buy, build, automate: why you should buy your taxonomy

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Buy, Build, Automate: Why you should Buy Your Taxonomy. Tom Reamy Chief Knowledge Architect KAPS Group Knowledge Architecture Professional Services Buy, Build, Automate – How to Decide?. A hierarchy does not a taxonomy make. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Buy, Build, Automate: Why you should Buy Your Taxonomy Tom Reamy Chief Knowledge ArchitectKAPS GroupKnowledge Architecture Professional Services

  • Buy, Build, Automate How to Decide?A hierarchy does not a taxonomy make.Browse structures, categorization engines, file plansTaxonomies are infrastructure resources, not a projectSubject matter is importantscientific standards Mesh, etc.Limited domain wine, geographyWhat is it used for? Indexing, browsing. How is it evaluated? Formal metrics, usability

  • Automatic taxonomies arentQuality of automated taxonomies is poor.Unusual hierarchy, uneven granularity, weird node namesExpensive software that does only one thing and does it badlyTaxonomies are about meaning and automatic taxonomies are about co-occurring chicken scratches. Dont forget the cost of the programmers to install, maintain, customize and the upgrades!Still need human categorizers edit, sanity check

  • Building a taxonomy is really hardCustom built taxonomies are the most expensive way to do it.Who Builds? taxonomist wannabe, consultantTaxonomy development is not for the faint of heart its hard and requires special skillsMercy of high price consultantHard to maintain users change, so taxonomy needs to often!Representing users thinking but users think so badly!

  • The Solution Buy Your TaxonomyFormal taxonomies are fixed resource little or no maintenanceFormal taxonomies support communicationYour content is not completely differentFormal Quality MetricsCorpus, coverage, nomenclature, dependencyNo mixed classes, noun forms, proper speciationBell Curve, balance of breadth and depthQuality of taxonomy is high teams of professionals, vetted over years with multiple customers

  • ConclusionThere is no such thing as One size fits all with taxonomiesBuilding a taxonomy is expensive, hard to do and hard to maintainAutomated algorithms dont work with context, know the relationships between topics, or understand your business or applicationClassification on top of a formal taxonomy can represent users perspective, support multiple applications, and enhance communication within and between companies

  • Questions? Tom Reamy KAPS Group [email protected]

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  • Real Conclusion all of the aboveBuy a taxonomy or find taxonomic resources for some subjectsBudget for customizationBuy software that automates some of the process, especially categorization & content managementBuild taxonomies for some subjects using software, existing taxonomies or other information structure resourcesHire professionals dont try this at homeTaxonomies are living, breathing, evolving structures plan accordingly Taxonomies are not expensive compared with search, CM, portals and not finding/using content