has more recently emerged, one LeonardAfremov. The difference between them and him is that he lives today with allthe modern advantages. So who is he and how good are his works? Hisbackground and reputation tell the story.Afremov was born in Vitebsk, Belarus, near the border with Russia andLatvia, in 1955. It is nearby to where another artist, Marc Chagall, who isworld renown as one of the most successful artists of the 20th Century livedwith his parents and eight siblings. His unique career saw him achievesuccess in virtually every artistic medium, including paintings, bookillustrations, stained glass, stage sets, ceramics, tapestries and fine art prints.As a pioneer of modernism he is responsible for some of the best loved andmost creative works of our time.Both Afremov and Chagall were born of Jewish parents and the latter joinedin the Russian Revolution of 1917 after suffering the persecution dished out
  2. 2. to his kind in previous years. The Soviet Ministry of Culture appointed himCommissar of Art for the Vitebsk region, He founded the Vietbsk Museum ofModern Art as well as an art school. Politically he did not fare so well,however, and was considered a non-person by the Soviets due to his Jewishreligion. This coupled with his paintings failing to support Soviet heroics wasenough for him to move to Paris in 1922.It was from the Vitebsk Art School that Afremov graduated in 1978 as one ofits elite members. He notes that he tried many different types of art but fell inlove with oils and painting only with a pallet knife. He notes of himself that"every artwork is the result of long painting process; every canvas is bornduring the creative search; every painting is full of my inner world." With somuch going for him he moved to Israel and them to the USA. He now lives inFlorida and sells his works to the world through galleries, where he is highlyrespected. He states through his web site that: "Each of my paintings bringsdifferent mood, colors and emotions. I love to express the beauty, harmonyand spirit of this world in my paintings. My heart is completely open to art."How times have changed. Not so long ago one would have needed to travelto see his works, thats if we even knew of him, but all we need now to seethem is the Internet, which may never replace the gallery but is stillworthwhile as a market place for paintings. They come alive through thebrowser where techniques even brush strokes, are often discernible. Thecolors are outstanding and the designs amazing and people are drawn tothem.The Internet allows artists like Afremov to have a virtual global Gallerywhich, like so many of his kind, fulfills their dreams without major costsbeing associated with sales. It is not always so cut and dried, however, asfraudsters also sell art this way and there are no real checks and balances forthe novice buyer to measure the quality of what they are looking at or evenbuying. The real test would be the claims associated with it. If reported to befrom a master artist then suspicion would be warranted. If from a workingartist, like Afremov, then there are ways to discover the facts about it.If an artist is worthwhile one can do a background check and discover most
  3. 3. things about him or her before dealing with them. It pays to know who theyare and where they come from before purchasing anything and, while itmight not be foolproof, the Internet is a great tool for that purpose if usedcorrectly. If they have good reputations and are exhibiting quality works theywill be known online.My sites offer good quality and well priced products, including quality artfrom renown artists including Afremov. My shop is here. To help you get asite online go to my other site here.