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Company being established as BUNGE FOUNDS BUNGE & CO. IN AMSTERDAM in 1818, The Netherlands, as an import/export trading firm, Bunge will maintain a prominent role in world grain markets. My Project is the study of working capital management.The study was conducted at the office of Bunge India Pvt. Ltd., Patiala - Chandigarh Road, Rajpura Punjab - 140 401. The project was of 2 months duration. During the project I interviewed the executives & staff to collect the data, & also made use of company records & annual reports. The data collected were then compiled, tabulated and analyzed.

Working Capital Management is a very important facet of financial management due to: Investments in current assets represent a substantial portion of total investment. Investment in current assets & the level of current liabilities have to be geared quickly to change sales.

Some the points to be studied under this topic are: How much cash should a firm hold? What should be the firms credit policy? How to & when to pay the creditors of the firm? How much to invest in inventories?

1) To identify the financial strengths & weakness of the company.2) Through the net profit ratio & other profitability ratio, understand theprofitability of the company.3) Evaluating company s performance relating to financial statementanalysis.4) To know the liquidity position of the company with the help of currentratio.5) To find out the utility of financial ratio in credit analysis & determinigthe financial capacity of the firm.


Bunge is a leading agribusiness and food company with integrated operations that circle the globe, stretching from the farm field to the retail shelf.

originating oilseeds and grains from the world's primary growing regions and transporting them to customers worldwide; crushing oilseeds to make meal for the livestock industry and oil for the food processing, food service and biofuel industries; producing bottled oils, mayonnaise, margarines and other food products for consumers; crushing sugarcane to make sugar, ethanol and electricity; milling wheat and corn for food processors, bakeries, brewers and other commercial customers; and selling fertilizer to farmers.



Company being established as BUNGE FOUNDS BUNGE & CO. IN AMSTERDAM in 1818, The Netherlands, as an import/export trading firm, Bunge will maintain a prominent role in world grain markets. In 1935 , Bunge builds it first major grain handling facility in Midway, MN, and becomes an originator of grain in NORTH AMERICA. In 1967 , Bunge expands at Destrehan by building its first US Soybean processing plant. In 2007, Bunge purchases its first sugarcane mill in brazil and forms a fertilizer joint venture in Morocco.


IN 23 June 2003, US-based agribusiness and food companyBungehas announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hindustan Lever to acquire the Indian consumer goods firms edible oils and fats businesses based in Bangalore, India. In 22 Sep. 2003, US agribusiness giant Bunge has announced that its Indian subsidiary, Gee Pee Ceval Proteins and Investment, has acquired the India-based assets of Prestige Foods.In 15 Oct. 2004, US agribusiness Bunge is to invest between US$100m and $200m in India over the next five years, its Indian subsidiary has said. In 21 Dec. 2011, US agribusiness giant Bunge is set to buy the edible oils and fats business of India's Amrit Banaspati.


Bunge's five core values reflect who workers are and what they do. They ensure the effectiveness of integrated and decentralized approach and help us achieve purpose of improving the global agribusiness and food chain.

IntegrityHonesty and fairness guide every action.

Teamworkvalue individual excellence and work as a team for the benefit of Bungeand stakeholders.

Citizenshipcontribute to the development of individuals and the social and economicfabric of communities, and act as stewards of the environment.

Entrepreneurshipprize individual initiative to meet opportunities and deliver results.

Openness and Trustopen to other ideas and opinions, and trust its colleagues.STRATEGY

Company strategy capitalizes on the fundamentalsthat drive its industry. It isstrengthening its core businesses in keyorigin and destination markets, expandinginto adjacent growth businesses whereit can leverage its strengths, and focusingon operational excellence.






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