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    Buyers Package

  • Table of ContentsTable of ContentsTable of ContentsTable of Contents 1. My Services for Buyers

    2. About Me

    3. How My Representaon Will Benet You

    3.1 I am a Realtor

    4. The Buying Process

    4.1 Financing and Lender Pre-approval

    4.2 Determining your wants and needs

    4.3 Reviewing Lisngs/Online Shopping/Drive-bys

    4.4 Previewing Homes

    4.5 Making an Oer

    4.6 Addressing Contractual Conngencies

    4.61 Home Inspecon

    4.62 Re-inspecon

    4.63 Sepc Inspecon

    4.64 Well Inspecon

    4.65 Financing

    4.66 Appraisal

    4.67 Title & Title Insurance

    4.68 Homeowners Insurance

    4.69 Homeowners Associaon

    4.7 Ulies

    4.8 Escrow

    4.9 Closing

    6. Frequently Asked Quesons

    6. What my Clients Are Saying About Me

    7. Thank You

    I have bought and sold 20 properes and

    have never used the same agent more than

    once, unl Jessie. She Impressed me with her

    skills, frequent updates, knowledge, and

    resources. She did an awesome job selling my

    last 2 properes and I have recommended her

    to all my associates that are in the market to

    buy or sell. ~Mike

  • 1. My Services For Buyers1. My Services For Buyers1. My Services For Buyers1. My Services For Buyers Provide assistance with lender selecon, pre-approval and approval

    Analyze your home criteria with you

    Customizing a search in the Northwest Mulple Lisng Service (NWMLS) based on your requirements

    and criteria

    Review your search daily and forward you potenal properes for consideraon

    Update you on home availability

    Arrange an unlimited number of personal home tours. Believe it or not some agents charge per home

    they show!

    Answer any quesons you will have along the way

    Provide community resource informaon

    Negoate the purchase of any for sale by owner

    Explain the Purchase and Sale Agreement

    Provide experse and advice on how to strategically structure oers

    Prepare a Comparave Markeng Analysis on the property prior to making an oer

    Write a contract that will protect you as the buyer

    Negoate the best terms possible

    Create a pending to closing calendar to inform you of important dates and deadlines

    Coordinate with the lisng agent, lender, tle and escrow companies, home inspectors and all other

    pares involved in your transacon

    Ensure your earnest money is deposited on me

    Assist in ordering the home inspecon and recommend cered inspectors

    Negoate your inspecon response

    Review the appraisal to conrm the appraised value is consistent or higher than the sales price

    Ensure all melines are met and conngencies are sased

    Review the escrow closing statement form (HUD 1)

    Deliver keys at the me of possession

    Do whatever it takes to make your purchase successful

    During the course of our sale, it became evident that Jessie is well-respected by her peers in the real estate

    industry. We were told by four people involved in our sale that we had one of the best agents represenng

    us. Jessies communicaon style engaged easily with all pares involved. It was evident that everyone trust-

    ed her knowledge of the sale and her commitment to closing the deal.

    ~Luke & Felice

  • 2. About Me2. About Me2. About Me2. About Me

    3. How My Representation Will Benefit You 3. How My Representation Will Benefit You 3. How My Representation Will Benefit You 3. How My Representation Will Benefit You Real estate is likely the largest nancial investment you will make in your lifeme. As a result, your purchase

    can be excing, complicated and stressful. I am dedicated to making your purchase process as smooth and

    stress-free as possible. I am knowledgeable, experienced and a skilled negoator. I demonstrate an

    exceponal level of integrity and professionalism and am ecient, determined and organized. I will educate

    about the purchasing process and will provide you with the informaon you need to make informed decisions.

    My commitment is to work diligently to help nd the best home for you and secure a purchase with the best

    terms possible.

    I am dedicated to improving my skills and knowledge and am constantly furthering my educaon to beGer

    represent you. I have parcipated in seminars and courses on markeng, negoang, legal developments,

    nancing, escrow, technology, invesng, short sales and foreclosures, to name a few topics. I have earned the

    Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Cered Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource, Cered Negoaon Expert and

    Accredited Staging Professional designaons. I will connue to stay current on real estate laws, market chang-

    es and service oerings.

    I graduated from WillameGe University then entered the work force at a corporate law rm in SeaGle. I

    subsequently taught English in Japan and Special Educaon in SeaGle and traveled around the world. I have

    worked, studied in and traveled to nearly 50 countries. Traversing the world has demonstrated to me how

    fortunate I am to live and work in the Pacic Northwest.

    In 2006 I teamed up with my mom, Sally Boge, who was a very successful real estate broker. Sally was a great

    mentor and I quickly learned all of the intricacies involved with helping people buy and sell real estate. Sally

    and I made a powerful team for several years. Sally rered in 2011, knowing our clients are in excellent hands.

    I am happily married to a great man, Ted, and I have a precious Boston Terrier, Max. I love travelling, playing

    tennis and exercising, reading, spending me with friends and family, dogs, happy hours and aGending classes

    on various topics related to real estate (seriously!).

    I thoroughly enjoy and excel at the many dierent components involved with being a successful realtor:

    markeng, negoang, pricing, real estate contracts and legal aspects, market and trend analysis, staging,

    matching people with homes and properes, communicang with the numerous pares involved with a sale

    and problem solving. Working as a real estate broker is a great match for my skill set, energy level and

    personality. I cant think of anything Id rather do than represent home buyers and sellers!

  • I have a strong network and am well regarded and respected by my peers. I have created powerful working

    relaonships with other real estate agents and professionals in the business including lenders, tle

    companies, aGorneys and home inspectors. My business and community connecons and strong agent

    rapport will work in your favor during your purchase.

    I am a market expert. I connuously analyze current market trends and acvity. My knowledge is benecial

    to you as it enables me to provide strong representaon and to negoate on your behalf.

    For example, I track the number of homes that are currently listed for sale vs. the number of homes that

    have accepted an oer (pendings) to determine market raos. Raos enable me to idenfy whether we are

    currently in a buyers market, a balanced market, or sellers market. If we are in a sellers market, I will

    advise you to make a strong oer so you dont let your dream home slip away over a relavely small amount

    of money. If we are in a buyers market, I will encourage a more aggressive oer. Knowledge of current

    market condions is imperave in order to eecvely strategize your oer.

    Other important components I consider are a sellers odds of selling and how long lisngs have been on the

    market. If a lisng is brand new to the market, the seller will be opmisc and will not be very exible with

    the price. If a house has been on the market for an extended period of me, the seller may be anxious to sell

    and might be willing to consider a lower price. I also monitor buying paGerns to see if there are seasonal

    trends in sales of similar homes.

  • I will educate you about current market condions, which will have a direct impact on our negoaon

    approach. My research methods are a tremendous benet to you as my market knowledge enables us to

    strategically structure your oer. Furthermore, my research and analysis gives us the ability to arculate and

    apply our data to make a strong case as to why a seller should accept your oer.

    We want to thank you for all your help in our last transacon. We were involved for over two years

    with you from the rst contact and you did an excellent job of staying in touch with us. Your experience

    and knowledge is much appreciated in these mes as they are the most challenging we have seen in

    our 33 years of buying and selling. We will happily give you our highest recommendaon to anyone

    looking to buy or sell.

    In addion, I track the volume of compeng lisngs in every price point and sales-per-price point to idenfy

    trends. I also analyze assessed values vs. the sales of prices of recently sold comparable homes to determine

    the raos. This enables me to determine if there are any consistent current market trends between assessed

    values and sales prices. Furthermore, I assess appreciaon rates and track absorpon rates to determine how

    many months of inventory are