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  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Gauteng S.A.Presented by:Hannes van der MerweHilton Vorster

  • BRT ProgressTwo Cities: Johannesburg (CoJ) & Tshwane (Pretoria) CoJ: Full BRT in an advanced stage of development and implementation. Phase 1A in operation in May 2009 (Soccer Confederation Cup)Tshwane: Commencing with the implementation process. Partial infrastructure completion with Soccer World Cup in 2010 (June 10)

  • CoJ BRT BackgroundBrief overview of the process that lead to the CoJs implementation of BRTImplementation progressChallenges

  • CoJ BRT OverviewLegacy of apartheid spatial planning where the poor were forced to live furthest from workAverage travel cost to work by public transport is R 186 per month ( 2002 figure)30% of public transport users are earning less than R 1 600 per monthAverage travel time to work is 48 minutes:by car 37 minutesby minibus-taxi 51 minutesby taxi-taxi 78 minutes, mostly forced via the Inner City

  • CoJ BRT Overview63% of households dont own a motor carPublic/ private transport modal split: 47:53 (am peak hour, 2002)Public transport modal share:By train 14%By minibus-taxi 72%By bus 9% Little historical investment in public transportHardly any accessibility for people with disabilities and non-motorised transport

  • CoJ BRT OverviewCurrently 2 major bus services covering the CoJ: Metrobus (City owned) & Provincially subsidised bus contracts (Putco private company)More than 960 busesAnnual subsidy of more than R 340 mAlso privately owned bus services.

  • CoJ BRT OverviewApproval of the Integrated Transport Plan (ITP) & the Strategic Public Transport Plan (SPTN), 2003Commenced with the implementation of the SPTNBRT proposed as a viable public transport solution for JohannesburgPhase 1 approved by Council in November 2006Phases 1A and 1B approved in October 2007Phase 1A Operational May 2009Phase 1B Operational SWC, May 2010)

  • CoJ Full BRT NetworkOR Tambo

  • CoJ BRT: Phases 1A & 1B

  • CoJ BRT: Phase 1

    Trunk RoutesFeeder Routes

  • CoJ BRT: Phase 1A

  • CoJ BRT: Inner City

  • CoJ BRT Overview25,5 kms of trunk infrastructure10 routes (1 trunk, 4 complementary, 5 feeders)20 BRT stations143 new buses (41 articulated & 102 complementary)Forecast daily passengers: 69 300One BRT Bus Operating companyA BRT control centreA BRT fare system using smartcards (distance based)

  • CoJ BRT: Station Prototype

  • CoJ BRT: Challenges

    Taxi industry buy-in (concept)Formalisation of the taxi industry into a BRT operating companyAgreement between the taxi industry & bus companies on shareholding in an operating companySubsidy free operationsAffordable faresOperating cost of the system

  • CoJ BRT: ChallengesTimeframe for the ordering and manufacturing of the bus fleet 143 Euro IV diesel buses, 41 articulated & 102 complementary (solo) busesDevelopment and implementation of an integrated ticketing system:MetrorailMetrobusOther subsidised bus contracts &Gautrain

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