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Are you looking for reliable Egypt Florists to handle your floral needs? Enjoy Same-Day Free Flower Delivery on all orders you place with Floradoor. Visit for more


  • 1. Buy & Send Flowers Online Enjoy Same-Day Free Flower Delivery on all orders you place with Floradoor! Don't have time to stop at the store? Not a problem. Simply go online and place your order. There you will find dozens of unique arrangements, bouquets and gift hampers from which to choose. Buying Flowers Online Sending Flowers Browse the online catalogue for popular arrangements and bouquets. After you have selected the item or items you need, simply enter the delivery address. Complete your order by entering payment information through a secure payment gateway. Really, it's that easy! There are a number of occasions and events where people are expected to send flowers. The most popular time to send them is as a sympathy gift for funerals. But, of course, they can also be sent for festive events like baby showers, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. And for people with romantic inclinations, they can be sent just about any time.


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