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Magazine for the professional fleet manager managing 10-50 company vehicles.


<ul><li><p>A BOBIT PUBLICATION : MARCH/APRIL 2011</p><p>MANAGING 10-50 COMPANY VEHICLES : WWW.BUSINESSFLEET.COM</p><p>SCIENCERIGHTSIZINGAN ENGINEER BY TRADE, STEVE FISHER IS TAKING A SCIENTIFIC APPROACH TO REBUILDING THE CII FLEET</p><p>THE</p><p>OF</p><p>DOES YOUR </p><p> FLEET DEALER MAKE THE GRADE?</p><p>5NEW NISSAN NV RAISES THE ROOF</p><p>TRAILERING MISTAKES TO AVOID</p><p>BF0311cover.indd 991BF0311cover.indd 991 3/7/11 12:19:49 PM3/7/11 12:19:49 PM</p></li><li><p>FFLE00252_D186360_Spd_R03.indd 1 5/3/10 1:59 PM</p><p>BFBG10ford.indd 2-3 5/28/10 8:44:53 AMBF0311cover.indd 992BF0311cover.indd 992 3/7/11 12:59:24 PM3/7/11 12:59:24 PM</p></li><li><p>* Optional, available on select models. **EPA-estimated 17 city/25 hwy/20 combined mpg (Taurus SHO/MKS); 16 city/22 hwy/18 combined mpg (Flex/MKT), EcoBoost AWD.</p><p>GREENER.At Ford Fleet, we believe in getting the most out of green technology. Were continually working to improve vehicle performance while decreasing negative environmental impact. Our proprietary EcoBoost engine* can do just that for your eet. It combines turbocharging and direct-injection technologies to provide the performance of a V8 with the fuel economy of a V6.** Our ultimate goal is to go beyond producing a more powerful and greener eet to ensuring every mile your eet drives barely leaves an impression at all. Ford Fleet. Get More.</p><p>FFLE00252_D186360_Spd_R03.indd 1 5/3/10 1:59 PM</p><p>BFBG10ford.indd 2-3 5/28/10 8:44:53 AMBF0311cover.indd 1BF0311cover.indd 1 3/7/11 12:59:25 PM3/7/11 12:59:25 PM</p></li><li><p>12 7 Tenets of a Good Fleet DealerThe best fl eet dealers offer their customers fair pricing, dedicated staff and multiple options for selection, trade-in and upfi tting. Does your dealership make the grade?</p><p>16 The Science of RightsizingSteve Fisher uses a proactive approach to fl eet cycling and procurement to rein in fl eet costs for Communications International.</p><p>20 2012 Nissan NV Raises the RoofNissans fi rst entry into the CV segment was designed to turn heads.</p><p>22 5 Trailering Mistakes to AvoidGMs resident expert outlines fi ve common mistakes fl eet operators must avoid to ensure safe and productive trailering.</p><p> INTERIOR</p><p> ON THE COVER</p><p>DEPARTMENTS</p><p>FEATURES VOL. 12, NO. 2</p><p>Like many small-fl eet operators, Steve Fisher already had a full-time job when he took on the task of right-sizing CIIs fl eet of 80 service and sales vehicles. Learn how Fishers engineering train-ing is helping him complete the project. Page 16PHOTO BY VEROLA PHOTOGRAPHY</p><p> For weekly updates, visitwww.businessfl</p><p>4 ExhaustLegislative roundup </p><p>6 Road Signs Ram Adds Tradesman Model to 1500 Lineup</p><p> Commercial Tire Prices on the Rise</p><p> DOT/NHTSA Complete Toyota Probe</p><p>24 Executive Showroom 2011 Chrysler 200 2011 Hyundai Elantra 2011 Volkswagen Jetta</p><p>30 Toolbox</p><p> 32 Selector Index</p><p>35 WEX Index</p><p>36 Revving UpKeys to building a healthy fl eet/dealer relationship</p><p> ON THE WEB</p><p>WWW.BUSINESSFLEET.COM2 BUSINESS FLEET MARCH/APRIL 2011</p><p>20</p><p>6</p><p>8</p><p>26</p><p>BF0311toc.indd 2BF0311toc.indd 2 3/7/11 1:03:33 PM3/7/11 1:03:33 PM</p></li><li><p>Choose the Sears Blue Automotive Crew for professional fleet maintenance. We offer competitive pricing and over 800 convenient locations with experienced ASE-certified mechanical technicians. Plus, online scheduling, drive-in service and evening and weekend appointments allow drivers to schedule maintenance during down time. </p><p>We accept most national fleets.</p><p>Are you spending too much on fleet maintenance?</p><p>The Sears Blue Automotive Crew can save your company money</p><p>BRAKES</p><p>OIL CHANGES </p><p>TIRES </p><p>BATTERIES </p><p>SHOCKS &amp; STRUTS</p><p>SUSPENSION REPAIR</p><p>COOLING SYSTEM </p><p>ALIGNMENTS </p><p>FLUID EXCHANGES</p><p>Our ASE-certified mechanical technicians average over 12 years under the hood, and our industry leading training programs mean </p><p>service and support you can count on.</p><p>VALVOLINE OILCHANGE ONLY</p><p>$1799Most vehicles, up to 5 quarts</p><p>Tax not included</p><p>Learn more about Sears Fleet Maintenance Call 1-877-NOW-AUTO or visit SEARSAUTOCOMMERCIAL.COM</p><p>Come see the DieHard Chopper at the NAFA Show, Booth 217, April 912The DieHard 40th Anniversary Chopper on display now. Designed and built by Orange County Choppers. </p><p>BF0311toc.indd 3BF0311toc.indd 3 3/7/11 1:03:38 PM3/7/11 1:03:38 PM</p></li><li><p>BF0311mercedes.indd 1 3/4/11 10:51:07 AM</p><p> EXHAUST</p><p>New DOT Rule Seeks to Prevent Vehicle Ejections </p><p>U.S. Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood on Jan. 13 announced a new rule aimed at de-creasing the number of people partially or com-pletely ejected through side windows during rollover crashes. The rule will begin phasing in during 2013. </p><p>Under the new rule, issued by the Depart-ment of Transporta-tions National Highway Traffi c Safety Admin-istration (NHTSA), vehicle manufacturers must develop a counter-measure for light pas-senger vehicles under 10,000 pounds that prevents the equivalent of an unbelted adult from moving more than four inches past the side window opening in the event of a crash. Under the new standard, all newly manufactured vehicles will be re-quired to provide this protection by model year 2018.</p><p>The new rule is part of NHTSAs initiative to improve the overall safety for occupants in the event of a rollover crash. In recent years, the agency issued rules requiring that all new vehicles come equipped with electronic stability control and upgraded its roof crush standard to help keep occupant compartments intact in rollover crashes. </p><p>DOT Proposes EOBRs for Interstate Carriers</p><p>The DOTs Fed-eral Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a regulatory proposal that would require inter-state commercial truck and bus companies to install electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) to monitor their drivers hours-of-service (HOS) compliance.</p><p>The DOT said the rule would relieve in-terstate motor carriers from the need to keep certain HOS supporting documents, such as de-livery and toll receipts, which are currently used to verify the total number of hours driv-ers spend operating a vehicle.</p><p>Under the proposal, the rule would require interstate carriers that currently use Records of Duty Status (RODS) logbooks to document drivers HOS to switch over to EOBRs. The rule would not require EOBR use for short-haul interstate carriers that use timecards to document HOS.</p><p>Carriers that violate this EOBR require-ment would face civil penalties of up to $11,000 for each offense. Noncompliance would also negatively impact a carriers safety fitness rating and DOT operat-ing authority. </p><p>Power Window Mandate Scrapped</p><p>In another recent deci-sion, NHTSA decided to scrap the ruling that would have mandated automatic reversal of power windows, which can be raised and low-ered with the touch of a switch. This regulation was designed to prevent injuries, but automakers were concerned about greater potential for vehicle theft.</p><p>Rear-view Camera Rule Delayed</p><p>NHTSA has re-quested an exten-sion for the creation of the regulations that will mandate rear-view cameras in vehicles by 2014. The regulation is designed to help elimi-nate blind zones behind vehicles that can hide the presence of pedes-trians. NHTSA prom-ised a regulation by the end of this year.</p><p>To meet the require-ments of the proposed rule, 10 percent of each automakers new ve-hicles must comply by Sept. 2012, 40 percent by Sept. 2013 and 100 percent by Sept. 2014. NHTSA did not say if the extra time would delay the implementa-tion of backup cameras. </p><p>For the latest fl eet news, sign up for our free, biweekly e-newsletter at www.businessfl!</p><p>Vehicle Safety Regulations Update STAFF</p><p>PublisherEdward J. Bobit</p><p>Group PublisherSherb Brown</p><p>Executive EditorChris Brown310-533-2499</p><p></p><p>Managing Editor/Art DirectorTariq Kamal310-533-2470</p><p></p><p>Editorial ConsultantHoward Rauch</p><p>Production DirectorKelly Bracken</p><p>eMedia and PrintProduction Manager</p><p>Brian Peach310-533-2548</p><p>Great Lakes Sales Manager Robert Brown, Jr.</p><p></p><p>Sales ManagerEric Bearly310-533-2579</p><p></p><p>Sales &amp; Marketing Coordinator</p><p>Tracey Tremblay</p><p>Business and Editorial Offi ceBobit Business Media</p><p>3520 Challenger St.Torrance, CA 90503Phone: 310-533-2400</p><p>Fax: 310-533-2503E-mail: info@</p><p>businessfl</p><p>Subscription Inquiries888-239-2455</p><p></p><p>Chairman Edward J. Bobit</p><p>President &amp; CEOTy F. Bobit</p><p>Chief Financial Offi cerRichard E. Johnson</p><p>Printed in U.S.A.</p><p>WWW.BUSINESSFLEET.COM4 BUSINESS FLEET MARCH/APRIL 2011</p><p>BF0311exhaust.indd 4BF0311exhaust.indd 4 3/7/11 12:39:55 PM3/7/11 12:39:55 PM</p></li><li><p>PELTKFKQBBIOBVJBQ&gt;IIF@M&gt;FKQBEF@IBJ&gt;VFK@IRABLMQFLK&gt;IBNRFMJBKQ BO@BABPBKW</p><p>?RPFKBPP@&gt;OA@&gt;KLKIVP&gt;VPLJR@EBQQEBBO@BABPBKWUB@RQFSBIILT&gt;K@BLKRPMOLDO&gt;JP&gt;V&gt;IIQEBOBPQCFOJE&gt;KAPE&gt;HBILCQVQFQIBTBIIQ&gt;FILOBAPRFQC&gt;IIQEBBIBJBKQPQE&gt;Q@LJMIBQB&gt;MLOQO&gt;FQLCPR@@BPPKLKBPMB&gt;HPJLOB@LKCFABKQIVQE&gt;K&gt;BO@BABPBKWLQGRPQ&gt;K&gt;RQLJL?FIBFQOBMOBPBKQP&gt;MEFILPLMEVLCBKDFKBBOFKDJ&gt;PQBOVMBOCLOJ&gt;K@B&gt;KARKOFS&gt;IBA&gt;QQBKQFLKQL@LJCLOQ&gt;KAP&gt;CBQVPQRKKFKDPELT@&gt;PBLCKLQGRPQLRO&gt;@@LJMIFPEJBKQP?RQVLROP&gt;PTBIIB&gt;QBO@BABPBKWOB@LDKFWBVLRO@LJJFQJBKQQLBU@BIIBK@BLOBUB@RQFSBPTELOB@BFSB&gt;JLKQEIVSBEF@IB&gt;IILT&gt;K@BQEBUB@RQFSBIILT&gt;K@BLKRPBK&gt;?IBPVLRQL&gt;@QLKQE&gt;QABSLQFLKFQE?BKBCFQPQE&gt;QFK@IRAB&gt;VB&gt;OJFIBT&gt;OO&gt;KQVPQ&gt;KA&gt;OACB&gt;QROBPQE&gt;QLQEBOJ&gt;KRC&gt;@QROBOPJ&gt;VLCCBOLKIV&gt;PLMQFLKP&gt;KA&gt;CRIIIFPQLCLRQPQ&gt;KAFKDP&gt;CBQVCB&gt;QROBPK&gt;IQLDBQEBORKMOB@BABKQBAIBSBILC&gt;@EFBSBJBKQQE&gt;QJ&gt;HBPLTKFKD&gt;BO@BABPBKWM&gt;OQLC&gt;KVFJMOBPPFSBMOBPBKQ&gt;QFLKLOJLOBFKCLOJ&gt;QFLKLKQEBBO@BABPBKWIBBQOLDO&gt;JMIB&gt;PBSFPFQTTTIBBQ@LJLO@&gt;II</p><p>BF0311mercedes.indd 1 3/4/11 10:51:07 AMBF0311exhaust.indd 5BF0311exhaust.indd 5 3/7/11 12:39:57 PM3/7/11 12:39:57 PM</p></li><li><p>Ram Truck has announced the launch of the Ram Tradesman, a new trim package for the Ram 1500. </p><p>Designed to meet the needs of small businessmen, construction job sites and commercial fl eets, the Tradesman starts with the Ram 1500 ST trim pack-age and adds features such as a standard HEMI engine with fi ve-speed automatic </p><p>transmission. HEMI-equipped Ram 1500s are rated at 390 hp / 407 lb-ft torque and 20 mpg highway (4x2).</p><p>Also included is a standard Class IV trailer hitch with lighted, above-bumper four- and seven-pin trailer wire connectors. Trades-man also features heavy-duty engine cooling and a heavy-duty transmission oil cooler. Properly </p><p>equipped, the Trades-man trim package has a towing capacity of 10,450 lbs.</p><p>The truck is avail-able in either regular cab short-bed (6 ft., 4 in.) and long-bed (8 ft.) models, with a choice of 4x2 or 4x4 powertrains.</p><p>Scheduled to go on sale in the second quarter of 2011, Tradesman pricing starts at $22,780, including $975 desti-nation charge.</p><p>Ram Adds Tradesman Model to 1500 Lineup</p><p>COMMERCIAL TIRE PRICE INCREASES</p><p>With rising materials costs come higher tire prices. The following in-creases have taken effect as of press time, unless noted: Michelin and BF-Goodrich: 12 percent. Michelin Retread Technologies and Oliver Retread: 12 percent. Hankook medium truck tires: weighted average of 9 percent. Cooper Tire: 12 percent. The Bridgestone Off Road Tire, U.S. &amp; Canada Commercial Tire Sales divi-sion: 12 percent for mining, construction and industrial. The Bridgestone Agri-cultural Tire, U.S. &amp; Canada Commercial Tire Sales divi-sion: 4 percent, effective April 1, on Firestone agri-cultural, construction and forestry tires; Bridgestone garden tires; and Regency replacement tires. Michelin: up to 8 percent for replacement agricultural tires. Michelin: up to 7 per-cent for earthmover and industrial replacement tires and Oliver and MegaMile retread rubber products. CGS Tyres Group (7.5 percent to 10 percent on farm and industrial tires), Titan Tire Corp. (up to 8 percent on farm and OTR tires), Yokohama Tire Corp. (up to 5 percent on bias and radial OTR tires) and Continental Tire the Ameri-cas LLC (up to 8 percent on truck tires).</p><p>BMW debuted its new i sub-brand, which will include the automakers new BMW i3, an electric vehicle, and the i8, a plug-in hybrid. Both are slated for global release in MY 2013. </p><p>The i3 is based on BMWs Megacity Vehicle (MCV). Designed for urban driving, the MCV will be powered by electricity alone. The companys i8 is a plug-in hybrid based on the BMW Vi-sion Effi cientDynamics concept study. BMW based both models on an architecture type that the company calls LifeDrive. An </p><p>aluminum chassis houses the powertrain, and the passenger cell consists of carbon-fi ber-</p><p>reinforced plastic (CFRP).Both cars have </p><p>been designed specifi -cally for their respec-tive alternative drive systems, said Klaus </p><p>Draeger, BMW board member responsible for </p><p>development. We used the in-novative architecture and CFRP to cancel out practically all of the extra weight added by the batteries. This means superior driving dynamics combined with signifi cantly increased range using electric power.</p><p>ROADSIGNS</p><p>WWW.BUSINESSFLEET.COM6 BUSINESS FLEET MARCH/APRIL 2011</p><p>BMW DEBUTS ELECTRIC-FOCUSED BRAND</p><p>BF0311roadsigns.indd 6BF0311roadsigns.indd 6 3/7/11 12:48:02 PM3/7/11 12:48:02 PM</p></li><li><p>BF0311roadsigns.indd 7BF0311roadsigns.indd 7 3/7/11 12:48:13 PM3/7/11 12:48:13 PM</p></li><li><p>A 10-month study by the U.S. Department of Transportation did not fi nd any electronic system fl aws in Toyota vehicles capable of pro-ducing the large throttle openings required to create unintended ac-celeration incidents, according to the Na-tional Highway Traffi c Safety Administration (NHTSA).</p><p>We enlisted the best and brightest engineers to study Toyotas elec-tronics systems ... There is no electronic-based cause for unintended high-speed acceleration in Toyotas, said U.S. Transportation Secre-tary Ray LaHood.</p><p>NHTSA launched the investigation and conducted the study at the request of Congress and enlisted NASA engineers to determine whether any issues with the electronics in Toyota vehicles played a role.</p><p>NHTSA stated that the two mechanical safety defects previ-ously identifi ed by the organization spe-</p><p>cifi cally, sticking accelerator pedals and a design fl aw that enabled accelerator pedals to become trapped by fl oor mats remain the only known causes for unintended accel-eration incidents.</p><p>Toyotas chief quality offi cer for North Ameri-ca, Steve St. Angelo responded to the studys fi ndings. We hope this important study will </p><p>help put to rest unsup-ported speculation about Toyotas ETCS-i, which is well-designed and well-tested to en-sure that a real-world, uncommanded accel-eration of the vehicle cannot occur, he said. </p><p>Although NHTSA failed to identify any electronic cause or any new mechanical causes the agency is considering new rules that would require the adoption of brake over-ride systems, standard-ize operation of keyless ignition systems, and require the installation of event data recorders (EDR) in all passenger vehicles, among other initiatives. </p><p>DOT Finds No Electronic Flaws in Toyota Probe</p><p>A Carnegie Mellon University study found that diesel-engine vehicles are a better value than gasoline-engine vehicles due to lower operating costs and higher resale values over time. Research-ers determined that diesel provides better fuel effi ciency, up to a 30 percent higher residual value and 30 percent better fuel economy than </p><p>tradit...</p></li></ul>