Business Web Page Review for Final Exam 10 Design Networks and Internet HTMLImagesGeneral 10 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 10 20 10 20 100 90 80 70 60 50 40

Download Business Web Page Review for Final Exam 10 Design Networks and Internet HTMLImagesGeneral 10 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 10 20 10 20 100 90 80 70 60 50 40

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    DesignNetworks and InternetHTMLImagesGeneral

  • Design - 10Which of example of contrast should be used for a background and font?A.thick vs. thinB. large vs. smallC.dark vs. light

  • Design - 20What is the purpose of the navigation bar on a web page?Track number of visitors to the pageLink to other web pagesView HTML source codeSearch for a word or phrase

  • Design - 30Which three colors make up all colors on the hexadecimal chart?Black, purple, whiteCyan, magenta, blackRed, yellow, blueRed, green, blue

  • Design - 40Which of the following is a principle of good web design?Blinking textMultiple animated imagesComplimentary colorsPatterned backgrounds

  • Design - 50A clickable area on a graphic or image mapButtonHot spotNavigation barRollover

  • Design - 60A graphic element that changes appearance when you mouse over itButtonHot spotNavigation barRollover

  • Design - 70A set of vertical or horizontal buttons that take you to other sections of a siteButtonHot spotNavigation barRollover

  • Design - 80A graphic you can click on to do something, like download a program or go to another web pageButtonHot spotNavigation barRollover

  • Design - 90Which of the following creates containers so images and data can be better organized in a web page?tablesBulleted listcolumnsbuttons

  • Design - 100Which of the following could be used as a background on a web page?Text filevideoGraphic imageAudio file

  • Networks and Internet - 10What does TCP/IP do?Controls speed packetsTransmits and directs packets of dataProtects virus softwareRedirects mail to proper addresses

  • Networks and Internet - 20Host computer that provides programs and other informationTCP/IPBandwidthIP AddressServer

  • Networks and Internet - 30The network protocol of the InternetTCP/IPBandwidthIP AddressServer

  • Networks and Internet - 40Determines the amount of data and the speed it is transmitted on an Internet connectionTCP/IPBandwidthIP AddressServer

  • Networks and Internet - 50Uniquely assigned number identifying the exact location of each computer connected to the InternetTCP/IPBandwidthIP AddressServer

  • Networks and Internet - 60Using a free web hosting service will save you money, but you may have to put up with which of the following?Personal logos cant be usedFiles cant be uploaded at any timeUnlimited space for filesAds pop up on pages

  • Networks and Internet - 70Part of a URL that identifies the individual, business, or organization that sponsors a websiteBrowserDomain NameInternet Service ProviderProtocol

  • Networks and Internet - 80Common set of standards and rules which ensure that all computers function on common groundBrowserDomain NameInternet Service ProviderProtocol

  • Networks and Internet - 90Program that enables users to view web pagesBrowserDomain NameInternet Service ProviderProtocol

  • Networks and Internet - 100Organization, such as Strata or Comcast, that offers access to the InternetBrowserDomain NameInternet Service ProviderProtocol

  • HTML - 10Which type of list is Facts About Altamont?optionaluniformorderedunordered

  • HTML - 20What is the default color for hypertext links?whiteblueblack

  • HTML - 30Which text will be displayed on the title bar when this page is loaded?Facts about AltamontWeb Page DesignIndex.htmlWeb Page Design is Awesome

  • HTML - 40Which HTML tag inserts a right-aligned image?

  • HTML - 50Which link moves to a specified location within the same web page?Anchor/jump linkDocument linkEmail linkHypermedia link

  • HTML - 60Which heading tag will create the largest text?

  • HTML - 70Which code creates a link to Pinterest?PinterestPinterest PinterestPinterest

  • HTML - 80How many columns are in the table?5432

  • HTML - 90Which text will pop up when you hover the mouse over the picture on this page?Img srcPicture of company logoAltWeb Page Design

  • HTML - 100Which set of html codes is arranged in the order they would appear on a web page?

  • Images - 10What is generally put into the ALT attribute of an image on a web page?Color depth of the imageDescription of the imagealignmentVertical spacing of the image

  • Images - 20Where should all images for a web site be contained?It doesnt matter which folder, as long as all images are in the same locationOn the computers hard driveA folder called WEBSITEA folder called IMAGES inside the WEBSITE folder

  • Images - 30What is the process of removing excess material from a photo?croppingeditingoptimizingresizing

  • Images - 40Which process will optimize images so that download time is minimized?Use the sizing handles to create a smaller imageUse a height tag and width tag to change the size of the imageChange the resolution and resize the image in an HTML editorChange the resolution and resize the image in an image editor

  • Images - 50Which two technologies can be used to import an image?Digital camera and printerScanner and digital cameraFax machine and scannerCopy machine and printer

  • Images - 60What are the two best ways to ensure you do not violate copyright law when using images from the web on your site?Copy an image from another website; use personal photosUse photos from Google images; get permission to use imagesCite sources on your website; get permission to use imagesGet permission to use images; use personal photos

  • Images - 70Extension for a photographic

  • Images - 80What is resolution?Height and width of an imageNumber of pixels per inch in an imagePixel colors of an onscreen imageSize of an image in inches

  • Images - 90Alt tags are used to assist people who:Have a learning disabilityAre Hearing impairedAre Vision impairedDo not have an updated browser

  • Images - 100Which HTML tag is used to insert the file longhorn.jpg?

  • General - 10Web pages are coded in which language?HTMLFTPCSSHTTP

  • General - 20What is a visited link?Link going to your email addressLink related to the page you are currently onLink you have already clicked onLink appearing in block letters

  • General - 30Which Internet domain would be assigned to a business or commercial website?

  • General - 40Which file name would NOT be acceptable when naming a web page?Home.htmlPage_2.htmIndex.docIndex.html

  • General - 50When all elements in a design are consistent and look as though they belong togetherProportionUnityBalanceRhythm

  • General - 60Distributing the weight of elements in a designProportionUnityBalanceRhythm

  • General - 70Repetition or alternation of elementsProportionUnityBalanceRhythm

  • General - 80The relationship between each elements size and shapeProportionUnityBalanceRhythm

  • General - 90Which code creates an email link?

  • General - 100Which tag is not associated with the changing of the appearance of text?A.< b >B.< font >C.< h3 >D.< hr >

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