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  • 1. Business emails

2. Communication is the key to acquiringand retaining clients. 3. Subject line Subject line must summarize the body of the e-mail. Keep it short. Be specific. If your email comprises multiple topics, considerbreaking it into multiple messages. If your message requires the recipients action, sayso; preferably with the first word. BUT:At all times try to avoid URGENT or IMPORTANT types of words in an email or subject line. Only use this if it is a really, really urgent or important message. 4. Attachments Do not send large attachments Do not send more than 2-3 attachments(unless its been specifically requested) Provide a logical name to the attached file(s) 5. Structure & layoutive attached my resume i would be grateful if you could read it and get back to me atyour earliest convenience. i have all the experience you are looking for ive worked in acustomer-facing environment for three years, i am competent with ms office and i enjoyworking as part of a team. thanks for your time Dear Sir/Madam, Ive attached my resume. I would be grateful if you could read it and get back to me at your earliest convenience. I have all the experience you are looking for: Ive worked in a customer-facing environment for three years I am competent with MS office I enjoy working as part of a team Thanks for your time. Yours faithfully, Joe Bloggs 6. Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation 7. Dont shout at people Dont write in CAPITALSor oversized fonts 8. No slangHi D & E,Yep got that thanks.Pete 9. Active instead of Passive 10. Dont assume the recipient knows/remembers the background To give you a bit more Softjourn background on some of the areas we discussed during our phone conversationFor follow upemails: We look forward to receiving a descriptionof the new functionality that we talkedabout: Include the original message you arereplying to below (keep the thread)When replyingto the email: Do repeat, in as few words aspossible, questions you are answering 11. Answer swiftly ... but allow time for a reply Acknowledge ALL emails I have received your email, will get back toyou as soon as possible. I understand. or Thank your for sendingthis!Waiting 12. Friendly reminderHello John:I just wanted to double check that you got thedocument we sent a couple of weeks ago,experience and some ideas of pricing?We had talked about connecting again around thistime and talk about a possible proof of concept.Thank you! 13. Reply / Reply All Before we hit the send button on an email, we think about: - who needs to take action (TO) - versus who needs to just be kept in the loop (CC)After all the TOs and CCs are assembled correctlyin the email, then we do our best keep hitting thereply all button so the team stays togetherthroughout the various threads. 14. Phrase to avoid: Ill try 15. Phrase to avoid:its not our fault, you didnt 16. Example:its not our fault, you didntIssue:1. You provide client with a very rough estimate (guestimate)2. Then you estimate the project, and it appears that initial feewas underestimated3. You send quote to the client, and receive an email: This is not what we have agreed for. 17. Emails are not for arguments 18. Phrase to avoid:Dont you think? or Okay? 19. Phrase to avoid: I dont have time right now, or Im too busy. Id be happy to discuss this with youafter my morning meetings. May I ping you in skype around 1pm? 20. Think about the personreading your noteBefore hitting Send, slow down to consider: Did I give all the information needed? Will the reader understand my message? Is my point clear? Are the next steps obvious? 21. Anticipate questionsYour objective is to make it as easy as possible forthe Client to provide you with the answers that youneed.Give him/her more information in order to helpeliminate so many back and forth emails. 22. When making a deliveryWhat would you say to the client? 23. When making a deliveryTell the client:- what exactly was delivered (detaileddescription)- what they need to be testing or focusingon, etc. 24. When making a deliveryAnd some part wasnt 100% tested 25. When client reports a bugWhen we let client know that a bug wasfixed, we need to explain why the bugoccurred, or what we did to fix it etc. 26. Its WednesdayLet the client know: Looks like not case that X featuredelivered it can be the all features will be wont be ready by Fridayon Friday give a reason 27. Issue we see before thedeadline/deliveryDo NOT tell the client that we will do thedelivery tomorrow!Add 2 days buffer to check the issue andanalyze why it occurred, it could becomplicated and take several days to fix. 28. Anticipate questionsPut yourself in the Clients place What would you think if you heard this?We are making the next delivery, here it is. We arewaiting for your feedback. OR The changes you requested are on the test server. 29. Think about the person reading your noteThe changes you requested are on the test server. Does it give all the information needed? Will the reader understand the message? Is it clear? Are the next steps obvious? 30. Anticipate questionsThe changes you requested are on the testserver.Now it Client know exactly here in UA. As soon as we Will is on our test server what is meant by ouraretest server?finished testing, we will push it to US staging sothat you can look at it. I will let you know as soon as. do that so you can do your own review.we Does this mean it is on the internal test server in IF? This tells exactly: If so, then there is nothing for Client to do what the status is here, no action for him to take? that there is no action Client needs to take right now and it clearly informs what the next step needs to be. 31. What Clients have said about working with Softjourn personnel! Stuff to improve! Let me know if I should expect any issues. Forewarn about potential issues I am not sure what I am going to get in the When in doubt, it I am to say:next delivery? oris okay not sure when thenext delivery is going to be? Dont wait until the last minute to let me I am not sure right now, let me checkknowon that and get back towill be delivered.that not everything you as soon aspossible 32. Working hard or hardly working ? 33. Any questions?


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