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Bulletproof Your Backups on the AWS Cloud

Matt BlanchardSolutions ArchitectSoftNAS

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Agenda 2015 SoftNAS LLC5Problems with Backup TodayStoring Backups in the CloudWhy AWS for Backup & Archive?DemoSoftNAS OverviewQ&A

Problems with Backup Today

2015 SoftNAS LLC | Confidential Do Not Distribute7

We are constantly producing more data

Data Never Sleeps 2015 SoftNAS LLC8

Pressure on Traditional On-Premise Solutions9

Primary Block StoragePrimary File StorageArchival StorageDisk Based Backup StorageTape Infrastructure & MeasurementReplicated Storage for Disaster RecoveryOffsite Location Geo-ResilienceComplex / BrittleSiloed / ExpensiveCapacity Guessing 2015 SoftNAS LLC

Traditional Backups 2015 SoftNAS LLC 10Time: Long/slow recovery timeMoney: Capital intensive with ongoing upgradesEffort: Complex to manageQuality: Low durability, error prone

Traditional Backups 2015 SoftNAS LLC 11Backup SoftwareEdge to core topologiesDedicated peopleTape Silos / Tap LibrariesTape Drives (LTO-X / DLT / etc)Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs)Tape out / VaultingUnified Backup SolutionsDeduplicationCompressionEncryption

2015 SoftNAS LLC 12Backup Has Changed Over The YearsLegacy backup software sent data to tapeSlow backup, slower recoveryLimited data reductionTrucks needed DR off-site copyDisk backup enabled innovationsFast backup, faster restoresSupport for Dedupe, CBTMultiple on-line DR optionsRandom access to files

2015 SoftNAS LLC 13Backup is Still ChangingExplosion of unstructured data, especially digital contentNeed for long-term retentionNeed for fast, continual file access

2015 SoftNAS LLC 14Backup Systems Are NotBackup appliances need to evolve to support new backup data requirementsCompanies are slow to implement these changesIf it isnt broke

Storing Backups in the Cloud

Why Store Backups in the Cloud? 2015 SoftNAS LLC 16AvailabilityPlatform independentEverywhereBackupsCollaborateSharing made easyScalabilityIntelligent Systems

2015 SoftNAS LLC 17Public Cloud vs TapeMore and more organizations moving to the public cloudLower costsQuickly find and recover data

2015 SoftNAS LLC 18How To Fix Backup Storage?Greater throughputFaster backups while deduplicatingFaster recovery of large filesIncremental capacity scalingMakes growth easy, scalableBetter resiliencyHA design

Why AWS for Backup & Archive?

Why AWS for Backup and Archive? 2015 SoftNAS LLC 20

No capital investmentNo commitmentNo risk capacity planningMetered usage:Pay as you goAvoid opex and risks of physical media handlingControl your geographic locality for performance and compliance

2015 SoftNAS LLC21AWS Global Infrastructure11 Regions28 Availability Zones52 Edge locationsControl your geographic locality for performance and compliance

2015 SoftNAS LLC 22SoftNAS + AWS

Reliable offsite data protectionConvenient offsite protectionSafe data geo-replicationEncrypted backups

Simple and integrated solutionFamiliar interfaceWindows integration

Efficient backup and recoveryEfficient use of bandwidth and storageFlexible configurationFlexible in recoveryCost-effective and metered by usage

Simple and reliable backup to the cloud

Cloud Backup and Archive Topologies 2015 SoftNAS LLC 23

Single GUI for ManagementBranch office backup to cloudCore data center backup to cloudCloud backup to cloudHybrid cloud backup

Data Center/Branch Office Backup to Cloud 2015 SoftNAS LLC 24Considerations:Backup SoftwareStorage / Caching GatewayWAN or InternetDeduplicationCompressionEncryptionWAN Acceleration

DemoVeeam backup to AWS Cloud 2015 SoftNAS LLC

SoftNAS Overview 2015 SoftNAS LLC

SoftNAS Products 2015 SoftNAS LLC27SoftNAS CloudAmazon Web Services (AWS)Microsoft AzureVMware vCloud AirCenturyLink CloudPublic cloud NAS filerSoftNAS Cloud File GatewayVMware vSphereOn-premise cloud NAS filerSoftNAS Object FilerVMware vSphereSoftware-defined NAS for object storageSoftNAS for Service ProvidersVMware vSphereMulti-tenant NAS replacement for use with iSCSI and object storage

Technology Partners 2015 SoftNAS LLC 28

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DemoTime Machine Backup over AFP 2015 SoftNAS LLC

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