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Panache India is a great collection for buy online wedding cloths and he is also a leading online shopping centre in Delhi, India where you find Indian ethnic wear.


  • 1. Myths about Online Indian Ethnic Stores
  • 2. When it comes to shopping apparels online, people have lots of doubts in their mind, especially when you have to buy Indian ethnic wear online. Online shopping of Indian ethnic wear has always been under the rage of critics due to substandard activities of some careless and dishonest e-store owners. But still most of the online Indian ethnic stores are operating quite well and their products and services can be availed unhesitatingly. One can even buy online Indian ethnic wedding clothes without any issues. Even after so many brilliant e-stores out there, there are some myths about online Indian ethnic shopping stores that need to be debunked. Lets have a look:-
  • 3. You Dont Get the Exact Product You Order This is the biggest myth that prevails around. Though there are few online stores that operate underhandedly but not all work that way. Most of the e-stores out there know that deceitful activities can make them lag behind and hence they deal quite fairly. All you have to do is to execute an online research to be sure about the reliability of the Indian ethnic store you want to deal with so that you dont end up with wrong people. Replacement and Refund Process is Complicated Modern online Indian ethnic shopping stores offer absolutely hassle free replacements and returns. The process of replacing a product or refunding the cost is really easy. If you are not satisfied with the products, services, shipping or any other aspect of online shopping of Indian ethnic wear, just drop the store an email and wait for their reply for a day or two. However its advised to go through the terms and conditions of the sale at the time of shopping itself to prevent any issues post purchase.
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  • 5. Customer Service is Pathetic Most of the people who want to buy Indian ethnic wear online deter due to misconception that online stores dont provide good customer service. You cant come over this misconception until you make a few purchases with them. If you havent ever cone online shopping its the right time to start. Todays e-stores want their customers to deal with them again and again. Thats the reason most of the stores are offering great customer service. Online Payment is Risky There was time when online stores were not equipped with effective security tools but todays e-store owners understand well that its their responsibility to protect your information that you input while making payment. They equip their sites with state of the art security applications and tools and keep transactions utmost secure.
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  • 7. Contact US For any query & concern you can contact us at +91 112 554 1131-32 (India) , +1 (647) 557 2331 (U.S.A & Canada) or email us at: