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    Gas humidifiers. Perma Pure, Inc., announces its ME-Series Nafion gas humidifiers that add water vapor to gases without altering concentrations of other gases already present. The humidifiers have no moving parts and are highly resistant to corrosion. These units are useful in eliminating calibra-tion-offset errors in ambient air moni-tors by allowing the user to match the calibration gas humidity to the ambi-ent humidity. 120

    Gas regulators. CONCOA introduces the Series 455 single-stage cylinder gas regulators designed for primary pressure control of highly corrosive gases, including hydrogen chloride, chlorine, boron trichloride, hydrogen bromide/sulfide, and dichlorosilane. The units feature a nickel-plated forged brass body for durability and a convoluted 316-L, stainless-steel diaphragm sensitive to downstream changes. The regulators provide reli-able gas delivery for inlet pressures up to 3000 psig and work in temper-atures ranging from -40 F to 140 F with low-helium leak integrity 121

    Solenoid valves. George Fischer, Inc., manufactures a complete line of sole-noid valves for corrosive service envi-ronments, featuring internal and ex-ternal corrosion resistance. Ranging in size from V$ in. to o in., the ealve ebd-ies are constructed of acid-resistant polyvinylchloride, polypropylene, polyvinylidene fluoride, or Teflon. Var-ious design elements also are offered, such as moving core magnet systems with a diaphragm-sealing component or lever arm magnet systems with a moving plug sealing element. 122


    Ground-penetrating radar. Geophysi-cal Survey Systems, Inc., introduces an

    enhanced-brightness VGA color dis-play designed to facilitate use of its SIR System-2 family of ground-pene-trating radar units. This new screen, called the High-Bright Display, is more than 5 times as bright as the previous model, making the SIR-2 data easier to read and interpret in real time in any sunlit application. 123


    Ion chromatography columns. Ham-ilton Co. offers PRP-X110 ion chroma-tography columns designed for the low-level separation of anions. Appli-cations include the separation of the eight common anions: fluoride, carbonate, chloride, phosphate, ni-trite, nitrate, bromide, and sulfate; EPA method 300.0 Part A; and separa-tion of fluoride from the water dip. Columns can be used to separate an-ions at levels from 20 ppb to 20 DDm. Various column diameters, lengths, and materials are available packed with 7 urn PRP-X110 particles. 124


    Gas monitor. ENVATEC announces its ENVAIR 2000 toxic gas monitor, which detects 14 different gases in industrial environments, including chlorine di-oxide at levels as low as 15 pp.. This combination fixed-point and/or por-table unit can monitor four gases si-multaneously. Proprietary "real-time" Internet-based software allows users to configure locations, gases, and re-ports from their desks. 125


    Material safety data sheets. Sigma-Aldrich announces its online Super-Site at, which contains nearly 85,000 material

    safety data sheets documenting each product's composition, hazardous properties, firefighting procedures, and first-aid treatment in case of acci-dental body contact. 126

    SAMPLING Wastewater sampling. N-CON Systems Co., Inc., offers the N-CON Scout III portable composite sampler for the collection of wastewater and priority pollutant samples at remote or at-tended sites. This compact, lightweight sampler has only a minimal amount of silicone tubing and can be fitted with a Teflon inlet line and glass sam-ple container for sampling priority pollutants. The unit may be set to col-lect samples from once every 7.5 min-utes to once every three hours or in proportion to flow. 127


    Boron salt removal. Purolite Co. offers its S-108 boron-selective ion exchange anion resin. This macroporous, poly-styrenic-based product features func-tional groups specifically designed for the selective removal of boron salts from aqueous solutions. 128

    Hydrocarbon filters. Mother Environ-mental Systems introduces its MYCELX-infused filters for the removal of hydro-carbons from water. The filters are effective in removing a full range of hydrocarbons in a single pass. MYCELX chemistry solubilizes the hydrocarbon compounds and binds them to its sur-face, preventing separation and emul-sification. The filters can accommo-date a maximum flow rate of 50 gallons per minute. 129

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