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    The Kent Fire Department would like to intro-duce you to the FDCARES program. FDCARES stands for Fire Department Community Assis-tance, Referrals and Education Services. The program is designed to help prevent injury and illness for members of our community. The assis-tance provided is intended to help people before a medical emergency takes place and designed so the fire department may interact directly with members of our community. There are many is-sues facing the increasing population of older Americans. Often, members of our community have medical needs that could have been pre-vented by recognizing and solving these issues before they become an emergency. This is what the FDCARES program does while saving thou-sands of dollars for our residents by reducing their medical expenses.

    This direct intervention will help prevent the need for future emergency services for the in-dividuals involved. Emergency service preven-tion has a ripple effect. It will help reduce emer-gency transportation, emergency room visits, and associated costs to both the individuals and insurance providers. This prevention can also help keep emergency medical service providers available for more calls for assistance as well as keep hospital emergency rooms from being overcrowded and alleviate the need for patients to be diverted from a hospital to one that is far-ther away.


    had two programs which dealt with these health issues. One, addressed fall prevention and was under the Public Education unit and the other was the recurrent customer assistant program, under the departments Emergency Medical Services Officer.

    The fall prevention program was designed to assist residents who had experienced a fall or individuals who were identified as being at risk of falling, while the recurrent customer assistant program addressed the needs of people that were frequently and recurrently in need of the 9-1-1 system. Through these programs we realized that a response by firefighters would address an individuals immediate needs but was unable to

    address the underlying cause of the call. In ad-dition, while these programs would identify and assist some of our residents, we were missing out on opportunities to identify and assist many other members of our community. The concept of combining these two programs into one was developed and services were expanded to assist all of our residents that would benefit from injury and illness prevention. With this, the FDCARES program was born.


    Frequently when a member of our community finds themselves in need of the 9-1-1 system for minor injury or illness (low acuity) assistance, it is because they have nowhere else to turn. An individuals first low acuity medical call to 9-1-1 is often a predictor of future 9-1-1 use. We are finding that people are frequently not aware that there are services available to assist them in addressing their needs. There are many differ-ent social services available ranging from local churches, local government services, county services, to state and federal government ser-vices, all designed to assist people.

    With direct interaction through the FDCARES program, the fire department can identify an indi-viduals needs and be a powerful voice on their behalf. We can continue a patients care beyond the 9-1-1 response by contacting primary care doctors or other health care professionals. We can work with insurance providers to obtain nec-essary medical equipment. We can help obtain and install various fall prevention devices. We can connect members of our community directly to low cost medication programs and to a large number of social services that are available. This type of follow up is having a positive effect on the lives of the individuals we serve.

    WHERE DO OUR REFERRALS COME FROM?Many members of our community are aware

    of the program and have referred themselves to FDCARES for assistance as have family mem-bers, loved ones, friends, caregivers and other health care professionals. The vast majority of our referrals are coming directly from your fire-fighters after a 9-1-1 response. We have created a user friendly tool where firefighters can report directly to the FDCARES staff those residents they feel would benefit from our services.

    HOW IS THE FDCARES PROGRAM FUNDED?Your FDCARES staff are members of the Kent

    Fire Department Regional Fre Authority. How-ever much of what we are able to do is thanks to our relationships with agencies such asAging and Disability Services, sponsorships from members of our business community whichinclude Tri-Med Ambulance, MultiCare, andValley Medical Center to mention just a few, and by the generous support of residents through-out our community. It is with these funds that we have been able to spread the word about our services and how we are able to have a directeffect on the lives of our community members.

    Please visit us at or contact the Kent Fire Department FDCARES program at 253-856-CARE (2273)

    FREESenior Wellness Day will be at the

    Kent Senior Center on September 20thfrom 10:00am to 2:00pm.

    Lunch will be provided to the first 350 seniors for $1.00. There will be free flu shots available to the first 200 seniors, approximately 25 se-nior related vendors, raffle prizes, and guest speakers during lunch from noon 1:00pm to encourage healthy independent lifestyles.This 2nd annual event is being held during the week of fall prevention awareness week as proclaimed by Governor Gregoire and is brought to you by FDCARES and yourlocal assisted and retirement living communi-ties: Arbor Village,Stafford Suites, Farrington Court, Weatherly INN, Covington Place,Harrison House.

    Offering you a helping handbefore you have an emergency.




    Serving the local community for 82 years



    These days, livability and economic vitality go hand in hand. In Kent, our rela-tively low home prices, gorgeous parks, reputable schools and ex-panding job base mean more people than ever are seeking us out as a place to open businesses and spread their entrepreneurial wings. The City of Kent enjoys a vibrant sense of community. It is a place where local government, private citizens and businesses are partners working together to provide innovtive solutions. If you are not a member of the Kent Chamber of Commerce, you are missing the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most infl uential businesses! Make

    that call and become part of anorganization that takes everyopportunity to share resources, information and network all types of businesses. In todays busi-ness environment, it is imperative that the Chamber represents andprotects your business by working hard to support every aspect of doing business in the Kent valley.

    Like many of the cities across the United States, our community has weathered challenging economic times, and yet we remain stead-fast in our determination to move positively toward a better future. The Kent Chamber is the voice and ears of the community, responsive to its ever changing needs andconcerns. We are the largest

    advocate for businesses in the community and continue tosupport them as a conduit for information. We also support economic eff orts designed to strengthen and expand Kent with programs of a civic, social andcultural nature that are designed to increase the functional value of the community.

    At the Kent Chamber ofCommerce, we bring thebusiness community together indynamic, profi table ways. Whethermembers are networking with one another, learning market-ing tips immersing themselves inissues that impact business, ortapping into an array of educationalservices, we give local business owners the tools to help them thrive.

    Contact Kent Chamber at253-854-1770

    or info@kentchamber.comwww.kentchamber.


    Caren Crowley, Andrea Keikkala, Marge Williams,Charlotte Nitschke & Susan Parker


    Sitting relaxed and comfortable in hisoffi ce, Dr. Mark Walker didn't hesitate to explain what makes a successful dental practice.

    Beginning with family, it's all aboutcontinuity and community.

    I always treat every patient just like I would someone in my family. With that in mind, it is easy to build a relationship based on honesty and trust and after patients experience that, they want to get all their dental care here, said Dr. Walker, taking a brief break between patients at his offi ce at Meridian Dental Clinic on Kents East Smith Street.

    Raised on Kent's West Hill, Dr. Walker knows a thing or two about community. He always has enjoyed Kent, a place his family moved to in 1967. It's the kind of community the good doctor wanted to embrace, a place

    to establish a practice once he fi nished his schooling and training at the University of Washington School of Dentistry.

    Since seeing his fi rst patients in 1982,Dr. Mark (as hes affectionately called by his young patients) and his staff have served three generations of families over the years. He values the trust that his patients have placed in him.

    Joined by Dr. Steven Inaba, Meridian Dental Clinic continues to be one of Kent's best, state-of-art dental centers offering Invis-align, CERE